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All we are saying…. Is Give Peace a Chance… Peace? A Chance??? Peace for whom?

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1 All we are saying…

2 Is Give Peace a Chance…

3 Peace? A Chance??? Peace for whom?

4 Peace for him? A Chance for him???

5 Peace for a tyrant who: Has used chemical weapons not only against his enemies, but against his own people? Chemical massacre of the Kurds by the Iraqi regime, Halabja-March 1988

6 Has played a wild goose chase with UN inspectors and the international community for 12 years, creating and hiding weapons of mass destruction? In August 1995, Saddam's son-in-law, Hussein Kamil, who had been in charge of Iraq's unconventional weapons programs, defected and made a host of stunning revelations. Until then, it had been assumed that Iraq was little threat. It was thought that most of Iraq's unconventional weapons had been destroyed during the war and that UNSCOM had slowly been mopping up what remained. But with Kamil's defection, it was learned that much of Iraq's proscribed weapons capabilities--chemical, biological, and nuclear, as well as missiles--had survived the conflict. Iraq had succeeded in concealing that from UNSCOM, while systematically turning over the least important elements of those proscribed programs. Instead of being little threat, Iraq was now recognized to be a considerable threat. Hussein Kamel

7 Has destroyed his own oil fields, leading to ecological disaster, and effectively stealing wealth from his own people?

8 Has used the resources and money of the oppressed, starving Iraqi people to fund Palestinian suicide bombers and international terror?

9 Has threatened publicly to attack the U.S. and the West? An Iraqi Scud B missile

10 The world remembers the last fanatic who threatened to attack and destroy the U.S. and the West. The world gave him a chance, and he used this chance…


12 Think about it. Do you really want to give another tyrant with the will and the means available to him to wreak death and destruction on thousands of innocents, the chance to do so? Or maybe it is better to stop him now?

13 When the Iraqi people are so happy to get rid of the evil tyrant… Hussein's picture comes down as Iraqi citizens welcome U.S. troops

14 Who are you demonstrating for???

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