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31 st FAI World Gliding Championship. DAY 3 7 th July 2010.

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1 31 st FAI World Gliding Championship

2 DAY 3 7 th July 2010

3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr. Frank Hiemstra

4 Team intro Gabriela BelákováJán Chudý Chief Scorer Flight Ooperation Director Ján HrnčířikDrahoš Sitár Scorer Task Setter František ČagalaJán Horák ScorerMeteorologist

5 Team intro Miroslav MaťašPeter Ondruš Pentagon Chief IT + Tracking Roman LeporisTomáš Bobok Photo Tracking + TV Karol UrbanZuzana Beláková (zulu) PhotoNews Filip KormaňákMartin Ťapuška VideoWeb master Eduard NikoAlexandra Moštková Virtual WGCPR + SMS

6 Safety reminders Collision risk notes (Rieti 2008)

7 Safety Reminders 1. When thermalling, gliders must turn in the same direction. It is unacceptable to have gliders turning in opposite directions in close proximity to each other.

8 Safety Reminders 2. When you join thermals do not pull up through the middle of a gaggle of circling gliders. This creates a very dangerous situation. Plan to join the thermal from the edge and integrate yourself into the turn in a way that does not threaten the other gliders already in the thermal. Do not just focus your vision on the gliders in the thermal, keep a lookout for other gliders that might also be joining the thermal.

9 Safety Reminders 3. When in a gaggle maintain your separation from other gliders. In a gaggle you have to accept that you cannot make the optimum use of the thermal because your freedom to manoeuvre is limited by the other gliders in the thermal and do not make violent manoeuvres. Your vision should be concentrated outside the cockpit tracking all the gliders that are close to you.

10 Safety Reminders 4. When you are with other gliders in the cruise maintain enough separation so that you can avoid the other glider if it makes an unexpected manoeuvre. When you pull up into a thermal think and behave as if you have another glider in your blind spot.

11 Safety Reminders 5. As a competition progresses pilots become gradually desensitised to the risk of collision in gaggles and their personal safety personal margins are eroded. Remain concentrated on this risk!

12 Safety Reminders 6. Lookout! Lookout! Lookout! Use the fighter pilots scan. On blue days you need to focus on a distant object before you start your scan.

13 Safety notes USE FLARM ! FLARM available to buy in registration office

14 Organizational notes Day schedule 8:15 – Grid structure info (sms) 9:45 – Printed info available in mailboxes 10:00 – Main briefing Team captains briefing – on request after the main briefing

15 Status of the results of DAY 2 World Class– official Club Class – official Standard Class – unofficial (12:50)

16 Winners of 2 nd competition day (unofficial – approval at xx:yy AM) 3. Luca Urbani (ITA) - 52.3km/h World Class 2. Francois Pin (USA) - 52.4km/h 1. Martin Hrivna (CZE) - 52.9km/h

17 Winners of 2 nd competition day (unofficial – approval at xx:yy AM) 3. Aurel Hallbrucker (AUT) - 73.7km/h Club Class 2. Mario Schupfer (AUT) - 72.4km/h 1. Matthias Sturm (GER) - 76.1km/h

18 Winners of 2 nd competition day (unofficial – approval at xx:yy AM) 3. Martin Schonwandt (GER) - 78.5km/h Standard Class 2. Felipe Levin (GER) - 81.7km/h 1. Dane Dickinson (NZL) - 87.8km/h

19 National Team Overall Standings (unofficial – approval at xx:yy AM) 3. Finland (1179) 2. Germany (1258) 1. Austria (1279)

20 WEATHER 7 th July 2010










30 Launch procedure

31 Landing Procedure 21 pilots did not follow the local procedure for landing! LAND LONG! (CREW REMOVES THE GLIDER AT THE END OF THE RUNWAY) LAND STRAIGHT! (DO NOT ROLL OUT TO THE SIDE AFTER LANDING)

32 TASK – DAY 3 7 th July 2010 World Class – Task A – AAT (speed task) Time 02:00 - 100.8km/256.5km Prievidza 079 Bojnice 146Skalbinsky Podzamok 042Velky Tribec Prievidza

33 Club Class – Task A – AAT (speed task) Time 02:00 – 100.0km/285.9km Prievidza 075 Novaky 058Zlate_Moravce 134Sklabina 078Bystricany Prievidza TASK – DAY 3 7 th July 2010

34 Standard Class – Task A – AAT (speed task) Time 02:00 – 119.7km/319.3km Prievidza 087 Cigel 171Velky_Choc 042Velky_Tribec Prievidza TASK – DAY 3 7 th July 2010

35 Permanently prohibited areas: LZP1MOCHOVCE, LZR51MOCHOVCE Prohibited areas for today: N/A Activated restricted areas for today: CTRZILINA, TMAZilina_W, TMAPoprad_S, TMA3KOSICE, TMA2BRATISLAVA, TMA3BRATISLAVA, LZTSA06A, LZTSA06B Warning: DROP ZONE DUBNICA (FRQ:123,50 MHz) AIRSPACE 7 th July 2010

36 First Launch: 12:15 Last Launch: 15:15 Timing

37 Important notes The International Evening will be organized on Monday at 20:00 Team Captains briefing Tomorrow evening 19:00

38 Questions ?

39 Fly safely!


41 Launch procedure 1.Club class 2.World Class 3.Standard Class

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