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NZ RC RACING Brought to you by the New Zealand Radio Car Association Club Action Hear from clubs around NZ General club information Executives Report Latest from the NZRCA We bring to you the outcome from the special meeting Up-coming Events South Island On-Road Champs South Island EP Off-Road Champs National IC Off-Road Champs North Island On-Road Champs Event and Car Reviews News from the North Island EP Off-Road Champs NZ Stockcar Champs Whangarei Winter 200 And Much More… Dargaville bring us the ‘NEW’ Summer 500 Magazine Information ROAR approved 13.5 legal motors ROARS LEGAL MOTORS FOR NEW SUPER STOCK CLASS North Island EP Off-Road Review October 09

2 South Island On-Road Action 2008 - Canterbury
Editors: Amber Griffin & Scott Kendall Club Action Auckland Canterbury Capital Counties Dargaville - Summer 500 Dunedin Hamilton Up coming Events South Island On-Road Champs – Canterbury South Island EP Off-Road Champs - Harewood NZ National I.C Event and Car Reviews More… ROAR’s 13.5t Brushless Motors We show you the current list of approved motor bases for the upcoming race season and Super Stock class Magazine Information page NZRCA News The Special meeting 5. 6. 8. 10. 11. 12. 15. 22. 7. 13. North Island EP Off-Road Review 14. 23. We bring you all the action from Hawkes Bay NZ Stockcar Champs With the NZ RC Speedway now in the loop read all about the Stockcar Champs 28. Harewood Hawkes bay Manawatu Nelson North Harbour Taranaki Tauranga Whangarei NZ RC Speedway 17. 18. 20. 21. 26. 30. 31. 32. 33. 4. 34. Whangarei Winter Endurance racing at its best 4. 37. Waikato IC Off-Road Champs Pictures and Results from the Waikato Champs 36. 16. North Island Onroad Champs- Manawatu

3 Executives Report Kind Regards, Scott Kendall President NZRCA
Hi Everyone, Welcome to the second addition of NZ RC Racing. Firstly I’d like to start by Thanking all those people that contributed with Articles and Photo’s for this issue. The more we get from you, the racers, the better the magazine will be. Thank you also to all those that have given feedback we appretiate the support from all of you. Just a quick reminder to all clubs to send stuff in, anyone can write in for their club, even the younger racers. This is the last issue that your club will be included in unless we have something from the club or individuals to include. You will be taken out of the magazine untill something is received, we don’t want to see this happen to any club but no one wants to read the same general information month after month. Remember, if its RC related we want to publish it. So happy writing and we hope to hear from you all soon. We are fresh back from the NZRCA Special meeting that was held in Hamilton on the 3rd of October. This meeting helped us iron out some issues and the outcomes from this meeting can be found further in the magazine. The new NZRCA year is now underway and we have seen our first major event that was held in Hawkes bay, Congratulations to all competiters that were involved in this event. Also Congratulations to all those that competed in the NZ Stockcar Champs and the Waikato IC Off-Road Champs. October see’s the start of a very busy month events wise and we would like to wish all racers the best of luck in the upcoming events they attend. There’s not too much to report on this month as things are sailing quite well and there doesn’t seem to be many issues floating about at this moment. We hope you enjoy this issue and continue to share your racing with us in future issues. Kind Regards, Scott Kendall President NZRCA

4 This Magazine needs you
This magazine is brought to you by the NZRCA, but the content needs to come from its members. We invite every club and individuals in the NZRCA to write race-day reports, event reports or any other information you want to share with other members across NZ. Each club is allocated up to 2 pages per month to include anything you like (within reason). You need to advise us what you want on your page. Don’t worry about layout, just provide us with content (in word format please). Please note; club contact details, logo’s and website details, will only need to be sent to us once and if there are any changes, not every month thereafter. For future issues, just write logo if you want it included on your pages. Any information needs to be ed to NZ Retail shops and registered businesses are welcome to advertise at a small cost. You can include any information on this page, but we do request you at least have both phone and contact details included on the page. If you would like to know more about advertising, please us. We would like members to submit reviews on products as well. This can be anything from chassis reviews, motors, engines, or anything RC related. Reviews can be up to 2 pages and include photos. Again, please just provide us with content, don’t worry about layout. Information needs to be received no later than the 1st of each month. So get writing.....ANYONE can send in. Club logo – Website – Contact details: Jamie Fell, , Sunday 6th September 09. Sky is clear, racing is on. Despite small numbers which is typical for this cold time of year, racing action is hot. The most popular class as always is again the Super Stock class. With all the guys aiming for 21 laps, who will be the first? Qualifying round goes quickly, with Adam taking pole in M0, Amber in clubman class, Scott takes pole in superstock and Shane once again is on top in Modified. 3 rounds of finals will decide the winners on the day though. 1st round and unfortunately Amber broke in clubmans after holding a great lead. This will put her out for the day but still has M03. Scott wins superstock final 1 after a tough close battle at the start. Jamie comes in 2nd and Matt finishes 3rd. Modified sees Jamie challenge Shane for the race lead and he is holding Shane out....until his servo decides its had enough. Shane takes the lead and the victory. Round 2, Amber has bad luck once again and now the M03 is out for the day too. Adam takes the win in all 3 races for the day. Clubmans sees Mike lead from the front all day long. Superstock and Scott gets a clean start from Jamie and builds up quite a lead early on. Then a mistake puts him half a lap down and chasing. Despite chasing hard, at the final buzzer, Jamie takes round 2 but the overall race time is slower than round 1. Shane leads modified from start to finish with Jamie coming in 2nd. Round 3 in Superstock and once again Scott gets the clean start. Jamie is right on his tail for the first 2 minutes then a mistake and Scott takes off. With the 21 laps in sight Scott starts lapping traffic. The buzzer goes and Scott has done it, setting both a new lap and race record in the process. Shane once again takes the win in modified and makes it a clean sweep for the day. Page 4

