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Hidden background of global crisis. In modern time which is accompanied by numerous chrisis, everybody´s searching for solutions. Have you ever asked.

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1 Hidden background of global crisis

2 In modern time which is accompanied by numerous chrisis, everybody´s searching for solutions. Have you ever asked yourself: What` s wrong with this civilisation so it got cought into current distress? Let us think together. But one can solve the problem only if one knows what causes it.

3 Financial chrisis, that really went over the edge, was caused by the shortage of money. Companies that shelve their employees, are in distress, because people reduced the number of their purchases; they don´t have money! Health and social care systems are at the edge of beakdown, because they are short of money. Everybody is in trouble, because there is not enough money...

4 Does money therefore have anything in common with chrisis, that we face today? Have you ever thought how money influences our lives? Is it perhaps even responsible for it? Let us look a little into its background.

5 What are people willing to do for money! We sell ourselves to the employer and do the works we don´t like. To maintain the built level of personal standard, we dedicate to it more and more of our time. That exposes us to increased stress, de-personificating and changing us into a human machine. We cannot buy neither health or happiness with money. But we don´t think about it, until too late.

6 Fatal dependancy on money Not only that we condition most important things in our lives with money; money even became a motivation for our activity. And it seems completely natural. Isn´t it absurd, that problems with such a sub-sidal thing as a means of exchange is, can cause the whole world economy to collapse? The dependancy on money is unnatural limitation, that we take on by ourselves. Is there any natural process going on because of money?

7 Money is an efficiant means of exchange for products and services. But there is a problem that seems to be among the main couses for the depression of human kind. The implications of interest calculations are catastrofal. Thanks to the interest, money has become the means of manipulation of minority with the majority. Money is related to the system of interest, that represents hidden evil. Hidden traps of money

8 How the mechanism of interest works? Because of the interest money became a bond. When the banks create money, aproving the loan, they create only a capital. But of course they expect to get back the capital with interest, even though they haven´t created money for the interest. Money for the interest is expected to be crerated through business with others. In reality banks do not create it and the equation therefore fails. Banks claim back more money than they created.

9 How do we get the money for interest? Competitivness is systematically incorporated in the structure of monetary system that we use. In such system somebody always has to lose. Basically we have to use the capital of somebdy else. That creates shortage and forces people to compete for the reduced quantity of money. If they don´t succeed, there comes a punishment - bankruptcy.

10 More than 90% of circulating money is burdened with liability to pay interest, so the quantity of money has to grow. Every investment has to bring more money than it was put in (profit). Based on interest calculation the quantity of money grows exponentially- at 3% of interest rate it doubles in 24 years. For illustration: if Joseph at Christ´s birth invested 1 pfenig at 4% interest rate, the interest-interest in1749 years would sky-rocket to the value of golden ball weighing as planet Earth! Any system that involves exponential growth must break sooner or later.

11 Monetary system works as a vacuume cleaner that endlessly sucks the recources of poor - distributing them to the rich. The rich receive continuous rent from those who have to borrow the money to have the means of exchange. Big amounts of money get concentrated into the hands of smaller and smaller circle of individuals and multinacional companies. That creates social polarization. In such a system the Third world countries will never be able to dig out of their debts, because they grow exponentially.

12 Wars in such a financial system bring benefits to some, so they are desirable. Representing the best source of income – first through the trade with expensive weapons and means of destruction, then through loans for re-building that can push the country into economic dependancy. On the other hand the world wars lead to a "global reset" of systems that would otherwise – due to the speed growth – explode.

13 The quantity of money in circulation should equal the value of all merchandice and services. But that´s not true for some time now. With oversized printing of money(inflation) the bankers get ahold of social wealth, that results in decreased value of money. If you double the quantity of money in circulation, you take away the half of money from people´s pockets, without them even realizing it. They feel it through increasing prices of products and services. Money allows numerous manipulations that efficiently steal money from people´s pockets. Inflation means a social mass robbery.

14 One of the financial most powerful people of the world, Victor Rotschild, said: One of the financial most powerful people of the world, Victor Rotschild, said: Financial oligarchy stands behind practically all important events in the world. USA is a hostage of American central bank (FED), which is in private (!) ownership Allow me to print and control state´s money and I don´t care who writes the policies".

