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Money Money is indeed important, but money cannot buy everything. A miser may think that money talks, but if you only give your attention to making money,

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1 money Money is indeed important, but money cannot buy everything. A miser may think that money talks, but if you only give your attention to making money, you may lose many things, such as health, friendship and love. I don't think we should regard money as everything. Money is just a tool that can help us solve problems or enable us to live a comfortable life. What we should do is to use it appropriately and not become misers. This way, all of us can lead a happier live.

2 Happiness Happiness exists everywhere. Everyone has a different definition to the true meaning of happiness. Some people think possessing a great deal of money is the secret to happiness, while others feel giving aid to others makes them happy. I approve of the latter,for there are many poor people in our society, and we can contribute some money to charities to help them. When the poor receive our assistance, their lives will improve. Smiles will appear on their faces, and this is the best reward we can get from helping others. Regardless of gratitude of price, we should help others from the depths of our hearts. When we see their happy smiles, we will be happy as well. So I think that true happiness comes from the mind

3 Use time Well We all know that lost time never comes back. Therefore, we shouldn't waste our valuable time. If we only work, watch movies, listen to music, play basketball and read novels, it can damage our health. During holidays, I often go mountain climbing, picnicking, or traveling with my friends. As the western proverb goes, All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.So I try to make good use of my time and do what I enjoy when I finish my homework.

4 Smile The development of science and technology seems to be increasing distance between people. So how can we show our desire to get closer to people? The answer is by smiling. Smiling dissolves apathy and distributes warmth. Smiling is an international language. Even if you go abroad and don't speak the language, a smile will carry you a long way. Try and wear a smile on your face frequently, and you will get an unexpected response in return.

5 email receiveE-mail has become popular all over the world. It spreads so quickly because the mail can go to the address in a short time no matter how far the distance is! Besides, we don't need to go to the post office to buy stamps. It's more convenient than traditional mail. E-mail is short for electronic mail. The name itself suggests that this kind of mail is sent through electric wires. I like e-mail better than traditional mail. It makes our world smaller. Usually I can receive an answer the day after I send my e-mail. However, it doesn't mean that it is perfect. The e-mail receive has become a burden to me. I am afraid that with them that I have less time for other activities. Actually, I am bound by e-mail.

6 Dont Give Up There's truth to the saying, Don't give up halfway. A man who gives up halfway will achieve nothing. When we do something, we should have the willpower to finish it. We must firmly carry through to the end if we want to get a fruitful result. Giving up halfway keeps us from making achievements. No one can deny that many famous people only succeed after trying many times. The father of China, Dr. Sun Yat-sen, only completed the Revolution of 1911 after ten failures. To sum up we should not only persevere to the end, but should do our best in whatever we do.

7 Travelling I love traveling. Traveling not only broadens my horizons but also opens my eyes to the world. What's more, it refreshes me. You can go to Disneyland and experience what it's like to be a child again! You can visit one of the seven wonders of the world, such as the Grand Canyon and feel the magnificence of nature! You can taste the magical ice water on a glacier, which can help you become more beautiful and make you live longer. Just forget all trifles and burdens that you have in your mind. Experience is a type of living knowledge. You'll be sure to experience many new things when traveling. You don't even need a tour guide if you long for more freedom. Just don't forget to bring your backpack!

8 Personality Every one has a different personality. I have an optimistic personality and I always do everything happily. But not every one finds this easy. When I meet people like this, I usually advise them to see the school councilor. There are reasons why everyone's personality is so different. If your parents love you and care about you, then your personality will be healthy and happy. If your parents don't, then your personality could be sad and withdrawn. A person's personality determines his or her future. So if you come across someone who is often worried, you can try and help them or tell them to seek help from a councilor.

9 Lose Weight Many people go on a diet because they are overweight. In order to look good, they rack their brains on how to lose weight. They take special drugs or starve themselves, but these ways do harm to their bodies. Therefore, people should be advised by a doctor to achieve weight loss. But there are some steps a person can take to lose weight. First, refrain from eating high-calorie foods, such as chocolate, cake, hamburgers and so on. Second, join a health club and exercise regularly to tone up your body. After exercising don't eat too much. Finally, remember that being underweight is as bad as being overweight.

