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New College English Unit 7 Book 2 SIBC DUFE Emma.

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1 New College English Unit 7 Book 2 SIBC DUFE Emma

2 Unit 7 Culture

3 twin bed one of a pair of two beds which are each big enough for one person.

4 gestures a movement of the hands, arms or head, etc. to express an idea or feeling: Okay. Good luck! You are crazy. Come here. Going your way. No idea. Lame or Loser.

5 listing taboos in China Pronunciation-related taboos 1. Try to avoid saying the word die 2. Never give an umbrella to a friend which has the connotation of separation or parting 3. Dont divide a pear among friends or relatives Dont stick the chopsticks in a bowl of rice. Dont step on the threshold. Dont throw rubbish out during the Spring Festival.

6 In-class Reading Bridging Cultural Gaps Gracefully

7 Word List bridge slip into without when abrupt do smooth fluster ease surpass parting involve observe protest feasible a flight of stairs all the way trouble well flee inadequate fancy hold in/with regard to save

8 bridge 1 build construct + a bridge over a river erect floating bridge cross-over bridge wire bridge moveable bridge ( swing bridge )

9 Railway swing bridge

10 bridge 2 build a bridge between …and… serve as a bridge between the two warring communities to build a trade bridge with …. He pushes his spectacles higher on the bridge of his nose.

11 to connect two things or to make the difference between them smaller I bridged a gap in the conversation by telling a joke., How could we bridge the gap between the rich and the poor in the country? bridge a/the gap

12 slip into to pass gradually into a particular state or situation, in a way that is hardly noticed It amazed him how easily one could slip into a routine. There was 50-50 chance that the economy could slip back into recession.

13 with/without sb. or sth. done The farmers went back home with all the apples picked. They felt relieved with all the work done. Can you perform without all your weakness exposed? The little hero faced up to the enemy without his fright revealed.

14 When it comes to doing … when the subject is … However, when it comes (down) to somebody they know, they have a different feeling. Most of us know we should cut down on fat. But knowing such things isnt much help when it comes to shopping and eating. When it comes to shoes, I wouldnt buy any other make.

15 abrupt adj. 1) sudden and unexpected 2) impolite abrupt attack on Pearl Harbor abrupt manner / abrupt reply There may be an abrupt change in weather patterns.

16 do be suitable or acceptable Will it do if we let you have an answer by Friday? This hotel will do. This room will do me quite well. …. Roses do well in a clay soil. ( ) The patient is doing well. When at Rome do as the Romans do. Is the meal done yet? ( )

17 smooth adj. having surface perfectly regular as smooth as silk The way is now smooth. Cooperation is essential if you are going to lead a reasonably smooth existence in the office. He tried to make his path smoother for him.

18 smooth over to make problems, difficulties or disagreements less serious or easier to solve Bill tried to smooth over his argument with Mary by making her laugh. He smoothed over the differences that had arisen between them. We could see that he was trying to smooth over his own responsibility for the delay, instead of accepting his fault.

19 fluster to make (someone) nervous or upset Don't let that new tax form fluster you -- it's not as bad as it looks. a state of nervous confusion The important thing when you're cooking for a lot of people is not to get in a fluster.

20 ease make something less serious; relieve Let us try and ease their food problem. They do this to ease their economical crisis. A meeting might ease the situation. This will help ease difficulties. These greatly helped to ease his conscience. The good news eased their troubled minds.

21 surpass to do or be better than: The book's success has surpassed everyone's expectations. The director has really surpassed himself with this new film. The director has done better in making films than he has done before.

22 parting [I or T] to separate or cause to separate: The curtains parted, revealing a darkened stage. To be parted from him even for two days made her sad. The pain of parting had lessened over the years. It was a sad parting, because we knew it was the last time we would see each other.

23 involve include … as a necessary part or result The job involved my living in New York. Being a sailor involves long periods away from home. cause … to become connected or concerned He was involved in a heated discussion. Do not involve yourself with those people.

24 observe obey (a law, rule or custom) We try to observe the local customs so that we dont offend people. watch … carefully He likes to observe the behavior of birds. The role of the scientist is to observe and describe the world, not to try to control it. make a remark about sth. She observes that it would soon be time to stop for lunch. I have always found German cars very reliable, he observes.

25 protest under protest He paid the tax demand under protest. He accepted our decision under protest. Sign a document under protest without protest He gave way without protest. He paid without protest. They left without protest.

26 feasible The plan seemed most feasible. The electric car is technically feasible. [ ] possible practicable possible practicable It was not practicable to postpone self-study time until 10 oclock. feasible Your work plan is feasible, so we can build the bridge immediately. She questioned whether it was feasible to stimulate investment in these regions.

27 a flight of stairs

28 all the way as much as possible or completely Having started a revolution we must go all the way. If you want to take it up with the boss, I'll support you all the way. I'll take my complaint all the way to the managing director if I have to. to emphasize how long a distance is He had to walk all the way home. They came to visit me all the way from New York.

29 trouble ask for trouble = look for trouble have trouble doing sth. … / run/ get into trouble put sb. to the trouble (of doing sth.) take the trouble to do sth. … The boy caused a lot of trouble to his parents he was always in trouble.

30 well Profits are well above our original forecast. He finished the exam well within the time allowed. It is a very popular hotel; you will need to make your reservations well in advance.

31 flee v. flee from the burning building. He killed the enemy and fled the country. [ ] escape ( ) The prisoner escaped from the jail. The idea escaped my lips. The mistake escaped from me. The exact date of our meeting escaped me.

32 inadequate This method is obviously inadequate. I am beginning to feel quite inadequate to the job. He made me feel totally inadequate. The supply of the new car is inadequate to the demand.

33 fancy 1 fancy cakes fancy diving fancy skating fancy fruits fancy birds a fancy dress a fancy fair 2 a fancy portrait He sells poor goods and charges fancy prices.

34 hold continue to be true, good or available Twenty years on, his advice holds good. If their luck holds, they could still win the championship. As long as the mild weather holds, you can keep planting.

35 in/with regard to in connection with, concerning: I am writing to you with regard to your letter of 15 March. In (or) With regard to our conversation yesterday, I am sending the book to you by mail.

36 save to prevent time, money or effort being wasted or spent: Thanks for your help - it saved me a lot of work. I'll lend you a bag for your trip - it'll save you buying one specially. Can you save it for later (= tell me your news later when I am less busy)? Save your breath Hold ones breath

37 review 1. We need to build a bridge between East and West. 2. Both parents and teenagers must try to bridge the generation gap between them. 3., When it comes to modern jazz very few people know more than him. 4. His departure was abrupt and completely unexpected. 5. Will it do if I get those books to you by Friday?

38 6. The doctor promised that these pills would ease the pain. 7. The teacher smoothed over the quarrel between the two boys. 8. The book's success has surpassed everyone's expectations. 9. I dont know why I bother speaking to him– i might as well save my breath. 10. We should observe the rules and regulations.

39 Translation If you sing the song several times, your children will (begin to) pick up the words. We tried to assure the nervous old man that flying / air travel was safe. An inadequate supply of vitamin A lead to night blindness. I can use a computer, but when it comes to computer repairing, I know nothing about it.

40 Translation Many a mother tries to have her dreams realized by her daughter. The bad weather discouraged people from attending the parade. I gave him some pills to ease his pain. The job involves traveling/ working abroad three months each year.

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