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Week 38: June 5, 2013 Main Menu 5 Simple Steps to Play! – click here! GAME 1GAME 2.

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1 Week 38: June 5, 2013 Main Menu 5 Simple Steps to Play! – click here! GAME 1GAME 2

2 10204080BONUS 10204080BONUS 10204080BONUS 10204080BONUS 10204080BONUS 10204080BONUS 10204080BONUS 10204080BONUS Main Menu GAME 1

3 National Affairs: 10 Points The judge in the Treyvon Martin/George Zimmerman murder case in Florida has put limits on the... DEFENSE or the PROSECUTION... regarding what evidence it can mention (drug use, history of violence) in its opening statement? Click again for answer: Defense Back to Menu

4 National Affairs: 20 Points Police found pipe bombs, napalm bombs and Molotov cocktails in the bedroom of a teenager in WHAT state who planned to blow up his high school? a) Oregon b) Kentucky c) Texas Click again for answer: a) Oregon Back to Menu

5 National Affairs: 40 Points An Arizona mother was freed last week after spending nine days in a Mexican jail on charges she was doing WHAT? Click again for answer: Smuggling drugs Back to Menu

6 National Affairs: 80 Points One of New York City's most enduring and famous restaurants celebrated its 125th birthday this week. WHAT kind of restaurant is Katz's, a must-visit destination for tourists and locals alike? Click again for answer: Delicatessen Back to Menu

7 National Affairs: Bonus Eight people were jailed in the aftermath of a brawl that broke out following a graduation ceremony for kids from WHAT grade level? Click again for answer: Kindergarten Back to Menu

8 Business: 10 Points The CEO of WHAT fast-food chain says he eats at least one meal every day at one of his restaurants and yet he has still lost 20 pounds over the past year? Click again for answer: McDonalds Back to Menu

9 Business: 20 Points According to a new study, the wealthiest 1 percent of the world's population now control WHAT percent of the world's wealth -- and their share is likely to grow over the coming years? a) 90% b) 60% c) 40% d) 25% Click again for answer: c) 40% Back to Menu

10 Business: 40 Points According to a Congressional study, wages are so low at WHAT major discount retailer that many employees still have to be on food stamps or other government assistance, which can potentially cost taxpayers about $900,000 per store per year? Click again for answer: Wal-Mart Back to Menu

11 Business: 80 Points Cattle farmers and meat packers got an unexpected surprise -- and a possible big lift for their exporting business -- when the rating for WHAT meat-borne disease was estimated to be at the lowest possible risk level? Click again for answer: Mad Cow disease Back to Menu

12 Business: Bonus TRUE or FALSE: A record number of American women are now the sole or primary breadwinners in their family, according to a new study. Click again for answer: TRUE Back to Menu

13 The Arts: 10 Points A California woman beat incredibly slim odds when she took home the $1 million prize for solving the final puzzle on WHAT game show last week? Click again for answer: Wheel Of Fortune Back to Menu

14 The Arts: 20 Points WHAT pet that has been an overnight Internet sensation is set to get a movie deal? a) Grumpy Cat b) Deputy Dog c) Oswald Rabbit Click again for answer: a) Grumpy Cat Back to Menu

15 The Arts: 40 Points Everybody seems worried about Amanda Bynes' mental state, especially after she offended WHAT star in a tweet, saying, "Chris Brown beat you because you're not pretty enough"? Click again for answer: Rihanna Back to Menu

16 The Arts: 80 Points According to nearly every report, Emmy Award winner Jean Stapleton's role as Edith Bunker is one of the five most famous in television history. WHAT is the show Stapleton, who died this week, is forever associated with? Click again for answer: All In The Family Back to Menu

17 The Arts: Bonus WHAT song by a French electronic duo that has a definite '70s disco feel has had 44 million hits on YouTube and is the No. 1 song on Billboard this week? Click again for answer: Get Lucky -- by Daft Punk Back to Menu