5 Auckland Radio Control Car Club
Established in 1980, the club currently runs off-road racing at their purpose built track in Mangere. Classes raced include 1/8th Nitro Buggies and 1/8th Nitro Truggies. Race meetings are held every second week on Sundays starting at 10:00am, with AMB lap-scoring provided. For more information contact, Stuart Grant Phone: ah Website: Photos Courtesy of: Craig Dawson Page 5 Page 5

6 The club owns and races from a purpose built sealed track at Ruapuna Raceway.
The Current Track (measuring 320 metres) was laid in December 2002 to international specifications. We believe it is the best track in New Zealand. Our new drivers stand which has greatly improved the view of the track. The stand measures 12 metres long and is 3.25 metres to the deck. We have also upgraded our lap counting equipment to the latest AMBrc system and a number of our members are enjoying the benefits of running personalised transponders. There are 11 race days through the calendar year. They are held on the second Sunday of each month February-December (with the following week held over as a rain delay day). For more information regarding Canterbury RadioControl Car club contact: Kevin Davey (President) Or Andrew Kirk (Secretary)  Website: Page 6

7 For more information check out the South Island EP Off-Road website:
Friday 30th, Saturday 31st of October and Sunday the 1st of November, 2009. Harewood Radio Control Car club at our Sawyers Arms Road Track on Sawyers Arms Road, Harewood. For more information check out the South Island EP Off-Road website: Hosted by: Classes: 1/10th 4WD Buggy 1/10th 4WD Stock Buggy 1/10th 2WD Mod Buggy 1/10th 2WD Stock Buggy 1/10th 2WD Mod Truck 1/10th 2WD Stock Truck If you have any Queries or Questions regarding this event or accommodation options and types please contact Harewood RC Club: Page 7

8 electric and nitro powered 1/10th & 1/12th Onroad scale cars
With a heritage dating back to the1986, CMR has been supporting RC racing in some form or another In Wellington for the past 20+ years. With previous homes in Avalon Park and now in Wingate Lower Hutt, the club has two purpose built tracks that it's members race on, We run electric and nitro powered 1/10th & 1/12th Onroad scale cars Offroad 1/8th truggy and buggy and electrics.. CMR runs an annual points series. Onroad every 2nd and 4th weekend of the month and Offroad on the alternate weekend 1st and 3rd ….. This year our club would like to say a BIG thanks to NZCT for the grant that we received. With their help we now have purchased the latest AMB lap scoring system. In 2010 CMR are hosting the i.c. Offroad 1/8 north Island champs. With a heritage dating back to the1986, CMR has been supporting RC racing in some form or another In Wellington for the past 20+ years. With previous homes in Avalon Park and now in Wingate Lower Hutt, The club has Two purpose built tracks that it's members race on, We run electric and nitro powered 1/10th & 1/12th Onroad scale cars Offroad 1/8th truggy and buggy and electrics.. CMR runs an annual points series. Onroad every 2nd and 4th weekend of the month and Offroad on the alternate weekend 1stand 3rd .. This year our club would like to say a BIG thanks to NZCT for the grant that we received, With their help we now have purchased the latest AMB lap scoring system. 2010 CMR are hosting the i.c. Offroad 1/8 north Island champs. President Jake Botting Secretary Jason Marshall Page 8

9 Capial Model Racers Off-Road action
Capilal Model Racers have recently taken part in a display held at Te Papa Museum as part of the F1 Display. August/September 09 Capial Model Racers Off-Road action Photo’s courtesy of Jason Marshall Page 9

10 Website: The Counties Radio Control Car Club (CRCCC) is New Zealand’s longest established 1/10th scale electric off-road club. Formed nearly 20 years ago, the club is active within the New Zealand racing scene with its fair share of North Island and National Championship title winners coming from within its ranks. Race days are held every second Sunday, weather permitting. A typical race day consists of three rounds of racing and is managed by an AMB computer lap scoring system which collates and sorts individual race laps and times to 1/100th of a second. The Club provides excellent facilitates including Clubrooms, a well maintained clay-based track which is regularly changed, a large drivers stand, mains power and ample parking and has been host to numerous national championship events For more information contact: Counties Radio Control car club on Page 10