10 Becoming A Good Students Three attributes can help people in their studies. First, a sense of responsibility is important for building a sound character. If you aren't responsible, you'll postpone your assignments or devote too little time to your schoolwork. Second, in school life, relationships between people are valuable. Friends can bring you happiness and laughter. In addition, you can discuss problems and pursue knowledge with them. Last, it is important to have a constructive philosophy of life. If you are defeated, don't be disappointed. Try to face your life and your studies with courage and determination.

11 A World Without Tree Have you ever imagined a world without trees? Try it, and you will see the whole world dry up and look like a broken tortoise shell. At night, the temperature would drop sharply. Living creatures could not run away and it would be as if they lived in hell. There are some effective steps we can take now to protect trees. First, strict laws must be enforced. Second, the government should offer subsidies to people who plant trees. Most important of all, every citizen must develop an awareness of the importance of trees and remember: "no trees means no living things."

12 Helping Others Is the Source of Happiness If someone asks me, "What is happiness?" I will answer, "Helping others is the source of happiness." Man can not live alone, so we should try our best to help others as much as possible. I always believe that spiritual happiness is more important than material happiness. Spiritual happiness is a feeling that everyone can get if he is willing to devote himself to doing something meaningful all his life. In my opinion, happiness is that making people around me have a nice smile on their faces all the time. One day, on my way home, I saw a badly injured dog lying on the street. I rushed to it and took it to a veterinary nearby. To my relief, it recovered after several days. And now we've become good friends.

13 Learning A Foreign Language I love learning foreign languages. Especially English because English is the most widely spoken language in the world, it is used by countries all over the world. For example, if you want to find a nice job, you probably need to be good at English, and when you surf on the Internet, you'll see many dialogues and keywords in English. If you don't know them, then you'll have to spend a lot of time looking them up in an English dictionary. Therefore we must try harder to learn English and improve our English, and we could learn more besides. Now, I'm a junior high student, I try to read magazine articles in English everyday. In fact, learning English is lots of fun. It's rather like learning Chinese. Just open your mouth and say something in English or read lots of achievement. All in all, it's useful for everyone to learn English.

14 Learning A Foreign Language In modern society, English has been considered to be a language for use internationally. It is important in many a way. First, English, among all languages being used, is the most practical and enables us to acquire as much information as is needed on line. Second, people from different countries need to use English to help them do business successfully. Third, it's good fun communicating with foreigners in English while we're traveling to other countries. Indeed, English has been playing a large part in our daily lives. Now that we know how important English is, it's necessary for us to learn to use it. In my experience, we who want to improve our English must do the following things. First, we had best read as many books written in English as possible. Second, we may as well see English movies or watch English programs on TV as often as we can. Third, we should keep on writing in English, such as keeping a diary or writing to pen pals. I firmly believe that if we constantly use English in our daily lives, we must be able to master it soon.

15 Computer, Internet and Life The computer is the most important thing invented in the last one hundred years. Many people were afraid of computers at first, but now they feel it's easy to use them. Computers are very interesting and useful. You can play games, write stories, even send e-mail. You can know many people and things from on the computer and Internet. You can go shopping, read about news, movies or books. You can do almost anything on the computer. I believe that computers will become one of the most important things in our lives within the next ten years.

16 Career Woman My mother is a perfect housewife. She is good at a lot of things like cooking, sewing, gardening and adorning our house. I admire her very much. When I was a child, I made up my mind to become a housewife. But when I became a junior high school student, I realized that it was impossible for me to ever be as good as my mother. Besides, I'm not so interested in housework. So now I want to be a working woman. Career women are usually very busy, so they have less time to spend with their families. Therefore, I'll choose a househusband to be my husband. I know many people can't accept this idea. They think women should help the husbands and raise the children, which is the duty of a wife. But that's just a traditional view to me, so I believe that I'll be a career woman in the future.

17 My Class There are thirty-three students in my class. They are all my classmates and friends. Five of them are my good friends. They are Gloria, Lucy, Lilian, Rone, and Dana. We usually study together and play with each other. We are happy together every day. Gloria is good at math. When I have questions about math, I always look for her help. Dana is good at music. We usually listen to music together. Lucy and I are interested in English. We often study English together. Rone studies geography and history. Of all the subjects, history is the most difficult to me, so I often ask Rone to help me. We are going to graduate in June. I think I will remember them forever. I also hope that we will stay in touch after we graduate.

