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E v e n t s m a d e e a s y. AboutAbout Services Special services References.

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1 e v e n t s m a d e e a s y

2 AboutAbout Services Special services References


4 About RESTEC EVENTS RESTEC BRAND listed in the TOP 5 of event industry in Russia more than 18 years of experience specific knowledge and skills clients loyalty reliable partners all over the world RESTEC® EXHIBITIONS (professional exhibition organizer) RESTEC® EVENTS (professional event companies) RUSSIAN EVENT RESEARCH CENTRE (unique centre for marketing and research in MICE industry) PETROCONGRESS (congress centre, St. Petersburg)

5 About RESTEC® EVENTS RESTEC® EVENTS TODAY 250 events annually in Russia and abroad (operating in more than 17 industry fields) 30-40 Russias participations abroad (incl. business missions) 200 high-qualified staff own material resources (constructions, A/V-equipment, transport) self-designed IT-products for events (matchmaking system, registration program) contacts in variety fields

6 OUR MISSION EVENTS MADE EASY to make any event really special to meet every clients demand to provide services according 3C-MODEL* About RESTEC EVENTS * 3C-MODEL: Complex services, Client-key services, Competent services

7 TERRITORY OF BUSINESS Russia (Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Perm, Yekaterinburg, Samara and other regional centers) Europe (Finland, Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic) Asia (China, Japan, Korea) North America (USA, Canada) Latin America (Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Costa-Rica, Paraguay) About RESTEC® EVENTS

8 OFFICES 10 offices in Russia: 2 own offices (Moscow, St.-Petersburg) and 8 partner's offices in the main regions (Perm, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Nizhniy Novgorod, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Yekaterinburg, Samara). St. Petersburg Moscow Rostov-on-Don Perm Krasnodar Nizhniy Novgorod Krasnoyarsk Irkutsk Yekaterinburg Samara About RESTEC EVENTS

9 MEMBERSHIP IN PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS AND SOCIETIES Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (RUEF) Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) Association of Communication Agencies of Russia Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry About RESTEC EVENTS The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC)

10 About RESTEC EVENTS OUR CLIENTS & PARTNERS STATE BODIES & OFFICIAL STRUCTURES Ministries of the Russian Federation Ministries of economics (India, Taiwan, China, etc.) Foreign embassies and consulates in Russia Foreign trade representatives in Russia and others ASSOCIATIONS Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Russian union of industrialists and entrepreneurs Russian industry associations and unions Russian sports unions TAITRA InterExpo ICE World Diamond Council and others CORPORATE GASPROM LUKOIL TOTAL SU-155 ALROSA SONY International Paper DROFA TV Company RUSSIA and others EXHIBITION ORGANIZERS & PCO Reed Exhibitions Mack Brooks Exhibitions* Amsterdam RAI* Survey M&C FairPromotion ITE Alworld Exhibitions Suomen Messut* and others *RESTEC EVENTS is an official agent in Russia.



13 SERVICES CONSULTING & FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT marketing research working up documents (terms of participation, manuals, operation chart of event, information letters and registry forms) budget monitoring contracting & sub-contracting venue management (see below) Back to the list of services

14 SERVICES EVENT MANAGEMENT participants and visitors registration (incl. data processing) security on-site conference moderation and monitoring information services technical support catering temporary personnel (hostesses, promoters, interpreters, moderators, etc.) logistics venue selection (selection, contracting, supervising) contractors supervising Back to the list of services

15 SERVICES PARTICIPANTS/VISITORS SALES AND SUPPORT, SPONSORSHIP participants and visitors database delegate-management call-center services pre-registration (on-line registration) conference program forming and monitoring matchmaking system (see below) forming up the sponsors packages dealing with sponsors Back to the list of services

16 SERVICES ADVERTISING & PR full range of advertising services design and printing works PR-events promotion multimedia services (web, presentation, etc.) Back to the list of services

17 SERVICES DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION venue layout creative design and consulting system and individual stand constructions graphic design and production temporary constructions (street pavilions) Back to the list of services

18 SERVICES TRAVEL SERVICES hotel accommodation visa support services transfer and transport services welcome meetings at the airports, VIP-arrangements air and train tickets social programs booking services for theatres, restaurants, museums guide services Back to the list of services