11 January 2010 Dargaville Radio Controlled Racers Presents the Summer 500 Date: 16th of January Venue: Nazarene Church Car park 4 Grey Street by the big northern wairoa bridge and will be 500 laps. There will be a new Tamiya M03 mini raffled off to one lucky driver. There will also be painted,detailed and signed M - Chassis body shells (3 or 4)  given to the winning team. BBQ Provided at the end of the day For more information and entry forms check out: www. and go to the Summer 500 page Page 11

12 We race Onroad, Offroad, Indoors, Electric, Gas.
We Race On-Road, Off-Road, Indoors, Electric and Gas We race Onroad, Offroad, Indoors, Electric, Gas. Onroad We race the 3rd Sunday of the Month. Start about 9am in the morning to setup the track, with racing commencing around 10:30am and lasting for 4 to 5 hrs. First time races get the first 2 race meets free We race the following classes Novice, Stock, Pro Stock, Modified and 1/10th 4WD IC. Offroad Race day is the 2nd Sunday of the Month. Registration closes at 10am with racing starting 11am. Classes are 1/8th Buggy, Truggie and Monster Truck. Indoors This race season see the inclusion of an indoor series. Held on the first Tuesday of the month at the Edgar Centre. Starting at 7pm and running for 3 hour. Postponement If either the onroad or the offroad needs to be postponed due to rain, they will be moved to the 4th Sunday of the month. If in the event both meetings are postponed, Offroad will race on the Saturday and the Onroad will race on the Sunday If there is not a class for you, come and talk to us, there may be others wishing to race that class. For more Information contact: Steve Weir  Phone: (03) ah Website:  Page 12

13 Friday 6th, Saturday 7th and Sunday the 8th of November, 2009
2009 New Zealand I.C Off-Road Champs When Friday 6th, Saturday 7th and Sunday the 8th of November, 2009 Where Harewood Radio Control Car club at our Sawyers Arms Road Track on Sawyers Arms Road, Harewood. For more information check out the 2009 New Zealand I.C Off-Road Champs website: Hosted by: Classes: 1/8th Buggy Truggy If you have any Queries or Questions regarding this event or accommodation options and types please contact Harewood RC Club: Page 13

14 Speed Passion Competition V3
Super Stock ROAR Approved 13.5 MotorS With the new Super Stock class now in action, we bring you ROARS current list of approved motors as of 22/09/09. These are the original motor approvals from ROAR only and do not include variations of these motors e.g Fantom 13.5 (based on Epic DUO) As the list of ROAR approved motors is constantly being updated, please visit for the latest approvals Losi Xcelorin Hacker E40 Orion Vortex 2008 Stock Trinity TRI 10210 LRP Vector X11 Stockspec Epic DUO TEP 1001  Trinity TRI Pulse Speed Passion Competition V3 Speed Passion SPF135 Ultra Sportsman Stock  Novak 3413SS Pro  Novak Ballistic 3613  Tekin Redline Type S Page 14

15 We race Electric On-road indoors and IC Off-road
Hamilton Radio Control Car Club Inc. (HRCCC), is the nations largest R/C car club and premier club in the beautiful city of Hamilton. Established in 1988, HRCCC strives to provide a quality service to all keen R/C racers throughout the greater Waikato area. You can go on our website , there is lots to read, including Race day results, Join our mailing list, Latest club news and information, Pictures and more. With over 20 years of history and experience, HRCCC is well known throughout the country for running first-class meetings with most favourable feedback and success. Sanctioned by New Zealand’s governing body; the NZRCA, HRCCC has rules and regulations that cater for the majority of competition cars available on the market today. From electric 1/10th scale cars which run at our indoor facility hosted by the Claudelands Event Centre, to 1/8th scale off-road nitro powered monsters racing at the clubs very own purpose built track in Bristol Place; there are options for everyone. The Hamilton Radio Controlled Car Club’s holds monthly off road race meetings for Gas Powered (Internal Combustion Engines) 1/8th scale off road Buggies and Truggies at Bristol Park. If you like noise, speed and getting some ‘Big Air’ off the jumps then these are for you. For more Information contact: Ian Innes Phone: (07) ah, Website:  Page 15

16 Kawakawa Road, Feilding
Classes: M03 Stock Touring Super Stock Modified Pro 10 Pro 12 Formula 1 2wd I.C Saloon 4wd I.C Saloon For more information visit or Kawakawa Road, Feilding Page 16

17 Report by Tim McKay Page 17
Update on Harewood RC Club and Upcoming Events later in 2009. Well just a quick update on all things related to Harewood RC club and some info on upcoming events. First of all as pictures show, the track work is coming along nicely, been quite a few delays, what with lack of clay initially, then weather related, finally we are making nice progress and everything is back on schedule. The track has changed from previous layout, we have included some more technical sections, added some more elevation changes, a straight drop off, some very slow rolling jumps on corners, and all this in the hope of testing the skill and patience of the best electric and nitro drivers who will invade the club late Oct / early November. Both events the club is hosting are well underway and well under control planning wise goes, the South island electric Off Road Champs is first up on Oct 31st and Nov 1st, For event info and online rego go to Then 1 week later we host Possibly the biggest Event in NZ RC at the moment, the IC off Road Nats, for event info and online rego go to . Club volunteers will run both events and we are determined to be remembered for slick, well run events more so than anything else. Plenty of other work has also been done around the Harewood facilities, entrance at main gate has had a tidy up, Car park cleared of excess clay and now more parking area available, Also all club transponders have recently had batteries replaced by a committee member. So check out the above websites, enter the events you want to attend and we will all see you down here later in the year for some awesome racing. Report by Tim McKay Page 17