18 Science: 10 Points WHAT space object as big as the one that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs approached Earth this week but missed hitting the planet by 3.6 million miles, according to astronomers? Click again for answer: Asteroid Back to Menu

19 Science: 20 Points Costco is at the center of a serious outbreak of WHAT disease caused by a blend of frozen berries and pomegranate seeds? a) Hepatitis A b) E. coli c) Salmonella Click again for answer: a) Hepatitis A Back to Menu

20 Science: 40 Points Medical staff at a New York area hospital are now being monitored by video every time they enter an intensive care room to see if they do WHAT? Click again for answer: Wash their hands Back to Menu

21 Science: 80 Points The U.N. health agency issued a warning that the new deadly virus known as MERS has killed 27 of the 49 people who have gotten it and now has the potential to spread around the world. WHAT does MERS stand for? (because it started there) Click again for answer: Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Back to Menu

22 Science: Bonus According to a comprehensive report by the American Fitness Index, WHAT city has been determined to be the "fittest" in the country? a) Seattle b) Miami c) San Diego d) Minneapolis Click again for answer: d) Minneapolis Back to Menu

23 Politics: 10 Points TRUE or FALSE: NOAA, the federal agency which issued tornado warnings this week has suspended plans for across-the-board employee furloughs that would kick in as the summer hurricane season begins. Click again for answer: TRUE Back to Menu

24 Politics: 20 Points Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer, part of the bipartisan "Gang of Eight" on immigration reform, predicted Sunday that the Senate will pass his group's bill by WHEN? a) July 4 b) December 31 c) Never Click again for answer: a) July 4 Back to Menu

25 Politics: 40 Points The top staffer for Florida Democratic Rep. Joe Garcia resigned this weekend after being implicated in a WHAT scheme? Click again for answer: Voting-fraud Back to Menu

26 Politics: 80 Points Three potential GOP presidential candidates are expected to attend a private retreat in Utah next week hosted by WHAT former Republican presidential candidate? Click again for answer: Mitt Romney Back to Menu

27 Politics: Bonus Rep. John Dingell, D-Michigan, makes history becoming the WHAT serving member of the U.S. Congress? Click again for answer: Longest Back to Menu

28 World Affairs: 10 Points In remarks directed at WHAT nation, U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel spoke of a growing threat of cyberattacks and called on America and its allies to establish norms of responsible behavior in cyberspace? Click again for answer: China Back to Menu

29 World Affairs: 20 Points Floodwaters from heavy rains swamped five countries on WHAT continent and threatened others, leaving at least eight people dead and nine missing? a) Asia b) Europe c) South America Click again for answer: b) Europe Back to Menu

30 World Affairs: 40 Points Violent protests against the government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan continued over the weekend in WHAT nation with police using tear gas and water cannons to crackdown, resulting in more than 1,000 people being injured? Click again for answer: Turkey Back to Menu

31 World Affairs: 80 Points People are packing their bags and heading to WHAT Asian capital citynow the most-visited city in the world by international tourists, according to a MasterCard survey? Click again for answer: Bangkok, Thailand Back to Menu

32 World Affairs: Bonus Prosecutors in WHAT nation said they plan to ask U.S. officials for help in their war crimes investigation of an 88-year-old Philadelphia man who is accused of serving as an SS guard at Auschwitz? a) Germany b) Israel c) Poland Click again for answer: a) Germany Back to Menu

33 Sports: 10 Points WHAT two teams begin the 2013 NBA Finals Thursday night? Click again for answer: San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat Back to Menu

34 Sports: 20 Points WHO made an outside pass with three laps left to win Sunday at Dover International Speedway and snap a 30-race winless streak in NASCAR? a)Jeff Gordon b) Jimmie Johnson c) Tony Stewart Click again for answer: c) Tony Stewart Back to Menu

