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800.814.2634 Fleet Outsourcing Services Thank you for taking time to view this brief presentation.

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1 www.jslogistics.comPhone: 800.814.2634 Email: Fleet Outsourcing Services Thank you for taking time to view this brief presentation.

2 www.jslogistics.comPhone: 800.814.2634 Email: Overview Our Fleet Management Program allows you to rent a Driver and a Vehicle when you need them, for as long as you need them. Why not eliminate the burden and expense of hiring your own drivers and purchasing and maintaining your own vehicles? We can tailor a specific program to meet your needs, making sure drivers and vehicles are conveniently at your disposal. As your business expands, so can your fleet! Our fleet includes over 350 vehicles ranging from small cars to large vans and trucks, each driven by professional, licensed, fully insured, uniformed drivers.

3 www.jslogistics.comPhone: 800.814.2634 Email: Advantages Insurance that exceeds required levels by 10 times Eliminate Vehicle Maintenance & Expense Eliminate Staffing & Supervision Web Order Entry or Data Import On-Line Dispatch – Sort, Batch & Create Driver Routes! Fleet Management – GPS Vehicle tracking in real-time! Performance Reporting and Driver Evaluations When you compare our service to the total cost of owning and managing your own fleet on a part- time basis, youll realize significant benefits!

4 www.jslogistics.comPhone: 800.814.2634 Email: Web Order Entry Our Technology Makes It Easy To Manage Your Deliveries! Enter Transactions Through the Web Directly to a Driver or Import Data Through a Flat ASCII File or a CSV File Format.

5 www.jslogistics.comPhone: 800.814.2634 Email: On-Line Dispatch Our Customized Dispatch System Allows You To Sort & Route Orders For Distribution To The Fleet On Your Time Table! One Or Multiple Orders Can Be Sent To A Driver Simultaneously. The Orders Are Received On Driver Handheld Devices Within Seconds and Automatically Routed for Maximum Route Efficiency. Time is Money!

6 www.jslogistics.comPhone: 800.814.2634 Email: GPS Technology The communication equipment we provide to our drivers includes GPS positioning, as well as Driving Directions to each stop! Eliminating the need to train drivers to read street guides or question the amount of time it takes to complete a delivery.

7 www.jslogistics.comPhone: 800.814.2634 Email: Fleet Management One Truck Or Multiple Vehicles… Our Team Can Manage Your Fleet In Real-time Using Our GPS Google Earth Program – Know Where Your Drivers Are Anytime!

8 www.jslogistics.comPhone: 800.814.2634 Email: Driver Evaluations Our Advanced Systems Allow You to Evaluate The Hours Worked and Efficiency of Each Driver To Ensure Quality & Performance -- Arrival & Departure Time Route Details - Shows Driver Activity and Customer Contact. Drop Details - Shows How Many Pieces are Delivered at Each Stop. On-time Delivery Performance Driver Number: 004001 03/19/2006 P TimeD TimeTrans #P ZipDeliver To AddressD ZipBCsigner 06:5707:00148442063132COMPLETE STOP B4 SCHED63132SRYes 08:2808:291481902631049220 SHORTLINE63132DHE westermann 9pcs 08:2908:311482962631329220 SHORTLINE63132DHFod 2 4001 11:2411:28148481763132118 N FLORISSANT63135FFS kain 1pc 11:2411:28148482163132675 GRAHAM RD63031FFJ stradtmann 1pc 11:2611:29148482363132118 N FLORISSANT RD63135FFS kain 1pc 11:2311:301484805631321668 FONTANA DR63146FFK fatzinger 1pc 11:2611:301484826631326400 MINNESOTA AVE63111FFJ casey 5pcs 11:3111:321484870631326400 MINNESOTSA63111FFJ casey 5pcs 11:2712:031484843631325208 CREIGHTON DR63123FFW brandis 1pc neighb 11:3112:2114848666313210204 BUFFTON63123FFFront door

9 www.jslogistics.comPhone: 800.814.2634 Email: Outstanding Protection Our insurance goes beyond the minimum, exceeding required levels by 10 times! Eliminate vehicle insurance, workers compensation, legal liability insurance and more - giving you the time to focus on your business!

10 www.jslogistics.comPhone: 800.814.2634 Email: Interested? Thank You For Previewing Our Fleet Management Services! We Look Forward To An Opportunity To Help You. To learn More, Call 1-800-814-2634 or Follow This LinkFollow This LinkWorking Smarter to Get There Faster!

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