18 The month of September, has seen the continuation of some great racing in the offroad classes. In the Nitro ranks, 1/8 buggy is being fiercely fought between Mugen, xray, and whatever Gavin is running at the time, Truggy is a four way battle that is very close, with young Chris McGaffin stamping his mark with the X2/ Reedy combo, and proving a very skilled driver to get past.  Pieter Botha's Xray, Chris's MBX6t and Gavin's new Losi usually swap for placings depending on how hard one gets pushed, the Manawatu faithful arrive once a month, and their cars give the track and the HB guys a real hard time. 4WD stock is another close class, with four drivers very close on points, the B44's and Kyosho's generally have the rule of the track. The CORR truck class is the one showing great growth, with 9 trucks in the ranks now, and another couple not far away, they are the real crowd favorite, and provide close (door slapping action). Shane O'Connor is another regular visitor, and his battles with Rusty, and James are ones to watch. Onroad has just finished its indoor season, where the numbers are thinning a little, but the action is always intense. The inaugural Winter 300 was a massive success, and next years event is looking to be bigger with out of town drivers getting a little more notice, so they can attend. The new track is doing its job, and keeping the damage to a minimum. James has his new MO5 nearly ready, and four guys ready to contest the new super mini class. Coming in October we are running on the 10th with offroad due to the Holy Bathurst day of rest, so its a 1pm start for the faithful Chris O'Connor Club President Page 18

19 "New Zealand RC News and Forums"

20 On-Road Sunday 20th September, Once again we were greated by awesome weather. Despite the nice weather though, numbers were well down on usual for this time of year. Still, we proceed with the normal 4 classes. M03 as always is action packed all day. Qualifying sees Amber take TQ position, Bryce finishing 2nd on the track but unfortunately he forgot to put his transponder in his car. Scott completed all of 2 laps before his back wheel fell off and passed his crashing car. While this entertained and delighted all, it setup a great showdown in the finals. Clubmans was a one man, or should I say one women show all day long. Amber took TQ easily and won all 3 races. She was delighted to have a trouble free raceday after all the destruction of last raceday. Super Stock once again produced the most numbers. Qualifying saw both Jamie and Scott failing to finish. Jamies steering wasn’t working and Scott had a wire come off giving all the others to fight out for TQ. Dion raced clean to take his first TQ in the class. Mat took P2 with Geoff finishing off the top 3. The finals were a different story though. Race 1 saw Jamie’s day in Super Stock end prematurely on lap 4. He hit one of the steel pipes end on causing huge damage to his motor and bending the alloy motor mount. Scott managed to fight through the field to take the win in round 1. Round 2 sees Mat getting a good lead. Scott chases hard in 2nd and at the 4 minute mark, its going to be a close finish. Scott managed to get around Mat and take win 2 and Mat has a little trouble on the last lap, and after the race, finds a screw has come loose but still comes in 2nd. Round 3 and Mat is once again clean away and starts to build a gap, but after 2 laps he takes a corner wide and hits the plastic piping that someone put on the outside of the corner to help cars ealier in the day avoid a puddle. The impact takes out his right side front end and his day is over. Dion and Scott have a little contact before its all sorted and Scott goes on to take win 3 easily. Modified is once again a Shane Wilson show. Taking TQ and all 3 finals, once again despite his hard chasing, Jamie just cant get round him for the win. Talk in the pits is Jamie is considering trying a different motor sometime in the future. His driving is great, but the speed of Shane is all the seems to separate these 2 at the moment. Going back to the M03 class, we had lots of action in the finals. Depsite only 3 cars, action was like it was a NZ Speedway event. Bryce managed to take Round’s 1 & 2 despite all the contact and being chased hard by Amber. However, round 3 and it was each for themselves in what what turned out to be the action race of the day. Bryce got a clean start but was chased down and the contact began from everyone. Bryce tried to defend his position by cutting off Scott, but the 2 connected and Amber got through into the lead. One she would hold onto for the rest of the race while Bryce and Scott couldn’t keep their cars apart. When Amber came round to lap the 2 of them, its like they all had magnets. Everyone finished with big smiles and looking forward to the next battle in 2 weeks time. Page 19 Page 20

21 Nelson Radio Controlled Car Club
Off-Road racing Brightwater track in the Rutherford Domain On-Road racing Auckland Point School, Nelson All new drivers and spectators are welcome or for further details please contact us. Kent Perry, Publicity Officer (03) or Page 21

The annual South Island Champs will again be hosted by the Canterbury Radio Control Car club at Ruapuna Track. The event will cater for both Electric and Gas powered cars. Labour Weekend 24-26/10/2009 Registrations have now opened so you can register now. Have a look around the web site. this site contains all the details you need to know about the event. For more information regarding the event or Radio-Controlled Cars contact: Kevin Davey or Andrew Kirk Page 22