35 Sports: 40 Points Of eight sports competing for a place on the 2020 program at the Olympics, five were eliminated karate, roller sports, sport climbing, wakeboarding and the Chinese martial art of wushu. NAME one of the three sports still hoping to make it. Click again for answer: Wrestling, baseball-softball, and squash Back to Menu

36 Sports: 80 Points Mired in an offensive funk, the Kansas City Royals turned to the greatest player in franchise history for help last week when they asked WHO (already a club vice president) to become the teams hitting coach on an interim basis? Click again for answer: George Brett Back to Menu

37 Sports: Bonus Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame quarterback WHO says he has been diagnosed with cancer in his upper jaw bone and will have surgery on Friday? a) Dan Marino b) Jim Kelly c) Bart Starr Click again for answer: b) Jim Kelly Back to Menu

38 Odds & Ends: 10 Points An 8-year-old Maryland boy suspended for biting his Pop-Tart into a gun-shape received a lifetime membership to WHAT association at a GOP fundraiser? Click again for answer: NRA (National Rifle Association) Back to Menu

39 Odds & Ends: 20 Points Six Flags Great America in Illinois said a man pinpointed as the parks WHAT guest was treated to a free pizza and line-skipping privileges? a)1 millionth b) 10 millionth c) 100 millionth Click again for answer: c) 100 millionth Back to Menu

40 Odds & Ends: 40 Points Britains Office of National Statistics said its study indicates WHAT makes adults happier than religion, money or children? Click again for answer: Marriage Back to Menu

41 Odds & Ends: 80 Points Police in Tallahassee, FL, said they had to use a Taser to capture a 6-foot-tall WHAT that had escaped from its owners pen and spit in officers faces? Click again for answer: Llama Back to Menu

42 Odds & Ends: Bonus Staying in a Kansas City, MO hotel, Tyler Schaefer, 10, opened a drawer in his room and found HOW MUCH cash recently? a) $1,000 b) $10,000 c) $40,000 Click again for answer: b) $10,000 Back to Menu

43 10204080BONUS 10204080BONUS 10204080BONUS 10204080BONUS 10204080BONUS 10204080BONUS 10204080BONUS 10204080BONUS Main Menu GAME 2

44 National Affairs: 10 Points More tornadoes swept through the Midwest last week and once again, WHAT city and its suburbs were hit hardest, with at least nine people dead and 100 injured in the storm's wake? Click again for answer: Oklahoma City Back to Menu

45 National Affairs: 20 Points Four firefighters were killed and five others were injured fighting a huge WHAT fire in Houston last week, the deadliest in the HFD's history? a) Oil refinery b) Motel c) Department store Click again for answer: b) Motel Back to Menu

46 National Affairs: 40 Points Officials at the National Transportation Safety Board say they want the alcohol level for drunken driving to be reduced to WHAT, a level even MADD doesn't think is a good idea? Click again for answer:.05 percent Back to Menu

47 National Affairs: 80 Points Officials at a wildlife refuge in Texas say WHAT African animal gave birth to twins, an event that has occurred only once before in captivity in the U.S.? Click again for answer: Giraffe Back to Menu

48 National Affairs: Bonus TRUE or FALSE: The 115 tornadoes reported last week set a record for the number recorded at this point in the season across the area known as "Tornado Alley." Click again for answer: FALSE – only about 25% of normal Back to Menu

49 Business: 10 Points WHAT fast-food chain jokingly has come up with a "holder" for its signature hamburger, made especially for "multi-taskers" who are too busy to put the food to their mouths with their hands? Click again for answer: Burger King – turned out to be a hoax Back to Menu

50 Business: 20 Points A new commercial for WHAT General Mills cereal received so many negative posts about perceived racism on its YouTube preview that the comments section had to be shut down? a) Wheaties b) Frosted Flakes c) Cheerios Click again for answer: c) Cheerios Back to Menu

