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Downloadable Tunes Chris Brown Assistant Manager.

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1 Downloadable Tunes Chris Brown Assistant Manager

2 What Do We Do? We are a website that lets you download music, videos, cartoons, movies etc. We are, at the moment, proudly, one of the most recognisable download site in the world We have over 2 million members And we are still expanding We also come up with great deals Such as a great deal for the iPhone, where you can save 40% on the phone

3 How Did We Start? Our company started from a young man as a hobby in his own house He started with a simple website, that had songs on there which you could download, for a small fee He was recording all his details by hand And, he finally found that he had to expand his company, as he found that the company could make a lot of money. He realised that the only way to successfully expand was if he employed good employees, such as you and me

4 Money This is our Turnover growth through the past years. As you can see, our business has managed to expand greatly, and we plan to keep growing Your Salary is going to be £25,000 to start and every time you get promoted that will go up by £10,000 Monthly Downloads

5 Location This is our mansion, it has 7 employees living there and it is located in Bishops Stortford You will be moved here to live here permanently When you live here you will be in charge of everyone that works in there And the greatest thing about living here is that you dont have to pay any money to stay there This mansion shows how much money that this company has, and hopefully you will make us more

6 What Will You Be Doing? 1.You will be our ICT Design Manager, what the job consists of is you will be in charge of all employees beneath you 2.Every week we change the design of our webpage, and you will help to design that every week, you will also help, manage and design other projects 3.Every project that we do, you will have a great deal of priority over a lot of employees, and you will have a part of the last word 4. You will also lead our charity group, what this does, is, we donate 1p of every download payment to Cancer Research UK and will have to organise this.

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