23 2009 North Island EP Off-Roads – Hawkes Bay
The big ‘R” had an obvious effect on this event for 2009 with entries down to nearly half that of the two previous events hosted by HBRC. Still – those that did make the trip to the Bay had some great competition on the racetrack – with some very close racing in all classes. Patience was required to wait out the big dump of rain that arrived on Friday night/Saturday morning. Nothing a quick pie run to the bakery wouldn’t fix. The rain actually helped by keeping the track in great shape for rest of the weekend. Without the need to water, the whole schedule was able to be squeezed into Saturday afternoon, with an early start and a full day on Sunday. A favourite track of many drivers due to its wide, smooth surface, interesting jumps and change of elevation, this was the first official event to run with the single file start grid for the finals. It proved very successful with very few pile up on the first corner. Top qualifier Perry Field blazed away from the pack to win by substantial margins in both Four and Two Wheel Drive Mod classes. Shane O’Conner and Darren Johnson put up a good fight but to everyone’s surprise it was Gavin Davidson who picked up 2nd spot in 4WD with yet another new car (Hot Bodies D4 this time). Gav is a capable driver, but so often in the past has missed the podium due to equipment failure. After missing Saturday’s first two qualifiers due to illness, Reigning National Champion Brendon Hodge from Manawatu repeated his performance from earlier in the year to clinch the Stock Truck title. Multi-time Champion Craig Puller gave him a good run for his money. Rusty Birken’s pink and black Losi came in 3rd. Page 23

24 Report and Photos by: James Dale
A small turnout in Mod truck was often reduced further midway through each race with long time Counties Stalwart Russell Mahoney melting motor wires at regular intervals. Local lad Wiremu Paipa was the eventual winner. Top Qualifier Jonathon Thompson was his usual mix of outright speed and spectacular crashes, eventually finishing third behind Stuart Harker. Hawke’s Bay kept up their impressive record in 4WD Stock, the title going to Sonny Pearce this time. Even more impressive was his ride – a lowly Tamiya DB01 Durga (which also won Concours for his black “Darth Vader” body.. Wiremu Paipa bagged 2nd with Mr consistency Matt Whitmarsh in third. Another Mr consistency was Shane O’Connor who not only won 2WD stock but ended up on the podium in all four classes he entered. Sonny Pearce 2nd and Counties Ken Drummond, as he so often does at these events, finished in 3rd. The class that really got the crowd going was the demo class of CORR or Short Course trucks. Not known for their refined handling attributes, nether the less they made a brilliant racing spectacle. Big colourful bodies, big air and even bigger crashes but more often than not simply rolling back onto all four wheels and carrying on. It was an even contest between the Slashes and the SC10’s. Big Ups go to Craig Puller for his gorgeous Vodafone SC10 paintjob. It didn’t look quite so flash at the end of the weekend. With plenty of positive feedback post-event and with a little more lead time (a mixture of things forcing Hawke’s Bay to run the event earlier than anticipated) to promote the next one, the club hopes to quickly return to the sort of entry numbers enjoyed in recent times. Report and Photos by: James Dale Page 24

25 Event Results Page 25 4 Wheel Drive Mod 4 Wheel Drive Stock A
Perry Field Gavin Davidson Shane O’Connor Wiremu Paipa Darren Johnston Sonny Pearce Brent Miles Stuart Harker Johnathon Thompson Russell Mahony 4 Wheel Drive Stock A Sonny Pearce Wiremu Paipa Matt Whimarsh Ken Drummond Jeff Shaw Chris O’Connor Dalton Barber Ross Leonard Duane Barber Daniel Watson Ken McGavin CORR Truck Shane O’Connor Russell Burkin Matt Whitmarsh Craig Puller Gavin Davidson Dalton Barber Chris O’Connor Ross Leonard Daniel Watson TQ1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th TQ1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th TQ1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 2 Wheel Drive Mod Perry Field Darren Johnston Shane O’Connor Brent Miles Russell Mahony Gavin Davidson Craig Puller Stuart Harker Johnathon Thompson Ken Drummond 2 Wheel Drive Stock Shane O’Connor Sonny Pearce Ken Drummond Jeff Shaw Russell Burkin Ross Leonard Chris O’Connor Daniel Watson Graeme Rose TQ1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 1st TQ2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th Truck Modified Wiremu Paipa Stuart Harker Johnathon Thompson Brendon Hodge Russell Mahony Truck Stock Brendon Hodge Craig Puller Russell Burkin Matt Whitmarsh Jeff Shaw Graeme Rose Chris O’Connor 1st 2nd TQ3rd 4th 5th TQ1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th Page 25

26 For more information contact Chris Meyer  Phone: (09) Mobile: (021)  The North Harbour Radio Control Car Club's purpose built track is one of the North Islands premier on road circuits, located at the North Harbour Stadium, Albany, Auckland.  With a technical infield, long straight and sweeper, the track is a challenge for all level of racer, forcing drivers to look for the best mix of speed and acceleration. We race a wide range of onroad RC cars including  1/12th, Electric Touring and Gas Touring and cater to all levels of racer from beginner to expert.  North Harbour also have indoor racing at 31 Rosemary Terrace,In Kingsland. Page 26

27 Drifting *** 1/10th & 1/18th scale racing *** Rock Crawling
Drifting *** 1/10th & 1/18th scale racing *** Rock Crawling Auckland’s #1 multi level indoor drift track! Session times: Monday & Tuesday Private Hire Sessions pm-9pm Wednesday & Thursday Drift Nights pm-9pm Friday Drift Battle Night pm-9pm Weekends Private Hire Sessions – Call for times Pricing: Drift/Battle Nights $10 per person Private Hire Sessions $80 per session Contact & Bookings: Mike – or Jeremy – or Address: Unit o, 33 walmsley Rd, Otahuhu.

