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General Session Officials Recertification Clinics.

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1 General Session Officials Recertification Clinics

2 Agenda Welcome State of the State Olympic Trials Experience Officiating and the IRS Officiating Swimmers with Disabilities Navigating OTS Open Forum 9/23/2012 and 9/29/2012 2 ISI Officials' Recertification Clinics

3 State of the State Officials Committee: five areas of focus Communications – Alan Stacklin Training – Jayne Spittler Championship Meets – Bonnie Quinn Retention – David Johnson Certification – Rome Yount 9/23/2012 and 9/29/2012 3 ISI Officials' Recertification Clinics

4 Common Goals Raise the standard of all officiating in Illinois Swimming Consistency On deck, training, certifications, expectations Provide a best-in-class State Meet experience for our swimmers Provide increased opportunities for National Mentoring and Advancement Retain our experienced officials Recruit new officials to grow bench strength 9/23/2012 and 9/29/2012 4 ISI Officials' Recertification Clinics

5 Area Representatives Grass Root Support Your Voice into the Officials Committee 9/23/2012 and 9/29/2012 5 ISI Officials' Recertification Clinics

6 Area Representatives 9/23/2012 and 9/29/2012 6 ISI Officials' Recertification Clinics

7 Getting Answers to Questions on Officials Issues Start with your Area Rep Contact Officials Chair or other members of the Officials Committee Rome Yount – certification Jayne Spittler – training Contact us via Your email will be routed to the right person May take a day or two 9/23/2012 and 9/29/2012 7 ISI Officials' Recertification Clinics

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