18 My Favorite Teacher Among all my teachers, Miss Ju Mei-yian is my favorite. She has taught Chinese at my junior high school for more than one year. They said she will also teach me next year. She is very beautiful and she has long hair. She also has glowing eyes and a kind heart. She always teaches me how to get along with people, so I learn from her how to live a better life and know what's wrong and right. She is really a good teacher. I cannot imagine my life without my teacher. I thank her and I love her very much.

19 My English Teacher In my life, Ms. Wang is the most important person to me. Her teaching skills are diverse. In class, she usually uses games and posters. She works hard for us. When other teachers rest, she still keeps working and working. When we are mischievous, she is good at giving systematic guidance. We are really grateful for what she has done for us. We want to say thank you to her.

20 My Family There are twelve people in my family. They are my grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, sister, two brothers, uncles, aunts and me. I'm a junior high school student. I'm fifteen years old. My father is forty years old. He's running a coffee shop in mainland China. My mother is a nurse. She takes care of patients in a hospital in Taipei. My grandmother is housewife and my grandfather is a store keeper. One of my uncles is a detective. He is working in the National Police Administration in Taipei. His major job is to catch criminals. My aunt is a marketing manager. She works for a trading company. My brother and sister are elementary school students. My little brother is cute baby. My family takes a trip together about every two weeks. I have a happy family. I love my family very much.

21 My Mother Almost everyone has his own mother. It's lucky for me because I have a cute Mom.My mother has long black hair, a big nose, nice skin, and she's forty years old this year. The most important thing is that she is good-looking. Mom is busy from morning till night. She gets up early and takes my brother to school everyday. My father owns a big factory. Mom drives a car all day long and delivers goods. She sometimes works until six or nine o'clock at night. After work, she has to do all the housework. Mom works so hard to make money so we kids can go to a nice university or college. Although this year's Mother's Day is over, I'd still like to say "I love you" to my mom.

22 My Mother My mother's name is Jane Lee. She is thirty-six years old. She is a housewife and a great mother. She is short and heavy. She has short hair. She always cooks dinner for us. She usually buys food every morning. She likes cats and dogs, but she doesn't like fish. She loves traveling. And she wants to go to Canada. Her hobbies are watching TV, cooking food, and reading books. We love her very much.

23 My Father My father's name is Jerry Lo. He is forty two years old. He is tall and thin. His blood type is B. he has a long face. He can cook as well as my mother. Every morning, he takes me and my brothers to go to school by motorcycle, so he gets up earlier than us. He is a banker. His life is very busy, but he is still very happy, because we love him and he loves us too.

24 Friend Nobody can get through life without friends. I'm no exception. I met my best friend Sunny in a cram school during our last year of junior high school. We prepared for the high school entrance examination together and often discussed our lessons as we were studying after school. Sunny is a smart and well-mannered girl. Not only is she as expert at studying, but she also knows how to have fun. Every time I am blue, she soothes me and helps me find solutions to my problems. I'm glad that I have a friend who is like an intimate sister. I value our friendship and hope that it will last forever.

25 My Best Friend Everybody needs friends, who you can share your happiness, sadness and secrets with. A best friend will encourage you when you have bad news. I have a best friend, whose name is Candy. Candy is smart and serious. People might think she is hard to get along with. Actually, she has a great sense of humor sometimes. Candy is very wise. Her scores are wonderful in our class. She is in the highest rank, too. Candy's favorite sport is basketball. And she is very good at it. Sandy is a sensible girl, But sometimes she is too sensitive. We share a lot of laughter and depressing things together. Candy and I have been friends for about four months. And I know that our friendship will be endless and last forever.

26 My Best Friend My best friend is Bean. he is my classmate. His personality is funny, happy and caring. His hobbies are drawing and singing. We also like to play baseball and basketball so we've become good friends. We often play basketball after school. We love to talk to each other about PC games He likes to watch TV and read comic books in his free time, and so do I. That's why we are good friends.

27 My Best Friend What's the meaning of a friend to you? Maybe you think that a friend is someone who will listen to you when you're filled with sorrow. Maybe you think that a friend is someone who will give you a gift on your birthday. But to me, a friend is someone I can rely on. When I was eight years old, I met, my best friend, Jennifer. Her personality was different from mine. She's very resolute and brave. When I was sad, she was the person who would sit next to me, comforting me. When I was happy, she was the person with whom I could share my joy. As of now, we have been friends for eight years. Although we're not classmates anymore, I believe that we'll still be good friends tomorrow and forever.