28 2009 NZ RC Stockcar Champs Page 28
Suncity Plastering 2009 RC Stockcar Champs Saturday 26th September saw 64 competitors with drivers from Auckland to Christchurch turn up in Hastings to compete for the top jewel in RC Speedway , the Suncity Plastering NZ Stockcar (electric) title. The quality of cars on display, both in terms of workmanship and the running gear stood testament to how the sport has evolved over the past 3 years. On track the speed and skill of the drivers also proved that as developing sport we are on the right track. The event was hosted by the Hawke’s Bay club who put together a really well run meeting. AMBrc lap scoring system was used which after an early technical difficulty (system doesn’t like overhead cables) the system performed faultlessly. The 64 drivers were divided into 4 heats of 16 drivers, with top 4 qualifiers after 3 heats into the final with the next 4 drivers from each group going into a repecharge. The top 4 cars from the repecharge qualified making for a 20 car final. The first finals heat was fast and hard. It was fantastic to race with a group of drivers who know how to peddle cars. As you can appreciate 20 cars racing on an oval track that is end to end 20metres long, with racing lanes of 1.8metres means finding a clean line is hard work. Yet there were guys who consistently during the day managed to do this, both in qualifying and the finals run. Page 28

29 Event Report & Photos courtest of Dwayne Martin
After the first finals heat 2 Wellington cars, including the 2007 NZ Champ Doug Angus were in top positions followed by Gisborne and the reigning 1NZ Richard Alexander in 4th. Heat 2 saw Doug drive a great race to finish 1st and lead the competition going into the last race. He was followed closely by Hayden Gwilliams from Wellington and Aaron Brown from Gisborne. The final race saw paybacks RC Stockcar style with plenty of attention being paid to the top cars. Bumpers were used as well as the wall for maximum impact! As the dust settled it was Doug who had taken out the final race, with Slick and Callum from Gisborne close behind and 1NZ Richard in 4th. All cars were quarantined until the top 4 cars were announced and rescrutineered. This involved reweighing the cars, checking bumper heights and motors stripped down. The official results were as follows: 1NZ Doug “Shrek” Angus 2NZ Aaron “Hazel” Brown 3NZ Richard “Pumba” Alexander The Hawke’s Bay Club wishes to thank all competitors and sponsors, especially Shayne and Donna from Suncity Plastering, along with all Hawkes Bay Club members who all contributed to make the 2009 Champs a real success. Event Report & Photos courtest of Dwayne Martin Richard 3NZ Doug 1NZ Aaron 2NZ Page 29

30 Information & Photos courtesy of Selwyn Duthie
For more information contact: Selwyn Duthie (06) ah (027)   TRCCC Event Calendar October 2009 10-11th         South Island Off Road Champs, Dunedin . 10th              TRCCC Off Road Working bee from 1-3 pm at Clemow Road . 11th              TRCCC Off Road Club Day at Clemow Road . 16th              TRCCC indoor Racing, Yarrow Stadium, pm. Cancelled Sorry 18th              TRCCC On Road Club Day at Centennial Drive . 26-26th        South Island On Road Champs, Canterbury , Ruapuna. November 2009 1st                TRCCC On Road Club Day at Centennial Drive . 7th                TRCCC Off Road Working bee from 1-3 pm at Clemow Road . 8th                TRCCC Off Road Club Day at Clemow Road . 14-15th         TRCCC Ultimate On Road Open. Cancelled Sorry 20th             TRCCC indoor Racing, Yarrow Stadium, 6.00pm. Other dates Friday 11th December 2009 Indoor Racing TRCCC I.C. Off Road Open; 6th and 7th of March 2010. PLEASE NOTE: Our Club Committie has decided to cancel our hosting of the Ultimate Open this year, we apologise to our race supporters out there but thought with the financial loss we made earlier this year on the similar meeting the potential was very high for a similar outcome so decided our best option was to pull the pin now. Information & Photos courtesy of Selwyn Duthie Page 30

31 Tauranga Radio Control Car Club
We meet on the first and third Sundays of every month, Our track is on Cliff road in Tauranga We don't run Gas Cars due to our track being in a residential area. We generally run stock touring, M03 TT01 with silve can motors,, and what ever else comes along All are more than welcome to come down and have a look For more information contact: Les Taylor Phone: (07) ah, or Page 31