15 Economic depressions were created by uncontrolled emission of money (inflation) and then reducement of monetary mass (deflation). In period of 60-ies dollar lost 88% of its value. In 1920 that resulted in the collapse of 5400 banks that were then bought for change. With another large emission (144%) of dollars in 1929 even worse depression was created, that destroyed 16000 banks. With another large emission (144%) of dollars in 1929 even worse depression was created, that destroyed 16000 banks. Their purpose? Their purpose? Re-distribution of capital, ownership and power. Re-distribution of capital, ownership and power.

16 With money, and in the world that honors money, all of the goals of governing oligarchy were acheived. By supporting the opposition to democratic regimes in many african countries the illegal power take-over was induced, And by the large loans countries were pushed into economic dependancy. October revolution in Russia was financed by Rothschilds through the bank of Kuhn, Loeb and Company – the same one that later on financed Hitler. Lenin and Trocki received »homble« 50 millions of american dollars.

17 In global politics the crucial role always belonged to big world concerns. German chemical concern IG Farben the rising of Hitler, German chemical concern IG Farben enabled the rising of Hitler, american Monsanto up to date creates fabulous profits with the sale of dangerous chemicals, fertilisers and genetically modified food. No pollitical decision that is contrary to the interests of capital, cannot be aproved.

18 Even the current financial chrisis hasn´t been created without a reason. Such an amendment is already in the procedure of USA government. And who is to be the monitor? Who else but american FED! Its purpose is to achieve centralization of global monitoring over global finances.

19 It all goes with the plan for one and only global country, with one government, one military force, one legal tender, having the complete control over the world population. Frightened by terrorism, starved in economic chrisis and tired from natural disasters the world population will be Frightened by terrorism, starved in economic chrisis and tired from natural disasters the world population will be ready to accept anything. That will be a fashist regime, in which different opinion will simply not be present. The plan for it is drawn on the one dollar bill.

20 Money is one of the most successful deceivings that human kind is blinded with. Using it, the human by human exploitation, instrumentalized. Using it, the human by human exploitation, becomes instrumentalized. Capitalism is a social order that provides the employment of all registers of this mechanism. It caused us to be focused to materiality more than it is appropriate. It influences emotions – strengthens the greed and enviness, creates competitiveness while at the same time giving the (false) sense of security.

21 Current solution for barraging the global chrisis: governments suggest financial support to the poored banks and big concerns. The problem is therefore being solved with even more money, pulled out of the pockets of tax payers, enslaving them even more. Such solving of the chrisis is a farse, being provided by the ignorance of majority of people. Media, being capital owned, take care that the real informations don´t break through. In reality the problem is getting bigger! So each bill becomes a bond that claims interest.

22 What is the real systematic solution for getting out of the existing situation? Money should become a righteous means of exchange, that doesn´t claim payment of interest. Money as an ideal should fall and be replaced by humanity. Mechanism that brought us into the depression needs to be disabled. The world should accept completely new rules of behaviour, in which the benefit of the society should stand before the benefit of individual, and creating a harmony with nature, caring for nature should be the main purpose of human kind.

23 The best would be to remove money as the means of exchange and to establish the world economy, based on use of world´s recources. With righteous distribution there is enough of world´s recources for the whole human population. May everyone without payment get enough recources to survive, live decent life and do the work one desires. If the change of system doesn´t occur, the current chrisis will just be postponed and after some time bursting into wars for water, energy and oil supplies.

24 After the great advancement of technique and technology the time has come to enable the advancement in our heads too. If we delay further, the nature will radically force us to changing the view on materiality and material prosperity. The survivers will be starting all over... We need to reroute to the solutions that are natural. We have to change the foundations of our relationships and our social systems that burst apart.

25 Is there any truth in what was said, did you feel it in your heart? If you want to prevent the black scenario, help your friends to realize the truth. Better now than later, when nothing can be done anymore. Truth is that one man cannot change the world, but one idea forwarded to others can.

26 There is no time for ignorance anymore. The key of yours and your children´s future is in your hands. You cannot pretend anymore that it doesn´t concern you. Now that you know where the fault is, it will be easier to remove it. Mother Earth calls! She needs your help!

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