28 My Best Friend I have a lot of friends in my class at school, but three of them are my best friends. My friends make me very happy. When I get in a bad mood, my friends will comfort me. We always play basketball together. That is the funniest time in my life. My three best friends are James, David, and Jackson. We all have our hobbies and one of them is playing basketball. David is the shortest among the four of us, but he is the best player. Jackson is good at art, he can make lots of models with many kinds of paper. James is a good Boy Scout. He is in a scout group at school. I am glad that I have these good friends, they make me happy everyday.

29 My Favorite TV Program There are many kinds of TV programs on TV. I like to watch cartoons, game shows, and comedies. But cartoons are my favorite. I usually watch TV for thirty minutes a day and the program I watch is a cartoon called Doraemon. It is on TV from six thirty to seven o'clock, Monday to Friday. A lot of people watch it at that time. It's an interesting cartoon. Doraemon is drawn by a Japanese cartoonist. Doraemon is a smart robot and the star of the cartoon. He can do many incredible things. For example, he can go traveling everywhere or make people smaller or bigger. Doraemon is a good TV program. It is my favorite TV show.

30 My Hobbies Do you have any hobbies? If not, what do you do in your free time? Let me share mine with you. I have many hobbies. Sometimes when I finish my homework, I am tired after studying so many textbooks. Then I like to read some leisure books. When I am not happy about something, I usually draw some pictures to make myself feel good. My chief hobby is going shopping with my best friend. After I chat with her, I will feel happy. Hobbies can make one happy. You can do them when you are sad. So what are yours?

31 My Hobbies Hobbies are very important to a person. Without having any hobby, life won't be as colorful as it should be. I have a variety of hobbies, such as collecting stamps, playing musical instruments, reading, and doing sport activities. When I am free, I will spend time on my hobbies. When I am in a blue mood, I will also do my hobbies to cheer myself up. Hobbies can help us improve our moods. Many hobbies requires devotion. For example, when you play a musical instrument, you have to practice over and over in order to perform good music. After a period if you still enjoy it, gradually it will become a hobby of yours. But, remember: A hobby is like gold under the ground; no hobby will come to you unless you dig it out yourself. If you can treat study as one of you hobbies, learning will be more enjoyable. I hope all of you can find your own hobbies and also have fun from them.

32 My Favorite Book My favorite book is Pride and Prejudice. The protagonists of this book are Lizzy Bennet ant and Robinson Darcy. Lizzy always that Robinson is very proud of himself She herself is very prejudiced. Robinson thinks Lizzy is a very special girl, so he likes her very much. They like to wrangle very much. One day, Robinson asks Lizzy to marry him. Lizzy is very astonished, so she says, No. Robinson helps her solve big problems and he treats her very nice. Finally, Lizzy falls in love with him, so they get married. I like this book very much, because it has a happy ending I always like a beautiful story.I hope all of you can read this book and enjoy it.

33 My Favorite Movie I'm a big movie fan. One of my favorite movies is Gladiator. The movie is about a Roman general's tragic life. Gladiator was directed by Ridley Scott and it won best film in 2000 Oscar Awards. Now Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone has become my favorite movie as well. The little wizard Harry did a really good job in the movie. The Quidditch and Hogwarts School are interesting to me. I love Professor Snape and Professor Qwirrel best. They are quite cool. Have you seen it yet? Hurry up and go see the movie. You won't regret it!

34 My favorite Activities Everyone loves to do something when he has free time, and I do, too. What's my favorite activity? It's shopping. Shopping is so exciting and fun. When you walk along the street, you can see many different kinds and styles of clothes. They're really beautiful and new to me, so I find it hard to control myself. I want to buy everything. Of course, after shopping I have less money and I become sad because it will be a long time until I have enough money for my next shopping spree.

35 My Favorite Animal My favorite animal is the whale. They live in the sea. And they are big. They look like huge ships. They can swim, float on the sea, catch small fish and spurt water. They are so friendly.

