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FOLLOW THE MONEY? The Basics of Graduate Student Funding.

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1 FOLLOW THE MONEY? The Basics of Graduate Student Funding

2 Where do funds for graduate students come from? University funding Endowments Gifts Federal agencies Private foundations Student loans All sources of funding come with a specific set of terms that the university must follow while also complying with internal policies and regulations.

3 What can student funding pay? Fellowships and Awards can only pay for: Stipends for living and educational expenses Fees and tuition Qualifying employment can only pay for: Salaries Fee remissions

4 Which campus units generate payments to students? Graduate Division Financial Aid Office Academic Departments Organized Research Units Third Party Billing

5 Which campus systems are involved in the payment of graduate student funding? GLOW (GradLink) DSAS (Departmental Student Award System) PROSAM (Student Aid Management) CARS (Campus Accounts Receivable System) BFS (Berkeley Financial System) HCM (Human Capital Management)

6 Fee Remission Grad Div Awards CARS Loans Outside Agency Checks 3 rd Party Billing DSAS STUDENT CAMPUS SYSTEMS GRADUATE STUDENT PAYMENT DIAGRAM Fees Salaries PAYROLL GRAD LINK BFS AP/PO PROSAM BEAR FACTS MyFinAid Flow of Money Flow of Information HCM DR Awards (GLOW)

7 The CARS Priority List Priority CodeDescription of Award 1000Exemptions, e.g., child of law enforcement 2000Waivers, e.g., employee waiver 3000Unassigned 4000Outside Aid, e.g., outside sponsoring agencies, such as military, civic, employer 5000Campus Aid, e.g., fee remission 6000Intercampus 6100Departmental Awards (DSAS) 7000Graduate Division Awards 8000FAO Fee Restricted Awards 8100Parent Grants 9000Student Loans

8 How can advisors find information on payments to graduate students? 1.Check BEARFACTS/MyFinAid 2.CALL For questions about Block Grants, Departmentally Restricted Awards, Multi- year University Fellowships: Graduate Fellowships (2-0672) For questions about Loans, Student Parent Grants: Financial Aid Office (2-0485; For questions about Departmental Awards: DSAS Help Desk (2-0486; For questions about Fee remissions: Graduate Appointments (2-7101) For questions about Third Party Billing: Billing and Payment Services (2-3190)

9 The Money Team John Choppy, Graduate Financial Aid Pat Kramer, Financial Aid (DSAS) Mike Wilkes, Billing and Payment Services (CARS) Rebecca Sablo (Berkeley International Office) Corinne Kosmitzki, Graduate Student Services Maria Loza, Graduate Student Services: Fellowships Graduate Student Services: Appointments


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