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Introduction to the SU Ant Scott Societies Officer.

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1 Introduction to the SU Ant Scott Societies Officer

2 2013/14 11,250 students involved in 250+ societies 5,000 students involved in 70 sports clubs 250 student staff working across our 6 F&B outlets 760 SSLC reps & 9 faculty reps 55 student councillors including 4 liberation officers £150,000 of student house deposits won back by our Advice Centre in 2013 £7m turnover 12/13

3 Sticky finances Rely on £2m/year from the University to run everything we do £1,200/day rent – ouch! Last year spent £2.792m on student activities, (societies and sports clubs), the advice centre and on representation. In short, we dont have a lot of money!

4 So what? We are one of the largest student unions in the country, yet have one of the smallest staff teams! Ridiculous/unsustainable right? Right. Things take a little longer to process and organise then we all might hope, but better than the alternative… o … culling sports clubs, abolishing societies and giving up our student representation.

5 Famous Faces Indy Sanghera, Societies Co- ordinator Your first point of call for all things societies related. o Admin rights o Answering questions o Accepting and processing forms o Advice on running events

6 Famous Faces Paula Thomas, Finance Counter Assistant o Deposit money into society accounts o Collect money for reimbursement o Gatekeeper of the Union Credit Card Located in the Finance Office (2 nd Floor of SUHQ), 10am-3pm weekdays. Gerard Henry, Student Activities Manager o Larger events (trips & tours) o Sponsorship o Insurance o Health & Safety and Risk Assessments

7 Famous Faces Ant Scott, Societies Officer o The student face! o Strategic thinking (!) of the Union and University o Longer-term projects o Problem-solving when things go wrong! o Excited to get behind society projects and proactively support them. o Not just a sounding board for rants and complaints! (Use us for more than that!) Isaac Leigh, Societies Officer-elect due to take office from 1 st August 2014.

8 The Resources Room Find it on the 2 nd floor of SUHQ This is your room – dont knock, just enter! Use it for exec meetings, for designing posters, for being creative, and for filling out and submitting forms. Get to know the staff, they are here to support you (kind of hard to do that if they dont know what youre up to).

9 Publicity and Marketing! The Top 5! Appears on A0 billboards in the SU, and on all of the digital screens. Apply with this online form.this online form Deadline is 9am Wednesday before the week of your event. Decided by Socs Committee

10 Publicity and Marketing! The SU Website Send the text for the article and a picture (dimensions below) to chris.carter@warwic chris.carter@warwic 540 x 270 pixels

11 Publicity and Marketing! The Bubble! Get your events listed in the fortnightly Bubble. Circulated to kitchens in every hall on campus. Email content to chris.carter@warwicksu.c om chris.carter@warwicksu.c om Deadlines viewable

12 Finance Cant withdraw money from your account without filling in a form. The 2 most common forms: Money Requests (used to withdraw money or pay for goods and services); and Sales Invoice Requisitions (used to raise invoices, typically to get sponsors to deposit money into your account). All forms can be found at

13 Finance - Timeframes Typical timeframes that you can expect for payment after filling in forms: Money Requests: o BACS payments take 3-4 working days o Cash takes 1-2 working days (collected from Finance Office) o Cheques take 1-2 working days Sales Invoices: o Money deposited into your account within 3-4 working days (except if you are sponsored by Kelseys!).

14 Finance - Timeframes To deposit money into your account: Go to the Finance Office (2 nd Floor of SUHQ on the RHS) and hand the cash to Paula on the front desk. Make sure your cash is counted (and bagged where depositing coins). You will be handed a receipt – keep this safe! The money will then be deposited into your account on the next working day. (NB: Currently were about 3-4 days behind).

15 Finance The usual process for paying for goods is that an exec member will pay for the items upfront and then reimburse themselves from the society funds via a Money Request form. This is fine (although double-check you can be reimbursed for the goods you want to purchase if they total more than £100). If you dont want to/cant individually pay for the items first (and then reimburse yourself), we have a Union credit card that can be used to pay for the goods/services directly instead. This requires a Money Request form to be used.

16 Finance – Things to Avoid Things which might make the process take longer: o You need 2 exec signatures on the forms o All forms exceeding £100 need the Socs Officers signature o Finance Office opening hours are 10am – 3pm weekdays o Individuals who require payment (DJs/guest speakers etc.) need to be registered with HMRC o Get the correct codes for the forms! o Charity Law (- that old chestnut!)!

17 Ordering items to the SU You can order any items to be delivered to the SU. Warwick SU Gibbet Hill Rd Coventry CV4 7AL Once your parcel arrives, it will be stored in the Resources Room (2 nd floor SUHQ). It will only remain there for 3 days – so pick it up!

18 Money is helpful! SocsFed Grants o Information session on the application process at 3pm in L4 on Monday (10 th March) Apply for sponsorship from corporate sponsors o Contact for advice and Apply to the Opportunity Fund for equipment/projectsthe Opportunity Fund o Up to £1,000! Has to be something tangible. Apply to the Lord Rootes Memorial Fund for unusual projectsthe Lord Rootes Memorial Fund o Up to £3,000! All about personal development with this one. Apply to the Project Fund/Campaigns Fund at Student Council o Forms available herehere COIN

19 Introduction to the SU End of session Note down any questions you may have now, and well have time to go through them during and after lunch.

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