36 My Favorite Animal My favorite animal is the dolphin. They live in the ocean. And they are cute and beautiful. They not only swim fast, but are also smart. Their color is gray. They can swim and jump in the ocean. They look like fish, but they are mammals. Dolphins can be trained by people because they can learn things very quickly. They are very friendly, so I love them very much.

37 My Two Dogs I have two dogs. They look exactly the same. Even I myself can't tell them apart. They are very cute. When I walk, they follow my every step, and wouldn't leave me wherever I go. These two loyal dogs are very quiet, and won't bark at me or anyone. You must want to know what kind of dogs they are? They are slipper-gods. My friend, May, gave them to me as my birthday gift. At home, I wear them all the time, the furry dogs keep my toes warm, and warmth flows comes into my heart. I don't feel cold and can concentrate on my studies. These two gods accompany me through the cold winter. I will cherish them as I cherish the friendship between May and I.

38 Great Trip England is the best place I've ever been. Everything is so beautiful. I spent about one and a half days on the plane. When I arrived at Heathrow Airport in London, it was evening and the great trip was starting. There were many places I visited in London, like Big Ben, Westminster, the Tower of London…….those are very famous. Most of the time in the afternoon, my parents and I sat and walked in the park. Have you seen Notting Hill before? The story in the movie happens in London. The British museum, Musee de Louver and the Metropolitan Museum of art are the three largest museums in the world. I've visited two of them. Then we left London for Cambridge, Windsor Castle, York and Stonehenge. They were excellent. Every small town has a history of one or two thousand years. There was an art festival called Tutto in Edinburgh, and there were many street players who their lives to the shows. Then we went to northern Scotland. It was dangerous! Then we went back to London, and sat in the park, and the fat geese were so cute. That journey was the nicest memory of my life. I won't forget it.

39 Student life Speaking of my student life, it's very interesting. Besides studying, we have many parties at our school for special festivals. Of course, we must study many subjects at school and do homework every day. I receive instructions from my teachers and discuss problems with them. Although sometimes we have many exams in our student life, it can be good for us. Everyone hates exams, but it helps us realize how much we've learned from school. Just enjoy your student life. It goes by fast.

40 A Wonderful Day Last November 24 was my birthday. I had a party at my home. My friends came to my home in the afternoon and I got a lot of presents from them. At the party, we ate a big cake, sang songs, watched TV and listened to music. We were very happy. But all good things must come to an end. We said goodbye at about ten o'clock. We had a very good time on November 24.

41 Last Saturday Last Saturday was a sunny day. I went to the park with my aunt in the early morning. We took a walk in the park. The air was fresh. We saw a lot of beautiful flowers and heard the birds singing. We went home at about seven thirty. After we ate breakfast, I did my homework. I also studied for the tests in the morning. In the afternoon, there was a good movie at the Yangming theater. The movie's name was "Tarzan." It was a cartoon. I went to the movie by bus with my aunt. We bought the movie tickets before we saw the movie. The movie was so great. I liked it very much. When the movie was over, we decided to go shopping. We saw a lot of fashionable clothes, pants and shoes at the night market. My aunt bought a pair of sport shoes for me. I was very glad. It was a wonderful day.

42 Chinese New Year Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in China. Lots of people always post a kind of red paper on the door, and write some good words and sentences on them, like spring, good luck, and Happy New Year. It is very fun. And in Chinese New Year, we also set off firecrackers. That's great and exciting. Children play firecrackers in the fields. And lots of Chinese will buy lots of new clothes, hats and pants. We would put them on, because we think that will make people have luck and get rid of bad things from last year. I like Chinese New Year because it is very fun. We have lots of interesting old customs. If you weren't Chinese, I think you would like it just like the Chinese.

43 Chinese New Year There is no doubt that my favorite holiday is Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year is a time for family members to get together. Families, friends and relatives exchange best wishes with each other on this day, and children receive big red envelopes after dinner. Everyone stays up late to celebrate the New Year, and celebration continues for next few days. Also, I can do things I want to do; for example, I can go shopping, and go to the countryside to visit my grandfather and grandmother. Chinese New Year is definitely the best holiday.

44 My Favorite Season Many people love spring and fall, but my favorite season are winter.I don't like spring because it is too warm for me. I don't like summer because I am very afraid of the heat. I don't like fall because school starts in fall.I like winter because I feel it is so special and so mysterious. I like the feeling. In winter I can wear many clothes, and it makes me feel safe. Don't ask me why. I like winter now, and I think I will love winter all my life.