51 Business: 40 Points WHAT restaurant chain is taking its smoking ban even farther, saying no one may light up with 25 feet of any part of the store? Click again for answer: Starbucks Back to Menu

52 Business: 80 Points The New York Hilton, the city's biggest hotel with 2,000 rooms, may shake up the industry with its decision to eliminate WHAT traditional guest amenity, saying it will save the hotel money? Click again for answer: Room service Back to Menu

53 Business: Bonus WHAT fast-food chain got some unpleasant publicity this week when a photo circulated on the Internet of an employee licking some of the food before serving it? a) Arby's b) Taco Bell c) Baskin-Robbins Click again for answer: b) Taco Bell Back to Menu

54 The Arts: 10 Points WHAT action hero turned 75 this week and was honored with a new logo that will appear on all products, promotions and initiatives going forward? Click again for answer: Superman Back to Menu

55 The Arts: 20 Points WHAT country star was on the cover of People magazine with the headlines saying he was opening up by delivering the "truth about his marriage? a)Tim McGraw b) Keith Urban c) Blake Shelton Click again for answer: c) Blake Shelton Back to Menu

56 The Arts: 40 Points WHAT Jimmy Buffet song has earned the distinction of being the "most lucrative song ever," when all of the product spinoffs and franchises are also taken into account? Click again for answer: Margaritaville Back to Menu

57 The Arts: 80 Points WHAT "Basic Instinct" star has attracted the attention of French police, who named her the leading suspect in the heist of $1.4 million in jewels during the Cannes Film Festival? Click again for answer: Sharon Stone Back to Menu

58 The Arts: Bonus WHAT new movie starring Will Smith and his son Jaden earned bad review after bad review last week, with some calling it the "worst film ever?" Click again for answer: After Earth Back to Menu

59 Science: 10 Points According to a new report... MEN or WOMEN... are more likely to die in a car crash due to body makeup? Click again for answer: Women – their bodies are more fragile Back to Menu

60 Science: 20 Points A new study shows that religious daily use of WHAT can significantly protect the skin from the ravages of aging caused by exposure to the sun? a) Sunscreen b) Vitamin A c) Meditation Click again for answer: a) Sunscreen Back to Menu

61 Science: 40 Points More than 500 of the world's top scientists agreed last week that within one or two generations, much of the world's population will face a serious shortage of WHAT natural resource necessary for life? Click again for answer: Water Back to Menu

62 Science: 80 Points A Texas man died this week after being attacked by WHAT dangerous insects? Click again for answer: Killer bees Back to Menu

63 Science: Bonus WHAT company says it is working on a mini version of its popular Galaxy S4 smartphone and it could be rolled out as soon as June 20 th ? Click again for answer: Samsung Back to Menu

64 Politics: 10 Points President Barack Obama on Friday publicly called on Congress to WHAT Stafford student loan interest rates from doubling this summer? Click again for answer: Prevent Back to Menu

65 Politics: 20 Points The Internal Revenue Service is playing defense on a new front: excess spending on conferences, where it spent close to HOW MUCH on 225 conferences between 2010 and 2012? a) $10 million b) $25 million c) $50 million Click again for answer: c) $50 million Back to Menu

66 Politics: 40 Points A letter addressed to President Barack Obama that might have been contaminated with WHAT was intercepted by authorities on Thursday, the Secret Service confirmed? Click again for answer: Ricin Back to Menu

67 Politics: 80 Points Former President Bill Clinton scornfully dismissed Barack Obama as an incompetent WHAT even as he helped to push him to a second term in 2012, according to a new book that is set to be published this week? Click again for answer: Amateur Back to Menu

68 Politics: Bonus Interviews with an IRS field agent involved in the agency targeting Tea Party groups for additional vetting appear to... SUPPORT OR CONTRADICT... the White House assertion that rogue agents, not the administration, were behind the effort? Click again for answer: Contradict Back to Menu

