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The Wind Farm Folly Source: The EU has ordered the UK to build up to 32,000 wind turbines over the.

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1 The Wind Farm Folly Source: The EU has ordered the UK to build up to 32,000 wind turbines over the next 20 years, of which at least 6,000 to be onshore.

2 Save the Planet? Do wind turbines eliminate CO 2 emissions? No. Their construction and manufacture releases much CO 2 as they are anchored in concrete containing cement, and access roads are needed to transport heavy construction machinery to the site, which is often very remote. On average about 500kg of CO 2 are released for every 1000kg of cement. Will they help stop climate change? No. The government estimates that 9.2 million tons of carbon were saved by wind turbines in 2010. Even if true, this is just 0.03% of global emissions and makes no meaningful contribution to saving the planet. Source:

3 Replace power stations? Can wind farms replace conventional power stations? No. Wind farms do not produce a reliable supply of power so a constant back up from conventional sources is required. So our 76GW of conventional supply must be augmented by the Installed Capacity of wind power generation. If we are aiming for 40% of this as renewables we have to build an extra 30GW, probably gas-fired, so we end up with a fleet of 106GW. Without renewables we can preserve the 76GW and meet ALL UK Demand in the modern competitive world. Source: +

4 Damage the Environment Source: òDestroy the scenery Wind turbines are often sited on high ground to catch the wind – so ruining the view òDestroy birds The average wind turbine kills 25 - 125 birds a year òPrevent a good nights sleep Turbine sound is projected outwards so that, further away, the sound can be as loud as a motorcycle: like aircraft continually passing overhead or a "brick wrapped in a towel turning in a tumble drier.

5 Low efficiency – astronomical cost Source: UKIP booklet - Fighting Wind Farms òLow efficiency Because of variable winds, the average wind turbine only produces 28% of its installed capacity. òNeed for backup Wind turbines are backed up by conventional power stations; we pay twice for the same volume of electricity. òMassive subsidies Between 2002 and 2010, the UK gave £5.6 billion in subsidies to the wind energy sector

6 Who Benefits? Follow the Money Source: The Telegraph, 21 August 2011 Selected Land owners Number of turbines Annual income - £ LandownerEnergy co. Subsidy Duke of Gloucester575,0002,956,5001,478,250 Jeremy Dearden575,0003,357,8001,773,900 Sir Reginald Sheffield8120,0003,483,7001,741,850 Earl of Seafield8120,0004,056,9002,028,450 Duke of Argyll9135,0002,292,5001,146,250 Earl Spencer13195,0006,149,5203,074,760 Duke of Beaufort19285,00013,160,0006,580,000 Sir Alastair Gordon Cumming29435,00018,448,5609,224,280 Duke of Roxburghe48720,00034,058,88017,029,440 £1,000,000,000 The subsidy paid to wind energy operators in 2010 Ka-shing Li

7 Who Benefits? Follow the Money Source: Various SupplierOwned byOf EDFElectricité de FranceFrance Southern ElectricSSE plcUK British Gas/Scottish GasCentricaUK Scottish PowerIberdrolaSpain E.ONE.ON AGGermany nPowerRWEGermany Main UK electricity suppliers

8 Who Benefits? Follow the Money Source: Wikipedia Wind turbine manufacturers

9 Who Pays? Source: UKIP booklet - Fighting Wind Farms Higher prices The Renewables Obligation Certificate (ROCs) and Feed-in Tariff (FIT) schemes force energy suppliers to buy electricity produced from renewable sources at above market cost (£50 per megawatt-hour, compared to £15 for conventional power). Theses costs are then passed on to British consumers in the form of higher prices. More families facing fuel poverty Because of higher prices, up to 8 million households now face fuel poverty (unable to pay their fuel bills) BRITISH FAMILIES!

10 Who is behind Wind Farms? òThe UK government has no choice! They have to obey this EU Directive òEnergy companies and developers They are worth billions to the wealthy òLandowners They are a licence to print money Directive 2009/28/EC on renewable energy sets ambitious targets for all Member States, such that the EU will reach a 20% share of energy from renewable sources by 2020.

11 Why UKIP is opposed to Wind Farms òThey dont work Wont Save the Planet òThey cost consumers a lot of money Which goes to wealthy landowners & energy companies òThey ruin the countryside Spoil the scenery, produce annoying noise, kill birds

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