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Køge Svømmeklub, 2008 Køge Svømmeklub Meeting with Jarbas in den Bosch Holland tuesday, june 17th 2008.

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1 Køge Svømmeklub, 2008 Køge Svømmeklub Meeting with Jarbas in den Bosch Holland tuesday, june 17th 2008.

2 Køge Svømmeklub, 2008 The people in this conference: Jan Hansen, Sports Manager, KSK Lars Warm, President, KSK Jarbas in den Bosch

3 Køge Svømmeklub, 2008 Introduction Presentation of Jarbas in den Bosch Presentation of Køge Svømmeklub Possible Co-operation, discussion: Elite Coach The personal/financial package Next steps?! Meeting with Jarbas in den Bosch tuesday, june 17th, 8:00

4 Køge Svømmeklub, 2008 Our Vision(1/5): KSK – BASIS(1) Our foundation is a high degree of employee satisfaction which we want to secure through Involment in the decision pocesses Frame /structure in both our swim school and our competitive swimming Financial and rescource balance between swim school and competitive swimming

5 Køge Svømmeklub, 2008 Our Vision(2/5): KSK – BASIS(2) It is important that all our volunteers are getting involved based on interest and a high level of engagement. The principels should be: reel competence high information level respect fair distribution of tasks our club life has to be attractive due to a high level of activity, good social relations and good facilities

6 Køge Svømmeklub, 2008 Leading Elite Centre: We want formal and in formal to be seen as the leading Elite Centre in the south of Region East. Through a continous development of our organisation and our facilities, and a close co-operation with our nabouring swim clubs, we wish to expand our competitive swimming, thereby achieving and keep a position amomg the 3-5 best swim clubs in Denmark, both on individual and team level. This means that we will winn medals at all individual championship under SRØ and Dansk Svømmeunion. Our Vision(3/5):

7 Køge Svømmeklub, 2008 Finance and Facilities We will thrive for financial independence Partly through a solid financial basis which will secure our ability to implement our strategies and plans Partly through new sources of earnings which will make us less dependant on the usual sources for a swim club. We will continuously focus on improving the facilities for our swimmers and employees, if necessary by taking over traditional municipal activities, ensuring the attractiveness of our club for competitive and non competitive swimmers Our Vision(4/5):

8 Køge Svømmeklub, 2008 Our Role in the local community We thrive to be a role model for sports life in Køge. We want to be known as a social responsible club, who will be the natural sparring- and co-operation partner for the commune The other Swim Club in the south of the region shall find it natural to establish a firm and structured co- operation with us. We will contact other Sports Clubs in Køge concerning possible co-operations. Our Vision(5/5):

9 Køge Svømmeklub, 2008 Our Organisation: Competition Jan Hansen Sports Manager Swim School Dorte Ørnvig Swim School Manager Club Management Jan Lønne Club Manager The Board Lars Warm President Dedicated group of volunteers CoachesSwimmersTeachersSwimmers Dedicated group of volunteers Elite Coach Vacant

10 Køge Svømmeklub, 2008 Our Facilities: Herfølge Svømmehal (main location, ) 25 m, 6 lane + 12 m baby pool Here are our office facilities (Main office, coaches office, conference room, small meeting and home work room, spectators café) Address to google: Scheelsvej 2a 4861 Herfølge denmark Køge Svømmeland ( ) 25 m, 6 lane + a number of other facilities Used for a number of morning swim trainings, our yearly Køge Open and a lot of the swim school swimming Adress to google: Ølbycenter 104, 4600, denmark Ishøj Svømmehal ( ) 50 m, 6 lane (2 lane used) Only used on Friday evening by the elite team Adress to google: Ishøj Store Torv 14, 2635, denmark

11 Køge Svømmeklub, 2008 Our Teams: Eliteteam. 10-15 swimmers Senior & Junior Girls 94-older. Boys 92-older 6x2 + 4x1,5 morning Sprint Team. 20 swimmers Age 16 years and older 2x1,5 2. Team. 16-20 swimmers Age group 1 & 2 Girls 95-97. Boys 93-95 4x2+1x1,5 + 2x1,5 morning (some up til 3x with eliteteam) 3. Team. 16-20 swimmers Age group 2 Girls 97-99. Boys 96-98 2x2+1x1,5 (some up til 2x with 2. team) Dolphins. 14-16 swimmers Girls 99-01 2x1 (some 1x with 3. team) Sharks. 14-16 swimmers Boys 98-00 2x1 (some 1x with 3. team) SWIM-School 1500 members

12 Køge Svømmeklub, 2008 The support budget for app. 90 swimmers is app. 500.000 dkk (excluding coach salaries). + individual payment 2-3 camps a year (Poland, Miami, Barcelona, Lanzarote…….. The Competition Budget:

13 Køge Svømmeklub, 2008 MonTueWedThuFriSatSun Elite S+J 6-7.30 (6) Herf 16-18 (4) Herf or 18-20 (4) Herf 6-7.30 (2) KSL 17-19 (3-4) Herf 18.30-20.30 (3-4) Herf 6-7.30 (6) Herf 19-21 (3) Herf 6-7.30 (2) KSL 17-19 (2) 50m Ishøj 8-10 (4) Herf 2. Team AG 1+2 6-7.30 (E) 16-18(4) or 18-20(4) 19-20.30(3) 6-7.30 (E) 17-19(3-4)17-19(4)14-16(4) 3. Team AG 2 18-19.30(3)17-19(2)8-10 (3) Sharks 17-18(2)10-11(3) Dolphins 17-18(2)10-11(3) Sprint 20.30-22(3) Training Sessions:

14 Køge Svømmeklub, 2008 The Elite Team 2008-2009:

15 Køge Svømmeklub, 2008 2. Team 2008-2009

16 Køge Svømmeklub, 2008 Køge Svømmeklub END

17 Køge Svømmeklub, 2008 Indledning (kvik) Processen før ansættelsen (kvik) Den organisation, der ligger til grund for ansættelsen (kvik) Mål og visioner bag ansættelsen Ca. 19:30 : Vi spiser (køge) Annoncen, målgruppen, medier (køge) Styring af processen (køge) Møderne, teknikken bag (køge) Hvorfor Jarbas? (køge) Kom godt i gang! (jarbas) Why Denmark and Køge Møde i Breddesektionen, træneransættelse Onsdag 1. oktober, 18:00 – 22:00

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