45 Nature Living in the concrete jungle, we have to admit that our busy. extravagant lives are corroding our souls little by little. Only by being close to nature can we recover our vitality and go back our true selves. Breathing in fresh air, smelling the fragrance of flowers and listening to the sounds of birds and streams, we can release our tensions and listening to the sounds of birds and streams, we can our tensions and cleanse our minds of the tiresome things around us. Form the journey of water, we can understand the circle of life. Also, we can learn to be kind people from the peace of mountains. We can learn a lot as we enjoy the cozy atmosphere of nature. We may consider nature as a great book, and nothing in the can delight us as much as it!

46 Self Introduction My name is Sandy. I'm 12 years old. My birthday is on April 7. There are six people in my family. I have two older sisters and one younger brother. My father is tall. My mother is good. My grandmother is old. She likes to water flowers. I am a student. I like to go to school because I have many friends at school. I am in the sixth grade of Chung-chen Elementary School. I study Chinese, science, math, social science, etc. I like math and Chinese because my Chinese and math are very good. I want to be a doctor in the future because i want to help sick people. I want to go to New Zealand because the air is very fresh and there are many cute calves there! I will go there by airplane.

47 About Me My name is Lynn. I am a junior high school student. I am fifteen years old. My father is open-minded and my mother is smart. So am I. My brother is cute. I have a warm family. I go to school five days a week. But I like to study. My favorite sport is swimming. I like the ocean and collecting sea-shells at the seashore. I want to be an English teacher just like my cousin. This is all about me.

48 My Interest I have a lot interests, and one of my interests is writing calligraphy. I've been writing it for eight years. Although I rally enjoyed it when I was studying it during Junior high school, I've had to give it up. I still write calligraphy during the holidays. Of all the styles of calligraphy, I like the stone tablets of the Northern Wei dynasty the best. The style is tall and elegant, and it is also national legacy.

49 My Feature Let me tell you what I will be when I grow up. I think languages are the most important tools of communication among people. Each country's languages, which are different, are interesting. So I want to be a translator. Since I was a child, I have learned many kinds of languages. I like to make friends with people from other countries. If I can speak a lot of languages, I will have a lot of friends. I don't think being a translator is very easy. It must be very hard. But I want to try! So I'm studying English now. I want to be a translator in Japan. It's my dream and I believe I can do it.

50 Sympathy Sympathy is common to all human beings. We feel sympathetic for someone when justice cannot prevail for him. Even if he has committed a crime, most people still show grief for the consequences a man has to face as he may be deprived of social status and opportunity because of a mistake that seems trivial in appearance. Yet people are least sympathetic towards human beings also. Most people show sympathy for other animals and plants falling victim to mankind's progress, seeing a distorted ladder leaning against the wrong wall. People do feel angry when they see droughts, earthquakes, political conflicts, or even massacres rupture humanity, but those are temporary problems that can be solved in a matter of time, whereas environmental problems may continue for decades and most people are truly sympathetic for the rights of countless living things they themselves are destroying. Sympathy means a lot in our daily life. It motivates us to develop the capacity for helping the weak. But bear in mind that what the weak ones mostly crave is not emotional support, but realistic chances to stand on an equal level with their brothers to strive for a better future. Confucianism and other Chinese philosophies have adequate principles that can lead people to use sympathy in the best way. Sympathy plays an important role in improving the world.

51 A Letter Dear Teacher, I am deeply grieved to hear that you will leave us. You are really a special teacher to me. Before I met you, all the teachers who had taught me were very conservative. So in the beginning, I wasn't used to your teaching style and your high-pitched voice. But as I gotten more familiar with you, I realized that you are a very cute teacher. In class, you always tell jokes to arouse our interest in learning. When you are out of class, you become another person and you don't have any airs of being a teacher. Sometimes you are like a child that is curious about everything. Sometimes you are like a good sister who talks to us intimately and helps us solve our difficulties. Such a teacher is popular with the students. Although you only taught me for a year, I'm really happy that I was your student. I know that All that's well will end but, I will never forget you. So I wish you every success at the new school you are going to. Goodbye teacher, and I wish you all the very best!

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