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Somerset Schools Athletic Association. The Website

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1 Somerset Schools Athletic Association

2 The Website

3 9.30 Arrival, Registration and Welcome 10.00 Warm-upAge groups: General Athletics Drills JG1, JG2, JG3, JB1, JB2, JB3, IG/SG, IB/SG 10.45 Event Specific DrillsMorning Event Groups 11.00 Mini Break 11.15 Event CoachingMorning Event Groups 12.15 Lunch Break 12.45 'Discussion'Q and A 1.15 Event CoachingAfternoon Event Groups 2.15 'Fun' Relays – 10 teams 2.45 Dispersal

4 From School PE lesson to International Athlete There are approximately 60 secondary schools or colleges in the county. We communicate with ALL either by: Area Secretaries SSAA Secretary Championship Organisers SSAA Team Managers

5 Schools, therefore, know about our activities. But our activities are also posted on the SSAA website for ALL to see : Students Parents Coaches Teachers We also have a very good relationship with the Athletic Clubs within the County. They too are informed of our activities so they can inform their Athletes

6 By taking part today YOU are now part of the Association. Keep asking your teachers for information about : Cross-Country Track & Field Combined Events Because the first step on the ladder is to be entered by your school into an Area Championships. Having had their championship the area selects a team to compete at the County Championships – thats when you start to meet us.


8 County Cross-Country Championships Maximum of 480 competitors Maximum of 60 competitors per race

9 County Track & Field Championships Maximum of 600 competitors Maximum of 16 competitors per event

10 County Combined Events Championships Possibly 350 competitors. Possibly 50 competitors per event. The largest event of its kind in Europe? The World? The Happy Championships The Helping Championships

11 At the County Championships there are presentations and some form filling – so we can communicate with you.

12 From the County Championships we select teams to compete at the: South-West Championships There is a limit to the number of athletes we can select : Cross- Country – age group teams of 10 Whole team of 80 athletes Maximum of 70 competitors per event Track & Field – a maximum of 3 competitors per event - A maximum of 130 competitor places Giving usually a whole team of about 115 athletes Maximum of 21 competitors per event Combined Events – age group teams of 4 Whole team of 24 Maximum of 32 competitors per event Plus Race Walk competitors

13 Following the SW Championships we select teams to compete at The ESAA National Championships. There is a limit to the number of athletes we can select : Cross- Country – age group teams of 8 Whole team of 48 athletes Maximum of 368 per event Track & Field – a maximum of 3 competitors per event Whole team of 25 athletes Usually no more than 24 competitors per event Combined Events – SW winning age group teams of 4 - plus high placed individuals not in winning team Maximum of 42 competitors per event Plus walking competitors

14 We are very proud of the way we do things: We travel as a team We stay in high quality accommodation We wear a distinctive kit We give options of kit bags and ties We enjoy working with you We organise and arrange so you go to your start - PREPARED YOU gain success We share with you that success

15 National Cross-Country mass start

16 National Track & Field in Alexander International Stadium

17 National Combined Events The whole team working for each other : athletes, team managers, coaches, officials, parents

18 National Cross-Country Success

19 National Track & Field Success

20 National Combined Events Success

21 Big trophies to be won Personalities to meet

22 School Area County SW Nats International Athletic Organisation Mendip Sedgemoor Yeovil Taunton Avon Gloucestershire Wiltshire Cornwall Devon Dorset

23 Internationals (Selected) 8 Junior / Inters 2 Inters 4 Juniors / Inters National36824 *42 South-West702124 County601650 Area5020- School Youre the Best XCT&FCE RaceEvent..athlon * Standard should be achieved The Numbers Game

24 Emily Smith – Junior Girl National Champion 2010. SIAB International - Truro Sam Sommerville – England International 2012 SIAB International - Glasgow Oliver Fox – England Captain 2013 SIAB International - Llandeilo CROSS-COUNTRY INTERNATIONALS

25 TRACK & FIELD INTERNATIONALS Jimi Tele - International Triple Jump 2010 Robin Danaher – SIAB Javelin Champion 2010 Blair Brown – International Steeple Chase 2010 Ronnie Wells – SIAB 100m Champion 2011

26 COMBINED EVENTS INTERNATIONALS Harry Hall Amy Cooper 2010 Brendon England-Frost Jordanna Morrish 2012

27 ESAA Standards All standards are on the ESAA and SSAA websites and in full in the ESAA Handbook

28 Somerset Coaching Courses - March 2014 Sunday 2nd March Sunday 23rd March Sunday 30th March Track & Throws Combined Events Track & Jumps Sprints Sprints Sprints Endurance Hurdles Endurance Hurdles Long Jump Hurdles Javelin High Jump Long Jump Shot Pole Vault High Jump Discus Javelin Pole Vault Hammer Shot Triple Jump Discus Choose 1 or 2 events Choose 3 events Choose 1 or 2 events

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