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Loke Uei Tan Sr. Tech Product Manager Developer Experience.

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1 Loke Uei Tan (@lokeuei) Sr. Tech Product Manager Developer Experience


3 3Microsoft Confidential The biggest chunk of eye candy weve seen has been the unveiling of the significantly retooled Windows Phone Marketplace – and needless to say, its a looker! Chris Ziegler / Engadget It's going to look like the rest of Windows Phone 7, which is to say, it's going to be swipey and zoomy and all those things that made Windows Phone 7 interesting looking. John Herrman on the WP7 legacy The Windows Phone Marketplace ties right in with the Metro interface and finally -- at least in appearance -- seems to be worthy of the operating system on which it resides. Phil Nickinson on WP7 Marketplace I was quite pleased with the detailed descriptions, features, requirements, and size of the apps. It was also great to see reviews and screenshots of the applications so you had a good way to evaluate whether or not you want to make a purchase. Matthew Miller on the 6x experience Though late to the party, Microsoft's new Windows Marketplace for Mobile is welcome, with the usual collection of free and for-pay apps found on rival smartphones. The store has a slick interface similar to Microsoft's Zune portable media players. Ed Baig on Marketplace unveil The look of the marketplace itself is a stark difference from Windows Mobile markets before: its clean and seamless, searching and scrolling through screens makes finding applications easier and even the aesthetics and UI are beautiful. Marc Flores on ease of use Microsoft has a killer collection of developers ready for launch as well, ranging from games, to media and productivity app devs. Notable developers include The Associated Press, Citrix, EA Mobile, Foursquare, Namco, Pandora, and Popcap Games. Devindra Hardawar on WP7 Marketplace ISVs The Marketplace was also demonstrated, and it looks gorgeous, but this is very similar to Apple and Googles app stores except for one killer feature: Microsoft is going to require developers to allow buyers to demo all apps before they are purchased. John Brownlee on winning features Theres also some nice integration with new services such at the Marketplace for Mobile applications and MyPhone synchronization. Michael Gartenberg on early Marketplace adoption



6 World wide access Single software distribution channel Default on Quick Start Screen Active merchandising One Button Search Browse by Category, Genre …

7 Deepen Customer Connection Trial API - conversion Credit card & mobile operator billing 70% revenue share Paid, freemium, ad funded & free apps Push Notifications & Dynamic Tiles Automatic Updates

8 Program Details Free Tools! $99 / year No limit for paid apps 5 free apps and… Thats it!

9 Vetting process average is 10 days Certification process average is 5 days Monthly payout Streamlined self service portal Tools & information End-to-end management Set markets, pricing & publishing schedule Detailed technical test criteria Detailed content policies Clear in-process status updates

10 β

11 Taiwan Singapore Hong Kong 30 markets world wide

12 Application Platform High Level Architecture CLOUD SCREEN Runtime SensorsMediaData Notifications.NET Framework managed code sandbox Location Phone Phone Emulator SamplesDocumentation GuidesCommunity Packaging and Verification Tools Tools Registration Validation Certification Publishing Marketplace MO and CC Billing Business Intelligence Update Management Portal Services Notifications LocationIdentityFeeds MapsSocial App Deployment Cloud Services

13 Developer Portal Learn… Build… Publish… Earn…

14 Getting Started

15 Publishing Process Application and Game Submission Sign Windows Phone 7 Deployment Service.xap.dll App submission App Packaging & Validation.xap.dll.xap.dll.xap.dll Apply Test Criteria Marketplace Add Metadata.xap.dll.xap.dll.xap.dll.xap.dll

16 Key Considerations Packaging Apps Using the Trial API Passing Certification

17 Application Packaging Use.NET localization best practices ( Package multiple languages within the XAP Keep your XAP under 20mb

18 Trial API if (CurrentLicense.IsTrial().Equals(true)) { // Application is in trial mode, so // upsell to full priced content } if (CurrentLicense.IsTrial().Equals(true)) { // Application is in trial mode, so // upsell to full priced content } Trial API Usage Example Implement IsTrial() API Up-sell to full-priced content = greater sales You control functionality or license duration

19 Test Criteria Pillars Applications are reliable Applications use resources efficiently Applications are free of malicious software Applications do not interfere with the phone functionality Meets Microsoft standard for global content policies Meets application type guidelines Evaluated against regional policies Localization review technical validation policy validation market validation

20 Device Unlock for Application Development Unlock retail devices for development Manage registered devices through the developer portal 3 devices/year 1 device/year students api


22 Call to Action Get the Windows Phone Developer Tools Connect with the community at the developer portal Build your application or game Register today, publish later this summer and start earning $$$$

23 @wp7dev


25 * Restrictions apply please see contest rules for eligibility and restrictions. Contest rules are displayed in the Technical Learning Center at the WPH info counter.

26 Monday WPH301WP7: Deploy Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway for Access Control to SharePoint, Exchange and more. WPH202Deploying Windows Phone 7 with Exchange Server and SharePoint Server Tuesday WPH203Overview of the Windows Phone 7 Application Platform WPH313Windows Phone 7 Architecture Deep Dive WPH304An In-Depth view at Building Applications for WP7 with Silverlight (Part 1) WPH305An In-Depth view at Building Applications for WP7 with Silverlight (Part 2) WPH306Developing Occasionally Connected Applications for Windows Phone 7

27 Wednesday WPH310Designing and Developing for the Rich Mobile Web WPH311Developing Mobile Code Today that will run on WP 7 Tomorrow WPH309Silverlight performance on Windows Phone WPH307Building Windows Phone Games with XNA WPH308Building a High Performance 3D Game for Windows Phone Thursday WPH303Understanding the Windows Phone 7 Development Tools WPH314Learn Windows Phone 7 Development by Creating a Robotic T-Shirt Cannon WPH312Understanding Marketplace and Making Money with WP7 Applications




31 Sign up for Tech·Ed 2011 and save $500 starting June 8 – June 31 st You can also register at the North America 2011 kiosk located at registration Join us in Atlanta next year



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