69 World Affairs: 10 Points A suspected U.S. WHAT strike killed the deputy leader of the Pakistani Taliban last week, dealing a potential blow to an insurgency that has killed thousands of Pakistanis and encouraged Islamist attacks in the U.S.? Click again for answer: drone Back to Menu

70 World Affairs: 20 Points Syrias embattled government will get at least 10 fighter jets from WHERE and they want even more? a) Israel b) the U.S. c) Russia Click again for answer: c) Russia Back to Menu

71 World Affairs: 40 Points In a striking escalation of attacks targeting international organizations, two insurgents attacked a WHAT compound in Afghanistan, considered one of the most respected agencies in the country? Click again for answer: Red Cross Back to Menu

72 World Affairs: 80 Points Hundreds of Buddhist men on motorcycles, screaming and waving iron rods and sticks, roamed the streets of Lashio last week, in a new wave of violence targeting Muslims in WHAT Asian nation? Click again for answer: Myanmar Back to Menu

73 World Affairs: Bonus A law that bans smoking in public places has taken effect in WHERE, a contentious move in a country with one of the highest smoking rates in the world? a) Cuba b) Japan c) Russia Click again for answer: c) Russiaan estimated 40% smoke Back to Menu

74 Sports: 10 Points TRUE or FALSE: The last four winners of hockeys Stanley CupPittsburgh, Chicago, Boston and Los Angelesare the last four teams left, the first time that has happened since 1945. Click again for answer: TRUE Back to Menu

75 Sports: 20 Points The Oklahoma and Tennessee women are playing in Oklahoma City for the NCAA championship in WHAT sport this week? a)softball b) lacrosse c) golf Click again for answer: a) softball Back to Menu

76 Sports: 40 Points Lionel Hollins said in a radio interview Monday that he doesnt want to coach another team and was surprised that he has been given permission to talk about vacancies with other NBA teams. WHAT team did he coach this year to 56 wins? Click again for answer: The Memphis Grizzlies Back to Menu

77 Sports: 80 Points WHO joined Tiger Woods as the only player with more than one win this year on the PGA Tour when he won Jack Nicklaus tournament, The Memorial, Sunday by two shots? Click again for answer: Matt Kuchar Back to Menu

78 Sports: Bonus One of the gloves WHO wore while playing for the Dodgers in 1955 and 1956 was sold at an auction for $373,000 last week? a) Babe Ruth b) Jackie Robinson c) Pete Rose Click again for answer: b) Jackie Robinson Back to Menu

79 Odds & Ends: 10 Points A Florida man says he was late to work because WHO stopped to get breakfast at a McDonalds restaurant? Click again for answer: His bus driver Back to Menu

80 Odds & Ends: 20 Points German doctors say a man spent 15 years with a WHAT in his head after a childhood accident? a) bullet b) nail c) pencil Click again for answer: c) pencilit has been removed Back to Menu

81 Odds & Ends: 40 Points A Florida woman who invented the horse-inspired exercise known as WHAT has become a YouTube celebrity since posting a video of the routine? Click again for answer: Prancercise Back to Menu

82 Odds & Ends: 80 Points U.S. retailer J.C. Penney quickly sold out of a tea kettle on its website after online commentators noted its resemblance to WHAT historical figure? Click again for answer: Adolf Hitler Back to Menu

83 Odds & Ends: Bonus A New York woman said she found the family of the intended recipient of a World War II love letter that arrived at her address HOW MANY years after it was mailed? a) 48 years b) 68 years c) 88 years Click again for answer: b) 68 years Back to Menu

84 5 Simple Steps! 1.Select Game One or Game Two from the Main MenuGame One Game Two Main Menu 2.Select question value (20, 40, 80 or Bonus) across the categories 3.Once the question appears, when ready, click or hit spacebar for the answer. 4.Then click on the game menu image to return to the game board 5.Once all question desired are selected, select Main Menu and click on Game Two.

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