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Futbol Team Ally Sally Thomas Blake Click here to begin your adventure.

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1 Futbol Team Ally Sally Thomas Blake Click here to begin your adventure

2 You and your family just moved to San Antoine, Brazil for your dads business. You have heard futbol was a big sport there, and you know that means lots of soccer. You enjoy participating in sports, and hope you make friends that enjoy it too. The only problem is that there is a group of boys that you ran into at school, that seem to pick on the jocks. You arent sure if you want to be friends with them, or stick to your goal. Click here to continue

3 If you choose to try out for futbol, click here. If you choose to be friends with the bullies, click here. After school, you decided to go to the futbol practice. You noticed that the team is very friendly, and you think you might choose them. You start talking to them and soon enough you are playing games and having a great time. They ask you to join the team. You think you might give it a shot. Will you try the new sport, or get to know the other group of boys?

4 So you decided to get to know the futbol team. Its been rough with the late practices every day, but you are starting to get used to it. You have noticed to you are getting stronger, and the sport is getting easier by each day. Your teammates are not like you imagined. They love to have fun and joke around, and you thought they dedicated their lives to sports. You like how everyone is nice to you, now that you hang out with the cool jocks. You are happy you made this decision in every way, shape, or form. For example, now you always have a place to sit at lunch. Click here to continue

5 You are eating in the cafeteria, when the same group of obnoxious boys bothered you. Your friends give you a look telling you not to get involved. You know not to let it get to you anyways, because you dont want a fight on your record already. You just get up and move. You arent sure what to do next time that happens. Will you ignore them once again or show them the other side of you? But you know, if you get in a fight, you will be kicked off the futbol team. Click here to continue

6 If you choose to find a new group of friends, click here. If you choose to stick to the Futbol team, click here. After a long day of thinking, you decide you arent sure if you want to put up with all of this anymore. You very much enjoy participating in sports, but you arent sure if it is worth being bullied over. You consider talking to the bullies about it, but you rule that out because they might make fun of you. And plus, you have to keep your grades up, which is very difficult. Will you stick with the futbol team, or find a new group of friends?

7 So you decide to hang out with the bullies. The bullies can be jerks to people from the team that you were friends with. You dont want to stand up for the futbol players because your new friends may bully you, and you want a good reputation so you can run for school president. Click here to continue

8 You are at lunch, and you are sitting with the bullies when they begin a food fight. You dont want to stay there because it is spaghetti day and you do not want to get hit by all of the food like the sauce, noodles and especially the meatballs. You jump over the chairs and crawl under the tables. You choose to go by where the futbol team sits to not get in trouble for starting the food fight with the bullies so your reputation doesnt crumble. The futbol team never gets in trouble and the bullies get in trouble for what they do. Click here to continue

9 You dont know if you should hang out with the bullies or not anymore. So you are maybe thinking about joining the chess club. You are thinking about joining as an activity. The chess club seems like a good group of kids so you probably could join them if you want or you can go back with the bullies. E 2.1 E 2.2

10 Click here to continue. So youve decided to find a new group of friends. Your old friends understood why, and were not upset. They said they have always wanted to stand up to the bullies. The only problem was, you were not sure who you fit in with. There were the chess club members, the band geeks, the preps, the equestrians, the skaters, and of course the bullies. You knew who not to acquaint with; the bullies who get in trouble all of the time, and the skaters with the crazy haircuts. You dont think band is for you, and dont really like the preps who think a lot of themselves. So you decide to join the equestrian team.

11 Click here to continue. After school, you decide to catch up with a few people that seem really into horseback riding. You ask them if they will give you a few lessons on how to ride. They say theyd be glad to do it, and tell you to meet them at a stable near your house in a few hours. You are glad you might have finally met some people that youd like to be friends with. Finally, you are at the stable. They show you how to get on and off the horse, how to steer, and how to make it go faster or slow down. You like the horse you were riding because it was really calm. Her name was Bella, and they said she needs a new owner because she was abandoned.

12 You consider talking your parents into buying her for you. As you are thinking about how to convince your parents, you accidentally kick Bella, and startle her. She starts running and you are not holding on. Soon enough you fall off of her, and end up in the hospital. When you wake up, all of your friends that were at the incident and the entire futbol team are in your room. They explain how sorry they feel for you, and you talk with you for a few hours. Then, the nurse comes in and tells everyone you need rest and turn out the lights. As you begin to fall asleep, you think about if the equestrian team is for you. You kind of regret ever leaving the futbol team, but you couldnt go back because they have more than enough players. You knew you should have just stuck to soccer…

13 Youve decided to stick with the futbol team. You talk to the bullies and tell them that you are going to stick with sports, and they should not nag you about it. They start nagging you about it, and you decide you are going to stand up for yourself. The next day the bullies come back and they are still bugging you about it. They say that they are going to keep nagging you until you tell them why you dont want to be their friend. The next day they come over to the lunch table and they starting to bug you and you finally put an end to it. After you are done they say wow so you really want to stick with your sports. You sat back down and started to eat. They started walking to were you were as you were, eating your banana. Click here to continue

14 They walked back over and apologized about bugging you. You were thinking to yourself wow! If I would have told them why we were not friends they would have left me alone a long time ago. Now it is time to focus on soccer game on Saturday. You want to work hard in practice so you can get that starting position. Coach talked to you after practice and he said that you are starting in the first quarter. You are stoked and went to go tell your friends. They congratulate you and tell you, that is great for a new kid. On Saturday you started walking in and the coach tells you that he is happy for you. The game is about to start and you are warming up with the rest of the rest of the starters you were running and tripped and brake your ankle. Now you wish you would have not have been a starter.

15 Click here to continue. You chose the bullies and you are not quite sure if you chose the right decision or not. You join up with them after school one day and they decide to go get crazy haircuts and color it purple. You dont know if you want to get the haircut. It doesnt sound like you would be really attractive to others. You dont want to disagree with them so you decide to get the haircut and go wild. When you sat on the stool, the barber cut like they didnt know what he was doing. When they were done, it looked horrible! The other guys thought it looked gnarly. I figure they mean it as a compliment.

16 Click here to continue. You get home at night and your mom hates the haircut. Now you are grounded. You are about to tell her about the bullies, but she doesnt want to listen to you. You figure that you werent going to hang out with the bullies anymore if they are going to get you into trouble. The next day they asked you if you want to go with them after school and get some tattoos. You say that you had too much homework to deal with.

17 They are really persuading you to go with them. You just have to say yes because you dont want to be bullied. You decide not to get a tattoo though. The next day, the bullies got caught in a fight and you are glad you arent in it. You are definitely not going to hang out with them anymore.

18 Click here to continue.. You decided to go to the chess club you see that there is a tournament going on to see who the best chess player is, and to become king or queen of the club. You sign up and you are number twenty-two you find your table and face your first opponent he is kind of scary. He has dark black hair and black paint under his eyes like a football player. You two face off making your first move you go on making moves for a half an hour more. It finally comes down to where you have your king and your queen left and he only has his king. Strategizing your moves very carefully, you move your pawn knocking out his last pawn, and it was all over you had advanced to the next opponent shaking your recent opponents hand saying good game.

19 You wait till six o-clock to face for the championship your opponent happens to be a girl that is a pro her name is Valerie Sanderson and she is on the news every month you are scared to face her because she probably win. Its been thirty minutes you arent in the lead she has her king and queen left and you only have your king, your luck has turned. She eliminates your two pawns and you lose, and you make friends with the chess club, and Valerie Sanderson was crowned queen.

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