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2013 M-PBEA Resources for Planning Your Course Fantastic Findings to Fire-up Finance Students.

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1 2013 M-PBEA Resources for Planning Your Course Fantastic Findings to Fire-up Finance Students

2 Dana Buurman, Valentine High School Cindy Talley, Fillmore Central High School 2013 M-PBEA

3 Agenda Pieces to the Puzzle… Free and Low Cost Resources Classroom Tips Questions/Comments

4 Curriculum – Finance Cluster Lesson Plans and Activities created by Nebraska Teachers Economics and Personal Finance 9-12 Resources On-line Resources (Financial calculators,, etc.) Personal Finance – Resources for planning your course Nebraska Department of Education-BMIT FREE *Provided by NDE

5 Business, Marketing, and Management Career Field Courses Listed in Alpha Order Personal Finance, Business Economics and College Wealth Building Course Standards FREE *Provided by NDE

6 Your Checking Account Banking Simulation Opening A Checking Account Writing Checks Keeping Checkbook Records Endorsing Checks Reconciling a Bank Statement All transactions and forms included Your Personal Guide to Loans & Credit Booklet Things to Do Before You Apply for a Loan Applying for a Loan Establishing & Maintaining Good Credit Checkpoint Quiz included The Financial Literacy Project Internal Training Services, LLCEmail: Provided by Bank of the WestPhone: 611.566.7408 FREE *Provided by Internal Training Services, LLC

7 Ten Tips for New Credit Card Customers Includes: Pay on time Read your cardholder agreement – all of it! Learn the ABCs of APRs Know your Credit Limit and more… Are You Ready for a Credit Card? Quiz Multiple Choice Quiz for Teens and Young Adults All Questions and Answers provided for teacher Provided by Wells Wells Fargo Bank: Money Smart Week Speakers & Resources FREE *Provided by Wells Fargo Bank

8 Smarter Credit Press How to establish and manage your credit What your credit report says about you Credit Union Contact Phone Numbers Teaching Kids Money Values Rebuilding lost home equity Videos at The Student Guide to Good Credit Getting Down to Credit Basics Online Credit Resources – Free FICO Estimator – Free Credit Report – Wells Fargo Bank: Money Smart Week Speakers & Resources Provided by Wells FREE *Provided by Wells Fargo Bank

9 Hands on Banking Create a budget Checking & Savings Options Shop Wisely Information Online Lessons Wells Fargo Bank: Hands on Banking Program Provided by Wells FREE *Provided by Wells Fargo Bank

10 Automobile and Home Insurance Curriculum & Lesson Plans Games & Activities Presentations & Videos How-to Guides Promotional Materials Student Center with Recent Job Postings Career Center for Employers looking for employees/interns Student & Teacher Workbooks provided Scholarships available for seniors participating in the InVEST program InVEST Insurance FREE *Provided by InVEST & the Hanover Insurance Group

11 Connects you to all of the education resources available from the Federal Reserve K-12 Lesson Plans Publications Games/Simulations Activities Tours & Programs High School Fed Challenge Academic Competition Learn about the Feds history, structure, and functions through interactive pages Match Fed materials to national standards for teaching economics The Fed Federal Reserve FREE *Provided by Federal Reserve Education

12 Online reality based personal finance course 34 Modules Pre & Post Tests Frequent Quizzes Written text and audio narrations Records the date the student began and completed the module Electronic grade book Money Skill FREE *Provided by

13 My Money Five *Provided by Newly revised and organized by My Money Five Principles – Earn, Save and Invest, Protect, Spend and Borrow Information from 20 federal agencies and bureaus Also includes Life Events; My Resources; and Tools FREE

14 Basic money management curriculum Six topical student guides updated in 2012 Suite of web pages including on-line games Assortment of 45-minute teacher lesson plans NEFE – National Endowment for Financial Education High School Financial Planning Program FREE *Provided by

15 Program created by Take Charge America and the University of Arizona Different variations of a comprehensive finance curriculum easily adaptable to an 8-week to semester class Two levels - Middle School and High School Games/Simulations Activities Free on-line Several options available for purchase of hard copy - $60-$650 FEFE FREE *Provided by Family Economics and Financial Education

