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OA MONEY MATTERS Presented by: Sarah Armstrong, Controller Dodie Hawkins, Treasurer.

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1 OA MONEY MATTERS Presented by: Sarah Armstrong, Controller Dodie Hawkins, Treasurer

2 Sources of World Service Funds % of revenue Sales of Literature52% Sales of Lifeline5% Contributions24% Interest0% Shipping & Handling9% Conference Revenue3% Convention Revenue5% Other1% April 2010

3 Lifeline Cost & Income Distribution & Production$189,648 Sales of Lifeline$121,570 Net Operating Loss$ 68,078 2009

4 Actions to Offset Lifeline Losses Up-to-date, appealing design Increase in price from $15 to $23 Four-color format Lifeline Weekly for e-Lifeline subscribers Lifeline representative program

5 Reserve Funds Using PACE System Moderate risk profile

6 Budgetary Process August: Controller distributes budget worksheets to trustees and department heads. Early September: Budgets submitted. Late September: Chairman of the Board, Controller, Managing Director & Treasurer meet to determine areas where more information is needed. October: Executive Committee reviews, refines & balances the budget. November: Budget presented to full board for approval.

7 Annual Audit Audit necessary to maintain nonprofit status No control deficiencies or material weaknesses

8 Contributions by Region $/Group Region 1$50 Region 2$71 Region 3$62 Region 4$89 Region 5$84 Region 6$72 Region 7$121 Region 8$50 Region 9$9 Region 10$86

9 Resources for Prudent Financial Management

10 Suggested Meeting Format SEVENTH TRADITION: According to our Seventh Tradition, we are self-supporting through our own contributions. Our group expenses are ____, ____ and _____. We send monthly contributions to our intergroups or service board, region and the World Service Office to help carry the message to other compulsive overeaters. Give as if your life depends on it! (Available free online at or Item #512 in the catalog.)

11 Seventh Tradition of OA Investment in our Fellowship Ensures continuation of services No dues or fees... but... Many ways to contribute Cash Check or money order Credit card for WSO (


13 OA Handbook for Members, Groups and Service Bodies Every group should have a current copy. (2008) Excellent discussion of use of group funds and group treasurer responsibilities. Order #120-$2.25.

14 Budget Guidelines for Service Bodies Purpose of a budget Creating the budget Budgeting format Determining a prudent reserve Budget review Revenue review Expense review Additional budgeting tips

15 Fundraising & Prudent Reserve Guidelines for Groups & Intergroups Fundraising Ideas The Tradition of Self-Support The Prudent Reserve Guarding Our Traditions

16 Guidelines for OA Events Purpose of OA events Types of events Guarding our Traditions Committees Finances Choosing speakers

17 Intergroup Treasurer Guidelines Services subsidized Treasurer responsibilities Sample Monthly Intergroup Treasurer Report

18 Twelve Concepts Helps OA members apply the Steps and Traditions in their service work. The Concepts define and guide the practices of the service structures that conduct the business. Pamphlet available #330/$1.00 Available online at

19 7th Tradition Skits Available online 1.Go to 2.Scroll to Group Support 3.Scroll to link to 7 th Tradition slots 4.Or, Useful at workshops, conventions, assemblies to encourage contributions in a humorous way.

20 A Step Ahead Quarterly publication available free online Up-to-date information on financial matter and other important data at the WS level Designated downloader suggested for every group and service body

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