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Grassy Lake Elementary School

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1 Grassy Lake Elementary School
Ellen Ochoa, Astronaut by Janet Michaels Harcourt Story Town Grassy Lake Elementary School Third Grade Minneola, FL

2 Talented A talented person has the ability to do something very special. Serena is a very talented runner. Who is a more talented swimmer? A. Michael Phelps, 8 Olympic medals. B. A 4 year old.

3 hinder When you hinder someone, you make it difficult or impossible for them to do something. Tiana’s sore ankle may hinder her from running in the race. What would hinder a teacher from doing their job? A. Losing their voice. B. Losing their hair.

4 invention An invention is something completely new that someone has made. The scientist’s invention will make life easier for everyone. What was a good invention for people living in Florida? A. Paper airplanes B. Air conditioning

5 apply When you apply for a job, you are asking for work.
Tony wants to apply for a job at the bank. Which job would you want to apply for? A. Garbage collector. B. Ice cream tester.

6 disappointed You are disappointed if you are unhappy about the way something turned out. Elmo was disappointed that Cookie Monster ate his cookies. What would make you disappointed? A. School being cancelled B. Going to school on a Saturday

7 research Research involves getting information about a question or topic. Isabelle has done research on Florida animals for her report. What would you like to do research on? A. How soda is made B. How your Reading book was made

8 persevere To persevere means to continue to do something no matter how hard it might be. The team hopes to persevere in the championship game. What would you rather persevere at? A. school B. A board game

9 confidence A strong feeling of faith in oneself or one’s ability.
I have confidence that I will win the race. Who do you think should have more confidence? A. An Olympic athlete B. A rock

10 ambitious A willingness to succeed or gain fame or power.
The ambitious student learned very quickly. If you were ambitious enough, would you be… A. A movie star B. A professional athlete

11 attain To attain means to achieve a goal.
Someday I hope to attain my goal of traveling around the world. What would you like to attain? A. Being happy in life B. Making lots of money

12 Keep reaching for your dreams like Ellen Ochoa!
Excellent work! Keep reaching for your dreams like Ellen Ochoa! Harcourt Story Town Grassy Lake Elementary School Third Grade Minneola, FL

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