21 VENUE MANAGEMENT TECHNICAL SUPPORT Development of venue specific tailored policies and procedures Coordination, management and supply of a wide range of high standards services (catering, registration system, design&construction, transport, etc.) Appointment of the venue management services suppliers (security, AV suppliers, event styling and decoration, cleaning, etc.) Financial management of venue operations including budgetary and audit. TURNKEY SERVICES SPECIAL SERVICES SALES & MARKETING SUPPORT Design, planning and developing venue services Sales and coordination of the venue booking diary Creation of specific venue documentation (inquiry and booking sheets, venue specific terms and conditions, manuals, etc.) Design and production of venue marketing materials

22 VENUE MANAGEMENT PETROCONGRESS Convention & business centre (class A) Total square: 3150 sq.m 17 multi-purpose conference halls (maximum capacity – up to 300 delegates) Venue management since 2008 VENUES IN ST. PETERSBURG SPECIAL SERVICES MIKHAILOVSKY MANEZH Exhibition centre Total square: 4356 sq.m Conference hall (100 delegates) Venue management since 1995

23 MATCHMAKING SYSTEM Entering new regional markets, finding dealers and sales channels, production development Acquiring new business partners, clients, creating new business coalitions Contacts with the key players on the Russian market MATCHMAKING SYSTEM GIVES NEW OPPORTUNITIES FOR BUSINESS IN RUSSIA SPECIAL SERVICES

24 MATCHMAKING SYSTEM SPECIAL SERVICES One meeting point Individual effective schedule Appointment system (all meetings are booked in advance via Internet) B2B contacts only Full range of attendant services on-site (catering, hostesses, etc.)

25 Marketing research Visitors attraction Schedule administration Software support Company presentation Follow-up On-site supervising FULL-PACKAGE SERVICES Venue selection Technical & other services Catering Printing works PR-campaign Temporary personnel (incl. personal assistance) FROM 150 EUR per 1 participant* *Final price depends on participants profile, results of the preliminary marketing research, preparation period, number of participants, facilities costs, additional services, etc.. SPECIAL SERVICES MATCHMAKING SYSTEM

26 INTERNATIONAL ACTIVITIES SPECIAL SERVICES CORE BUSINESS* Russian Exhibitors and Visitors sales and promotion for international trade fairs and conference, Key-Buyers programs Russian Government official visits abroad, business missions * Overseas and regional event activities of RESTEC® EVENTS official representation of foreign PEO in Russia (see below)

27 SPECIAL SERVICES EXHIBITORS SALES & MARKETING OF FOREIGN SHOWS IN RUSSIA (agency scheme): exhibitors marketing campaign in Russia, event media plans development for promotion in Russia, invitation campaign for media and press information stands on similar events in Russia VISITORS MARKETING TO ATTTRACT RUSSIAN VISITORS TO THE SHOWS ABROAD : business missions for key trade visitor groups, promotion and advertising campaign (sales and advertising materials in Russian, information on the web-site, press-releases, etc.) OFFICIAL REPRESENTATION IN RUSSIA : relevant industry sector analysis, consulting on marketing campaign for trade fairs, arrangement of special meetings with industry associations and government, presentations and press-conferences of the event program in Russia, promotion of the event program on RESTEC GROUP own events in Russia, relevant sector databases, marketing & sales support (direct mailing, promotion and advertising campaign, sales materials, etc.) KEY-BUYERS PROGRAMS: event promotion within key companies and decision makers in Russia, matchmaking for Russian companies on the foreign shows, business missions (inviting, program management, travel support) INTERNATIONAL ACTIVITIES


29 RUSSIAN-FINNISH ECONOMIC FORUM About: The Forum took place in Helsinki and became one of the largest Russian events in Finland in modern history. The event was attended by Primer Ministries of Finland and Russia and by the President of Finland. Twenty five Russian regions presented their investment and innovation potential as well as latest scientific achievements. Customer: Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation Services: exhibitors promotion and sales, congress and exhibition management, matchmaking, registration and catering services, PR-support, full range of travel services, design and stand construction, transportations and customs services REFERENCES congresses & conferences

