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Congratulations, Mr. Obama! From Your First Grade Friends.

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1 Congratulations, Mr. Obama! From Your First Grade Friends

2 We are excited that you will be our next President! We have some questions that we want to ask and we want to give you our opinions on a few things, too!

3 About your job… Please dont make the taxes go up. – Bailey What are you going to do next to help Tennessee? – Grace Do you have to obey the rules you make? – Levi Would you teach us how to do your job? – Destiny How are you going to share the countrys money? – Emily Would you make a rule for not littering? – Aliyah Thank you for taking care of our world. – Kylee Can you help stop making the ocean filthy? – Bernardo Can you make school much more quicker? – Caleb Are you the King of America? – Jordan Do you like your new job? I bet you do! Thats a good job to pick! – Keegan

4 About your life as President… Do you ever watch movies? – Shawn I hope you get time to play! – Shelby Will you ever have a day off? – Mallory What do you do during the summer? – John What does your office look like? – Mary Whats your favorite day of the week? – Angel Will your hair grow more? – Leah Do you pay bills? – Kentrall Can you come to Tennessee to celebrate? – Alexis Will you ever get to cook? -- Jordin

5 About your new home… I hope you like your new house! – Andre I hope you like your new food! – Max Is there a firefighter near your new house? – Nick Is it fun living in the White House? -- Tommy Do you have a hot tub? – Seth Can you build a basketball court behind the White House? – Jamie Do you answer the door at the White House? – Kentrall Do you have flowers at the White House? – Aaron I am sad that the White House is so far away. – Kalena Do you have a water slide? – Kristina Can you make a soccer field behind your White House? -- Zachary

6 About your family… Are you going to get your little girls a pony? – Laurel Where are your daughters going to go to school? – Selina Your kids are beautiful! – Brigitte Do you give your daughters flowers? – Alexis Does your wife like to go shopping? – Emily Do you have a pet? – Destanee When is your birthday? -- Isel I hope you and your family keep safe! – Tyler What does your wife do while you are President? – Linda I hope you like spending time with your family. -- Tyriek

7 Good thoughts… I hope you will have fun. – Bianca I hope youll have a great next year! – Andrea I really like you as President! – Jessie You rock! – Derrek Im happy you are the new President because I voted for you! – Kayla Thank you for being our President! – Skylar You are the best! – Karen I like you! – Savanna Im glad that you are the 44 th President. -- Hannah You are my favorite President! -- Skyler

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