16 Merged with Take Charge in 2009 Teacher Site: Comprehensive unit plans Student Site: Student worksheets, quizzes, interactive games, and excellent lists of resources and links Life Simulation Seven units entitled Cars, Cell Phones, Computers, Credit, Health, and Independent Living Consumer Jungle FREE *Provided by Consumer Jungle

17 Order CD containing eight modules with guides and overheads or access online Units include: Bank On It Check It Out Set Financial Goals Pay Yourself First Borrowing Basics Charge Right Paying for College and Cars A Roof Over Your Head FDIC – Money Smart for Young Adults Published January FREE *Provided by FDIC

18 Practical Money Skills for Life (VISA) FREE *Provided by Practical Money Skills for Life Practical Money Skills Classroom lesson plans for PreK – College, including Special Needs Games such as Financial Football, Financial Soccer, Smart Money Quiz Show, and Road Trip to Savings Games recently expanded for Android and Tablets Financial Calculators Whats My Score Everything you need to know about credit Money 101 Guides, Identity Theft Estimate Your FICO Score

19 My Classroom Economy FREE *Provided by My Classroom Economy Works for any grade level K-12 Instills basic financial responsibility Teach the value of delayed gratification Students earn and spend money in a simulated economy Designed to overlay, not interrupt, your curriculum You may download and copy an of the materials for use in your classroom Some items can be personalized

20 Newsletter Signup CARE Podcasts Sections for Students, Parents, Educators, & Volunteers Presentation Materials and Archives Educational & Entertaining Videos for Classroom Use CARE – Credit Abuse Resistance Education *Provided by Care 4 Your Future FREE

21 November 3 rd through 9 th, 2013 Public awareness campaign Provide education materials for consumers PSAs, Fact Sheets, New Releases, Talking Points and more available on website Participants post their events for free to an online database of events Money Smart Week FREE *Provided by Money Smart Nebraska

22 Discussion Forum Teaching Resources and Lesson Plan Ideas Posts supporting Personal Finance Instruction Browse by topic Archives available W!SE – Working in Support of Education *Provided by Working in Support of Education FREE

23 Financial Literacy Certification Program Guide at restricted to registered Test occurs in spring and fall $10 per student provides test, electronic certificate, instructional materials, on-line practice tests W!SE – Working in Support of Education LOW COST *Provided by Working in Support of Education

24 The Nebraska Stock Market Game Grades 4-12 Students manage a $100,000 stock portfolio Two competitions each year $20/team (2-5 students/team) 50% discount for New SMG Teachers Nebraska Council on Economic Education Student LOW-COST The EconChallenge ONLINE Economic literacy in an exciting, competitive format State, Regional & National levels of competition Registration paid by Nebraska Council of Economic Education The FinanceChallenge ONLINE Financial literacy to motivate and stimulate interest *Provided by Nebraska Council on Economic Ed

25 Free individual set of classroom financial literacy curriculum materials with teacher guides provided by New York Life Foundation Building Your Future Actuarial Foundation LOW-COST Three booklets: Banking Finances Investments **Can purchase for $2.50 per booklet - Contact to get on waiting list for a donated set of 25 books and 1 teacher guide

26 Personal Finance Curriculum DVDs for each Unit Student Workbooks Classroom Activities Chapter and Unit Tests Costs Student Workbooks ($15.99 each) Curriculum Posters ($24.99) Curriculum Pack ($449.99) April -Financial Literacy Month-25% off many materials Foundations in Personal Finance Dave LOW-COST *Provided by

27 TIPS TO ENHANCE YOUR PERSONAL FINANCE CLASS! Tell stories that help students understand Utilize and promote financial education through FBLA – Money Smart Week, American Enterprise or Partnership Projects Invite professionals such as insurance agents, bankers, and financial planners to visit your classroom Encourage students to visit about classroom content with parents and family Use actual application forms and policies Use current events to foster relevance

28 Make it real! Kids like to talk about money and what they can do to be rich! Pick the pieces that work best for you and your classroom! Piece by piece…

29 To fire-up your students about their financial future! Put It All Together…

30 Questions/Comments Dana Buurman – Cindy Talley – Feel free to contact either of us at:

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