30 Russian-German Forum: Business and Investment Opportunities of Russian Regions About: German-Russian Forum Business and investment opportunities of Russian regions was held in October 2007 in Hamburg, Germany. The Forum emphasized new level of collaboration between two countries expressed in broad investment cooperation, establishment of joint ventures and manufactures. The Forum was aimed on strengthening and developing such cooperation. Customer: Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Hamburg Chamber of Commerce Services: exhibitors and delegates sales, matchmaking, congress and exhibition management, registration services, full range of travel services, design and stand construction REFERENCES congresses & conferences

31 About: Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum is one of the most important events in economic, political and culture life of Russia. The Forum takes place at LenExpo, the largest exhibition complex in Saint Petersburg. The main aim of the Forum is to facilitate international cooperation between business and political leaders and academic experts from the world community and to discuss and resolve the problems of global economic growth. Customer: Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation Services: congress management, registration services, PR-support, full range of travel services, design and stand building services, temporary construction building. St. Petersburg International Economic Forum REFERENCES congresses & conferences

32 PARTNERIAT «ST. PETERSBURG. WAYS OF COOPERATION AND PARTNERSHIP» About: «PARTNERIAT 2009» was organized as an open forum where companies could discuss anti-crisis ways for the following development. There were conferences, discussions, exhibition of Russian regions, etc. About 1500 delegates participated in the event and presented 22 industries from 58 Russian regions. Customer: St. Petersburg Government Services: matchmaking program, participants sales & support, event management, visitors registration, design and construction, travel services. REFERENCES congresses & conferences

33 ST. PETERSBURG INTERNATIONAL INNOVATION FORUM About: In 2009 Forum was held within the Russian Innovation Week. There were about 12 214 delegates, incl. representatives from 233 Russian cities and 38 foreign countries. The plenary session was managed by Mr. Alexandr Zhukov, the Deputy Head of Russian Government, and Ms.Valentina Matvienko, the Governor of St.Petersburg. Over 300 delegates were registered at the matchmaking program, incl. a new area of WORKCAFE. Customer: St. Petersburg Government Услуги: matchmaking program, participants sales & support, event management, visitors registration, design and construction, travel services. REFERENCES congresses & conferences

34 About: Polar Petroleum Potential is a geological/geophysical conference and exhibition focused on the circum-Arctic basins that are within the Russian, Norwegian, Greenlandic (Danish), Canadian and Alaskan onshore and offshore basins. AAPG and RosGeo were combining their expertise to provide Arctic explorers with a unique event that brought the professionals working on these regions together for the first time in Moscow (September, 2009). Customer: Overseas Exhibitions, AAPG. Services: design and stand construction services, navigation on-site, hotel accommodation, visa support.. 3P ARCTIC: POLAR PETROLEUM POTENTIAL REFERENCES congresses & conferences

35 300 th ANNIVERSARY OF ST.PETERSBURG About: 300 th ANNIVERSARY OF ST.PETERSBURG included a number of events during 2002-2004 such as exhibitions, conferences, presentations, concerts, etc. (300 th Anniversary of St. Petersburg. 300 years for the glory of Russia, 300 th Anniversary of St. Petersburg: Russia open to the world and others). The events were held in Russia and abroad (Berlin, London, Milan, etc.). Customer: Organizing Committee led by President of Russia Mr.Putin Services: exhibitors sales, venue management, design and construction services, financial supervising, on-site management and logistics, hotel accommodation, transfers, meet and greet services, culture programs for guests, VIP-arrangement, visa support services REFERENCES exhibitions & shows

36 World Super Yachts Celebration (Moscow) About: The World Super Yacht Celebration is an exclusive super yacht event that has been fashioned by super yacht builders for the super yacht industry. It is the only event on the annual circuit devoted solely to an informal get-together of the worlds top super yacht builders, brokers, media partners, sponsors, and a rare breed of potential new client. The World Super Yacht Celebration is in no sense a boat showthere are no yachts on display, no inflexible layouts of hard-edge stands. Rather, it consists of plush, inviting lounge areas, meant to add a new dimension of comfort and intimacy to doing super yacht business. Customer: FairPromotion (the Netherlands) Services: venue management, event supervising, guests registration, A/V technical support, temporary personnel, security, cleaning services, hotel accommodation, transfers, VIP-arrangements, visa support REFERENCES exhibitions & shows

