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Electronic Money (Micromoney) Luis Enrique Heredia Figueroa.

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1 Electronic Money (Micromoney) Luis Enrique Heredia Figueroa

2 Agenda Concept First and Current Implementations Smart Card Based Systems - Open System - Close System Alternative Systems Software Based Systems Evolution, future approaches General Issues Conclusions

3 Concept Money exchanged eletronically involving microprocessors computer networks, internet and digital stored values. Two General Forms Card Based Software Based

4 First and Current Implementations Smart Cards Generally defined as a portable data storage device with intelligence (chip memory) and provisions for identity and security.

5 First and Current Implementations Some History… 1970 - First implementation of microelectronic devices in plastic substrate (Kunitaka Arimura) 1974 - First patent An independent electronic object with memory (Roland Moreno). 1979 – First smart card by Honeywell Bull 1980s First Trials in France French Bank Card Association (Blue Card, Green Card, TA) University Cards in France Date Information took from The Changing Face of Money, Good Barbara

6 First and Current Implementations Smart Card (Open System) The scheme allows the value on the card to be used in the same manner as any other payments method or form currently in the specific place. Promblems for wide development: Need for terminal to process transactions, clearing and settlement system.

7 First and Current Implementations Unaccounted Electronic Money Model Transactions closely proximate to cash ones Aim to provide universal cash replacement Without a full audit trail Mondex Card

8 First and Current Implementations Accounted Electronic Money Model Provide a general audit trail Archiving Functions Does not permit the anonymity of incorporate it into the Web browsers

9 First and Current Implementations Graph took from The Changing Face of Money, Good Barbara

10 First and Current Implementations Smart Cards (Closed System) A stored-value card that only can be used for one purpose or only in one determined environment.

11 First and Current Implementations Octopus Card Singapore (Public Transportation payment) Chipknip

12 Octopus Card Rechargeable without contact stored value smart card (mass transit system in Hong Kong) Nowadays convenience stores, supermarkets, parking meters, vending machines, etc.

13 Off-line Electronic Money The merchant does not need to interact with the bank before accepting a users coin. Merchant guaranteed that the users e-coin will be accepted by the bank (the bank is able to identify cheating user).

14 Off-line Electronic Money Blind Signatures to achieve unlikability between withdrawal and spend transactions. Using cryptography Anonymous e-cash was Introduced by David Chaum

15 Alternative Systems: Software Based Systems Main Topic: Internet Several Schemes devised to make purchases secure over the Internet Security: Main concern for the method developers Open Network MasterCard and Visa agreement for SET (Secure Electronic Transactions) standard (1996)

16 Alternative Systems: Software Based Systems Digital Gold Currency Paypal Liberty Reserve

17 Evolution, future approaches Objectives Turn it able to use it through wider range of hardware such as secured credit cards Linked bank accounts for exchange with a secure micropayment system (Paypal)

18 In General… Advantages: Convenience Privacy Increased efficency of transactions Lower transaction fees New business opportunities

19 In General… Disadvantages How to levy taxes Possible facility of money laundering Exchange rate instabilities Shortage of money supplies

20 Conclusion At the end, it is necessary to search the more suitable cyberspace and microprocessor use regulations or laws that manage the transactions and watch for signs of trouble to help this new concept that seems to be the next step in business development, generally speaking.


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