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Fernway School.

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1 Fernway School

2 Fernway School “Welcome to the Fernway Family”
One of five K-4 Buildings: Boulevard, Fernway, Mercer, Lomond, Onaway Built in 1927 15 Classrooms, 3 per grade level Over 350 students 37 staff members

3 The Mission of the Schools
The District will nurture, educate, and graduate students who are civic-minded and prepared to make ethical decisions; who are confident, competent communicators, skillful in problem solving, capable of creative thinking; who have a career motivation and a knowledge of our global and multicultural society.

4 Our Mission: Civic-minded, ethical students
Student Mediation Student Group on Race Relations (SGORR) makes annual visits to the 4th grade Family Service Projects

5 Our Mission: Confident, competent communicators
Curriculum centered on effective and varied expression Readers Theater Reading groups Writers Workshop Kindergarten Journaling Performances

6 Our Mission: Skilled Problem Solvers
Curriculum-centered problem solving Chess Club Enrichment Programs International Baccalaureate programme Successmaker computer program Science Lab field trips

7 Our Mission: Creative Thinkers
Curriculum centered on creative outcomes of learning Music and Art classes Art Club 3rd grade Musical 4th grade Poetry Play

8 Our Mission: Career Motivated Students
Scientist in the schools Parent career visits and volunteerism

9 Our Mission: Global and Multicultural Knowledge
Mandarin Chinese taught weekly International mindedness a focus of IB

10 The Mission of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IB)
“The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. To this end the organization works with schools, governments and international organizations to develop challenging programmes of international education and rigorous assessment. These programmes encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right."

11 Transdisciplinary Themes
Who we are Where we are in place and time How we express ourselves How the world works How we organize ourselves Sharing the planet

12 Learner attitudes and attributes
Attribute of the week: Balanced! I am healthy. I am organized. I take good care of myself.

13 Some of our essential agreements

14 Some of our wonder walls

15 Madagascar Featured Country:
About the same size as California, Madagascar is the world's fourth largest island. The country is sometimes referred to as the Red Island, because of the red color of its soil. Because of its separation from the African mainland millions of years ago, the majority of the species of plants and animals found on the island cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. Nearly half of the land of Madagascar is covered with forest. Resource:

16 Previous Kindergarten IB planners
Who we are People discover who they are by learning, working, playing and having new experiences How we organize People use signs and tools to communicate, organize and stay safe. Sharing the Planet Conflicts can be solved peacefully.

17 Current Kindergarten IB planner
How we express ourselves Exploring and responding to literature helps people discover and express ideas and feelings.

18 Previous 1st Grade IB planners
How we organize People fulfill their needs and wants by selecting different goods and services. Who we are People build relationships by living, working, playing and learning with other people Sharing the planet People protect natural resources through careful conservation.

19 Current 1st Grade IB planner
How we express ourselves Literature informs, unites, and entertains individuals and groups. Graphic courtesy of Ellen Seguin, Fernway parent

20 Previous 2nd Grade IB planners
Who we are People make choices in various settings and their actions have a consequences How we organize People make, buy, sell and use goods and services to survive and enjoy life. How the world works Many events in the natural world occur with predictable changes.

21 Current 2nd Grade IB planner
Sharing the planet Living things impact the environment in which they live; the environment also impacts living things.

22 Previous 3rd Grade IB planners
How we organize Members of communities collaborate to establish and implement organizational systems Cultures exhibit both change and continuity across time and place. Who we are People develop and acquire skills to solve problems.

23 Current 3rd Grade IB planner
How we express ourselves Authors and illustrators communicate ideas by using a variety of techniques and styles.

24 Previous 4th Grade IB planners
Who we are How people respond to technologies and innovations impacts their well-being How we express ourselves Artifacts give insights into the habits and behaviors of cultures throughout time. Where we are in place and time People immigrate and migrate because of challenges and opportunities .