32 For more information contact:
Murray Macdonald PH: (027) or (09) after hours We race fortnightly at the Paramount Parade Car Park, Tikipunga, Whangarei Our Club caters to any level of on-road driver, Whether you are starting out in a mini or battling the top Modified drivers, there will be a place for you at WRCCC. The classes that we race are as follows: Mini, TT01, Stock, Pro-stock, GT19, Modified and F1. Mini and TT01 are raced for points every week, and all other classes alternate. So one race day we have Stock and Pro-stock for points and the next we have GT19, Modified and Formula One Whangarei Radio Controlled Car Club caters to any electric on-road racer. We have a rebuildable track system using PVC pipe which attaches together with Velcro. Page 32

33 NZ RC Speedway New to the NZRCA – Get in touch with your local club and see what its all about CLUB: Hawks Bay NAME: Sparky - Dwayne Martin PHONE: CLUB: Palmerston North - Redneck Raceway NAME: Karlos Mackay CONTACT PH: CLUB: Wanganui NAME: mactank - Gary Magill CONTACT PH: CLUB: Wellington - Xtreme NAME: shrek - Doug Angus CONTACT PH: CLUB:Chch Rc Stocks NAME:Mr_Damage – Chris Wildey  CONTACT PH: CLUB: Auckland. NAME: Mackie - Paul Mackay CONTACT: CLUB: BOP  NAME: Bruce Clarke CONTACT PH: CLUB :Hamilton NAME:Kooza - Paul CONTACT PH: CLUB: Lake Taupo NAME: madmaori - Steve Davies CONTACT PH: CLUB: Gisborne NAME: Slick - Rik Chiles CONTACT PH: Page 33

34 Visit The Whangarei club at:
The whangarei winter 200 was held on the 11th of July. The format for this event is a 200 minute enduro race using tamiya M03’s with a minimum of 12 pit stops, this race is run in an indoor cricket building.  Each team was made up of three driver’s one having to be a novice driver. This event has been run for three years now and is growing in size every year. We also ran a 30 minute race for Juniors before the main race.   There were 4 entries, this was to gave them a feel for endurance racing. This years event had 9 teams from as far away as Manawatu, with three teams from Dargaville coming over.   The start of the race was very close with all the teams setting a very fast pace.   As pit stops started and the race settled the top 6 teams were all very close.   Positions changed almost every lap.   By the halfway mark SP Racing had built up a good lead over the rest of the field with SLK Racing and Dargaville B chasing hard to make up some laps.   In the last hour of the race SP racing had pulled out to a 21 lap lead.  SLK racing was starting to close the gap slowly. Throughout the entire race 2nd to 6th position was changing every few laps with small mistakes making all the difference. In the last hour SLK racing had cemented 2nd place running out of time to catch SP racing even though they were closing in fast in the last 20minutes of the race.   It was a great  race with all the teams having a great days racing. Visit The Whangarei club at: Article and Photo’s provided by Matthew Smith & Craig Pullar Page 34

35 Get your teams ready for next years race
Final Race Results    1st with 525 laps was SP Racing 2nd with 506 laps was SLK racing  3rd with 484 laps was Dargaville B,  4th with 479 laps was TRT Hamilton 5th with 476 laps was Dargaville A  6th with 465 laps was Fat Mac 7th with 417 laps was Premo Racing, 8th with 247 laps was The Likely Lads 9th with 108 laps was SSS Racing                                                           A Big Thank you to all the people that helped on the day and the teams that travelled so far to make this event so good. Get your teams ready for next years race Junior Racers Winners: SP Racing For more information about the Contact: Murray Macdonald PH: (027) or (09) after hours Page 35

36 NZRCA Special General Meeting Results
On Saturday 3rd October, following the racing at the Waikato I.C Off-Road Champs, the NZRCA held a special general meeting to sort out some constitution matters and other general items that came up at this years AGM. Clubs from all over the country were present and we received postal votes from a couple of clubs who were unable to attend. The following is what was discussed at the meeting and the outcomes. The current NZRCA year is from 1st September – 31st August and clubs at the AGM voted to discuss the year to be changed to 1st January – 31st December, being a proper calender year. This was voted in favour of and will be effective this current year. So the current NZRCA year will be 1st September 2009 – 31st December The 2010 NZRCA AGM will be held in October, not June. You do not have to pay your fee’s again but in effect will get 3 months free. Part of the current NZRCA executive is made up of 2 technical officers (one for I.C & one for Electric) and 3 Zone stewards (one for North, one for Central and one for South). The proposed change was to remove these 5 positions, and replace them with 4 technical officers. I.C Off-Road, I.C On-Road, Electric Off-Road & Electric On-Road. The techincal officers would specialise in one field and also be responsibly for similar jobs the current Zone Stewards do. There was a lot of discussion around this topic and when it came to voting time, 7 clubs were in favour of the change and 6 against meaning the motion failed and the NZRCA executive remains as current Currently clubs wishing to host a NZRCA sanctioned event put in an application at the AGM along with the dates they wish to host the meeting. This can and often has created problems around 2 events wanting the same dates and/or similar events being held very close to one another. The discussion here was in regards to having set timeframes in place for each event to be held during the year. This would mean clubs who want to host their chosen event, would know the particular timeframe of when this event is to be held. It would also mean members know a approximate time for each meeting each year. There was a lot of discussion about this as some clubs feel that particular events may be given a time frame that for whatever reason can not be met. The general discussion on the floor to this, was if there was a good reason why a club could not host on the dates the meeting had set out for it, the host club could apply for dispensation to hold at a different time, or swap timeframes with another event. It was decided that this was a very good idea and should be investigated further by the NZRCA executive and look to put something in place prior to the 2010 NZRCA AGM. The executive are to research the best times for each event to be held, and this will be discussed with clubs along the way. At the 2009 NZRCA AGM, there was a remit for Capital Model Racers to change the current rules for Electric Touring Car bodyshells. The original remit was ammended at the AGM to read - A list of approved bodyshells be listed in the NZRCA rulebook as per Global Body Specification. This was voted in favour of, however when the NZRCA went to ammend the rulebook, it was discovered that IFMAR do not currently have a list of approved bodyshells. The clubs were asked to decide if they would like to vote to either keep the wording of the bodyshell rule from 2008/2009 year, or go with the original remit from Capital Model Racers. It was voted by the clubs to go with the current rule from 2008/2009 and that no such list shall be in place. So after an hour of discussing everything on the agenda, the meeting came to a close. We had sorted out quite a few things and the executive have some direction and work to look forward to over the next year. Everything voted on at the meeting, is effective immediately. For more information on the NZRCA Special General Meeting, please feel free to contact members of the NZRCA Executive, or your club representatives. Page 36


