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Financial and Prepaid Services Presentation

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1 Financial and Prepaid Services Presentation
Welcome to Best Telecom’s Financial and Prepaid Services Presentation This presentation will take approximately 10 minutes. Click the forward or back arrow buttons to proceed to the next slide or simply wait for our auto timer.

…Best Telecom is proud to bring to you the integration of leading product suppliers, all under one system… We will be presenting to you a brief summary of how your location may become an APPROVED FINANCIAL AND PREPAID CENTER A brief description of the following topics will be covered: Our Target Market Check Cashing Money Transfer Bill Payment Prepaid Services Payroll Profits To You POS Advertising Summary Best Telecom, Inc

3 Check Cashing - Money Transfer - Bill Payment
Our Target Market Best Telecom will be marketing three key financial services used by approximately 55,000,000 unbanked consumers: Check Cashing - Money Transfer - Bill Payment 37% of African Americans, followed closely by the Hispanics at 30% leads the unbanked followed by part time workers and college students. 44% are under 35 years of age with a mean income of $15,900 and 38% earn less than $10,000 annually. Hispanics alone account for approximately $700B in purchasing power – estimated to reach $1 Trillion by 2008 There spending is predicted to grow at 9% annually between – this is 3% ahead of the 6% national growth rate Hispanics spend more on food at home and visit groceries twice as often as all US shoppers:

4 Best Telecom, Inc. 888-365-2273 Check Cashing:
BanX is a leading patent pending software developer that has been servicing accounts for check-less, check cashing for over 3 years. Payroll checks, government checks, and insurance checks are now fully guaranteed including fraud. The check amount from $50 - $1000 dollars will be stored on a BanXcard® Maestro® ATM/debit card. This eliminates the risk and cost of handling cash and offers added security and savings for your store and your customers. This is one of our largest income generating services that we provide to our merchants. We have merchants netting $ per month and some as high as $ per month, on this product alone. You will be paid monthly on each transaction, while you continue to benefit daily from one of the largest retail traffic generators available. Best Telecom, Inc

5 Best Telecom, Inc. 888-365-2273 2. Money Transfers
It is a well documented fact that 60% of Hispanics send money home regularly to help support their families at a rate of over 16 Billion Dollars Per Year being transferred to Mexico alone. Largest inflow of capital to Mexico and South American countries. Hispanics are culturally unaccustomed to banking and prefer using cash. Their typical transfer is $300.00 We have developed a low cost money transfer service that will be sweeping the nation. Our service conforms with the Patriot Act and OFAC Directives. We are in direct competition with the “Western Unions” of the world, and as word spreads, we will gain a significant share of the market. This is a great opportunity for you the merchant, to once again gain additional customers while generating another add on sale. Best Telecom, Inc

6 2. Money Transfers (continued)
Benefits Fast safe & easy to use – no forms to fill out Builds customer base – more shoppers Simple to learn, process and sell Low cost – single, flat fee Favorable FX rate Good source of income

7 Best Telecom, Inc. 888-365-2273 3. Bill Payment
IPP is one of Inc. Magazines fastest growing companies and is the largest independent national network of neighborhood-based payment centers. IPP will train you to accept and process payments for over 750 local and national vendors in 34 states, which grows weekly. The unbanked rely on cash and money orders to pay their bills. 85% pay bills with money orders at least occasionally and 39% pay regularly with a 3.3 average per month. Consumers know that with IPP - They can pay multiple bills in one location- it’s cheaper and easier than money orders and stamps – payment is faster and more reliable than mail – they enjoy the convenience and trust of using their local retailer – and the receipt is a guarantee that the funds will be sent. If you have a PC on location, you can even accept same day payment for those customers that need this type service. While the national average is approximately 200 payments per month per location, we have actually seen as many as 1,900 payments in one month - and again – you are paid on every transaction, with no inventory expense. This product is another high retail traffic generator. Best Telecom, Inc

8 Best Telecom, Inc. 888-365-2273 4. Prepaid Services
Best Telecom has been an active leader in the prepaid business for over 10 years and we are very proud of the quality of the products and services we offer. Teaming with QComm International, a publicly traded company, we can offer you instant access to more than 40 of the highest demand prepaid services including; wireless, LD phone cards, MasterCard, Internet, home phone service, ring tones and more. Prepaid wireless is the fastest growing segment of the wireless industry and we offer you all of the major carriers. Our customers gross as much as $ per month per location in this category alone without any upfront inventory costs. And yes, it will bring you - More Customers Best Telecom, Inc

9 Best Telecom, Inc. 888-365-2273 5. Payroll
Since we are in the financial business, it only seems appropriate that we can offer you a money saving product for your own payroll. Within the next 6 years experts predict that we will be in a check-less payroll society. Payroll will be handled by direct deposit or transferred onto a debit card for immediate availability. Our payroll system, while very simple to operate, is one of the most advanced technologically designed systems on the market. Experts say it costs anywhere from $2.00 to $10.00 to issue a pay check. This includes the cost of manual check preparation, cashing and account reconciliation, paper check supplies, postage, lost, stolen and fraudulent checks, not to mention the cost of escheatment responsibilities. With BanXcard Payroll Disbursement, these costs are eliminated. We simply cut this cost to approximately $.50 per check, while adding a convenient service for your employees. You can see that this service will add significantly to your bottom line! Best Telecom, Inc

10 Best Telecom, Inc. 888-365-2273 7. Profits To You
Sample Income With Best Telecom's Prepaid & Financial Services Products & Services Check Cashing $325.00 Accepting Bill Payments $100.00 Pre Paid Wireless $100.00 Pre Paid Long Distance $ Sub Total $575.00 Other Income & Savings Gross Profit From Increased Customer Sales $400.00 Total Monthly Projected Income $975.00 Note: Projections are based on conservative estimates and should not be considered exact. Not all profits center opportunities are listed. Location profits will vary for different reasons. Best Telecom, Inc

11 Best Telecom, Inc. 888-365-2273 8. Point Of Sales Advertising
11” x 17” Window & 18” x 24” Outdoor Posters 2’ x 6’ Banners Best Telecom is very serious about promoting its products, and requires it’s merchants to participate by posting all required signage to help insure volume sales. A sample of an indoor/outdoor poster and a banner are pictured on this page. We will be supplying your location with brochures, door clings, etc. helping to promote these products and services. Best Telecom, Inc

12 Best Telecom, Inc. 888-365-2273 9. Summary
Thank you for taking the time to view our presentation. While we only highlighted the basics of our programs, a Best Telecom representative will be glad to give you a call to answer any additional questions and explain our programs in more detail, and start your qualification process. If you would simply click the link below, an will be sent to the appropriate representative, who will respond quickly. Please leave any questions and contact telephone number with name. And again, we thank you and look forward to turning your one foot square surface area into a high profit center for your location(s). Ed Flowers Best Telecom, Inc

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