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(850) 921-9513 Division of Air Resource Management.

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2 (850) 921-9513 Division of Air Resource Management

3 A Work in Progress

4 Source: National Geographic, 05/13/09Photograph by Paul Nicklen Reduce Green House Gas Emissions 2017 to 2000 levels, 2025 to 1990 levels, and 2050 by 80 percent of 1990 levels


6 Transportation accounts for over 40 percent of the CO 2 emissions in Florida. Automobiles and light-duty trucks account for nearly 2/3 of the transportation CO 2 emissions. CO 2 Emissions from Florida Vehicles

7 1) Protect Public Health NO and NO2 = NOx 95% Reduction of Nitrogen Oxides 70% Reduction of Carbon dioxide Potential Emissions Reduction – accounting for emissions from power company for hotel loads 98.4% Particulate Matter 3) Save Money 2) Reduce Fuel Use Estimated 1,750 Gallons Per Year Per Truck

8 From Florida registration data on July 1, 2007: No. of Heavy Duty Vehicles Class 8 A/B = 119,802 (0.78%) 2/3 With Sleeper Berths (Based on 2002 US Census Estimate) No. of Heavy Duty Vehicles Class 3 (10,001 lbs) to 8 (33,001+) = 394,202 (2.56%) Total all vehicles = 15,378,792

9 Truck Stops 1.Originated in the United States in the 1940s 2.Reliable source of diesel fuel 3.Growth of the Interstate Highway System 4.Creation of the professional haulage and truck stop industries. Iowa, located in Americas Heartland: "Food Capital of the World World's largest truck stop, Iowa 80, on W 80 exit 284 in Walcott, Iowa. 220-acre plot of land (four times larger than an average truck stop), 75 acres developed 5,000 visitors daily 67,000 sq ft main building 800 truck parking spaces 15 fuel pumps 450 employees staff the megaplex. Source: Wikipedia, 05/13/09 NO TRUCK STOP ELECTRIFICATION

10 2006 National Deployment Strategy for Truck Stop Electrification project by the Texas Transportation Institute funded by the USEPA

11 Existing Truck Stop Electrification Sites

12 Regional Map with Existing Truck Stop Electrification TSE Gaps on I-75: Miami, FL to Wildwood, FL = 274 miles Reddick, FL to Jackson, GA = 300 miles TSE Gaps on I-95 Future: Kenly, NC to Kingsland, GA = 413 miles Kingsland, GA to Miami, FL = 380 miles Petro Reddick 81 TSE (270 Total) TA Wildwood 60 TSE (170 Total) TSE Gaps on I-10 Jacksonville, FL to Mobile, AL = 403 miles 50 Commercial Truck Stops in FL for big trucks

13 Petro #23 – Reddick/Ocala, FL: Usage Data (Open to 6/10/2009) Reporting Date:10/31/06 - 6/10/09 Total Days:954 ATE Units Installed:81 Hours Operated:322,791.00 Fuel Reduction:322,791 gals. Total Energy Usage:232,995.19 kWh Average Energy Usage per Day:243.72 kWh Peak Power Demand: All units running at full capacity71.0 kW TA #53 - Wildwood, FL: Usage Data (Open to 6/10/2009) Reporting Date:10/16/06 - 6/10/09 Total Days:969 ATE Units Installed:60 Hours Operated:401,011.00 Fuel Reduction:401,011 gals. Total Energy Usage:247,539.39 kWh Average Energy Usage per Day:255.46 kWh Peak Power Demand:87.0 kW



16 At $2.50 per gallon Billy Bob estimates hell save $15.00 per day or $2,700 per year Bubbas Eat Here and Get Gas Truck Stop 20 At $0.50 per Hr Bubba estimates to make about $5.00 per day per parking spot or $36,500 per year

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