38 Buggy Final Placings 24 Grant Forsyth Xray XB 809 Novarossi Hamilton
25 Gavin Davidson Losi Eight 2.0 Reedy Hawkes Bay 26 Brendan Southey Hong Nor X1CR Sirio 27 Gerard Oloan OS 28 Jake Reid Xray 808 Go Auckland 29 Shay Taylor Kyosho MP9 30 James Bourke Xray XB 808 31 Ian Tapp 32 Glen Maria Hot Bodies D8 GRP 33 Part Thach 34 Mike Young Associated RC8B 35 Daniel James Associated RC8 36 Daniel Inglis Losi Eight Taranaki 37 Gary Sinclair Hong Nor X2CR 38 Jeff Shaw Mugen MBX-5R 39 Chris O'Connor Mugen MBX-6 40 Sareth Khoun OCM DT19 41 David Read LRBS8BX 42 Phil Rangi 43 Matt Khoun Xray XB8 EC OS Speed 44 Bill Kilgour Xray XB808 45 Mike Sutton OPS 46 Pete Allen 47 Glen Eru 1 Tim Mckay Xray XB809 Reedy Harewood 2 Mike Stratford Kyosho MP9 GRP Hamilton 3 Jerry Davis Xray 808 Go 4 Nathan Toia Hot Bodies D8 OS 5 Peter Brimmer Losi Eight 2.0 OS Speed Hawkes Bay 6 Chris Banham Mugen MBX-6 Ninja Auckland 7 Jordan Burley OPS 8 Ryan O'Connor Associated RC8B 9 Alan Looi Alpha Plus 10 Billy Looi 11 Andrew Webber RB 12 Pearce Stephens 13 Graeme Mc Dougal 14 Craig Underwood Novarossi 15 Karl Innes 16 Adrian Lorenzen 17 Shane O'Connor Counties 18 Ben Brown 19 Phil Finlay 20 Shane Gollop Hong Nor X2CR 21 Paul Fey Xray XB 808 22 Neil White Capitol 23 Shane Adams

39 Truggy Final Placings 16 Neil White Mugen MBX-6T Ninja Capitol 17
P J Jones Novarossi 18 Gerard Oloan Hot Bodies D8 T OS Hamilton 19 Alan Looi Auckland 20 James Vercoe Assosiated RC8T Go 21 Matt Whitmarsh Kyosho ST-RR Collari 22 David Dudley XB8T-09 23 Scott Lowery Hot Bodies D8T 24 Chris O'Connor Reedy Hawkes Bay 25 Bill Kilgour Mugen MBX-5T Taranaki 26 Pete Allen 27 Edwin Liu 28 David Read LRBS8TX RB Hobby 9 29 Faalavelave Asai 30 Ralph Murray 31 Glen Eru OS Speed 32 Wei Chou 33 Matt Watson Hong Nor X1-CRT Force .28 1 Tim McKay XB8T-09 RB Harewood 2 Phil Finlay Losi Eight T 2.0 Novarossi Auckland 3 Billy Looi Mugen MBX-6T 4 Peter Brimmer Hong Nor X2-CRT OS Speed Hawkes Bay 5 Shane O'Connor Associated RC8T OS Counties 6 Duncan Brown Assosiated RC8T Hamilton 7 Malcolm Namana Alpha Plus Capitol 8 Nathan Toia Hot Bodies D8 T 9 Roger VanDorsten Mugen MBX-5T Ninja 10 Stephen Bowles 11 Craig Underwood Mugen MBX-5.6T Go 12 Shay Taylor Kyosho ST-RR GRP 13 Grant Jenkins XB8T 14 Hayden McPhee 15 Mike Stratford


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