25 Current 4th Grade IB planner
How we organize Decisions promote or deny equal opportunities and social justice.

26 Inquiry !

27 PTO IB/Arts Integration
The 2-4 grade students saw Susan Weber perform “Buckeye Picnic,” about regional history, then the 4th grade had afternoon workshops about economics. THANKS, PTO!

28 Happy birthday to… January 30 – February 24
Kindergarten Annie Call Aryn Harris Colin Richard Caroline Connell Grade 1 Marissa Garrett-Morris Na’Torya Beason Kaden Pulley Grade 2 Lissan Aklog Jackson Wiebe Grade 3 William Glasper Kyalonii Gambrell Hannah Persson Alexis Akins Samuel Smolsky Anna Dillenbeck Peter Khayat Grade 4 Alexander Halliburton Amani Shabazz Calvin Hellesen Jade Dixon Fernway staff

29 Upcoming and recent fieldtrips!
2/ Mrs. Paskewitz to planetarium 2/ Ms. Hayduk to planetarium 2/13 Mrs. Paskewitz to science lab 2/16 Mr. Zucca to planetarium 2/17 Ms. Hayduk to science lab 2/21 Mrs. Rubin to planetarium 2/21 Mrs. Hassell to science lab 2/21 Ms. Vail to Shaker Heights Library 2/23 Ms. Cachat to science lab 2/24 Mrs. Hannah to planetarium

30 Fernway Important Dates!
1/30 Kevin Maury, Fernway Parent, works with grade 3 doing an IB/Arts integration sponsored by the PTO! 2/ COSI 9:00 2/11 Pancake Breakfast 2/14 Valentine’s Day Activities 2:30 2/20 Presidents’ Day (no school) 2/22 Third Grade Musical 2:00 & 7:00 3/15 Night for the Red & White

31 ABC School Donation Program Support Fernway School While You Shop!
PTO News! ABC School Donation Program Support Fernway School While You Shop! Sign up for a Heinen’s Preferred Customer Card and register for the Tasteful Rewards program. Select (or reselect) FERNWAY as the school of choice at Heinen’s will make a donation of 1% of your purchase to PTO.

2004 Grade Level Championship Tourney/Grade 1 Division – 2nd Place 2004 Shaker Schools Chess League/3rd Grade Division – 2nd Place 2005 State Chess League Tournament/4th Grade Division – 2nd Place 2005 – Shaker Elementary League /Grade 3-4 Division – 2nd Place Scholastic Chess League/K-5 Division – 2nd Place 2006 Shaker Schools Chess League/K-2 Division – 1st Place 2007 Shaker Schools Chess League/K-2 Division – 1st Place 2007 Shaker Chess Tourney – Grade 3-4 Division – 2nd Place 2008 Northeast Ohio Team Championships/Grade K-5 Division – 2nd Place 2010 Greater Cleveland Chess League/K-5 Division – 1st Place 2011 Shaker Chess League/K-5 Division – 1st Place

33 A Record 159 Students are Named AP Scholars
The Shaker Heights High School students and June 2011 graduates have been named AP Scholars by The College Board in recognition of their outstanding performance on three or more Advanced Placement (AP) examinations. Former Fernway students honored include 2011 & 2012 graduates: Anna Baerman, Zachary Findling, Christopher Hearey, Spencer Murray, Daniel Urban, Joseph Becker, Anamaria Boyd, Kelsey Sullivan, James Berick, Adam Cohen, Kelsey Desmond, Gabriel Gordon, Nathan Immerman, Leo A. Katz, Nia Morgan, Sabrina Paskewitz Drew, Zofia Prochoroff, Erica Schoonover, and Spencer Seballos.

34 National Scholars to be Honored
36 Shaker Heights High School seniors have been recognized by one or more of the national Merit, National Achievement, and National Hispanic scholar programs. Former Fernway students honored include: Nia Morgan, Anamaria Boyd, and Spencer Seballos. Spencer Seballos has also been selected to receive the 2012 gold Medallion Hispanic Heritage Youth Award for Science.





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