37 MOSCOW CHOCOLATE FAIR About: Moscow Chocolate Fair is held since 2005. Most famous chocolate producers and sellers usually present their products on-site. In 2007-2008 the show was devoted to childhood. So there were a lot of special events such as the First Moscow Contest among young artists and everyday fairy show for children. For the fist time the Gallery of Russian Chocolate Museums was presented. During the fair a charity action was organized in order to help children who needed urgent heart surgery. The action was supported by popular politicians, actors and public persons. Customer: Moscow Government Services: event supervising, entertainment programs, venue design, organizing and management of special events (the artists contest, the charity auction, the museums gallery, the fairy show), temporary personnel, A/V technical support, PR-services REFERENCES exhibitions & shows

38 RUSSIAS DAYS IN LATIN AMERICA About: RUSSIAS DAYS IN LATIN AMERICA were held from 17 October 2008 to 17 November 2008 within the program RUSSIA OPEN TO THE WORLD. The project took place in 7 countries of Latin America: Cuba, Costa- Rica, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. It consisted of cultural and business events such as concerts of Sretensky Monastery Choir, exhibitions Holy Russia, film festivals, photo biennales, economics forums, etc. Customer: Russian Centre of International Scientific and Cultural Cooperation (supported by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia) Services: general coordination, matchmaking, GR- support, PR-support, transport logistics, security services, catering services, travel services REFERENCES exhibitions & shows

39 INDIA SHOW IN ST. PETERSBURG About: India Show 2009 has been organized as a part of Year of India in Russia to make a presentation of Indias competence be showcasing the variety of products and services. During the show about 160 Indian companies presented their products in such fields as Chemical products, Food, Engineering, Textiles, etc. The exhibition is a part of Indian Government initiative to foster trade and economic relations between Russia and India. Customer: ITPO (India) Services: general coordination, design and stand constructions, on-site management. REFERENCES exhibitions & shows

40 RUSSIAN NATIONAL PAVILIONS ON EXHIBITIONS WORLDWIDE Xylexpo (Milan, Italy) Sasmil (Milan, Italy) ONS (Stavanger, Norway) Aquatech (Amsterdam, Netherlands) SIAL (Paris, France; Montreal, Canada) Salon du Chocolat (Paris, France) METS (Amsterdam, Netherlands) ANUGA (Cologne, Germany) FHC China (Shanghai, China) etc. Customer: international exhibition organizers, state bodies, corporate companies Services: design and stand construction, temporary construction building, full range of travel services REFERENCES exhibitions & shows

41 BUSINESS MISSIONS Days of Saint-Petersburg in Helsinki (Helsinki, Finland) Days of Saint-Petersburg in Shanghai (Shanghai, China, 2006) MIPIM Asia (Hong Kong, China, 2007) Days of St. Petersburg in Hamburg (Hamburg, Germany, 2007) The official reception on behalf of the Governor of St. Petersburg (Prague, Czech Republic, 2007) Bordeaux Fete Le Vin (Bordeaux, France, 2008) MIPIM (Cannes, France, 2008) Customer: St.-Petersburg Government Services: travel services, design and stand construction, temporary construction building, full range of travel services REFERENCES incentive & business travel

42 ST.-PETERSBURG CHRISTMAS FAIR About: The unique fest is devoted to Christmas and New Year celebrating. It is the first event in Russia of such city-format. In 2007 more than 100 leading companies presented their products in the centre on St.-Petersburg. The fair was open for a month. During this period a lot of special events were organized such as the charity auction, Russian traditional games and others. Customer: St.-Petersburg Government Services: design and construction services, on-site management and logistics, general supervising, additional services for participants, catering services, PR-support REFERENCES festivals & sports events

43 RUSSIAN SWIMMING CHAMPIONSHIP About: Annual events organized by the Russian Swimming Association are held in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Besides sport contests the program usually includes official opening ceremony, celebration of winners, after-party and entertainment program for sportsmen. So the events become a great fest for all participants and visitors. Customer: Russian Swimming Association Services: producing of opening ceremony and after-party, entertainment program creating, catering services, transport and logistics support, temporary personnel services, PR- support REFERENCES festivals & sports events

44 Building 334, VVC, Mira prospect, 129223 Moscow, Russia Tel.: +7 495 544 38 31 Fax: +7 495 544 38 38 E-mail: To learn more about us please visit:

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