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1st Annual Wildcat Scholastic February 5, 2005 East Chapel Hill High School.

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1 1st Annual Wildcat Scholastic February 5, 2005 East Chapel Hill High School

2 Gotta start with the important stuff...

3 Try it. Youll like it!

4 The Right Honorable Chess Team Sponsor, and His Better Half.

5 Look whos eating up the profits!

6 I remember when income taxes werent so involved!


8 From Adams...

9 …to Adam!



12 Why are these TDs smiling?

13 Mr. Roper gets hungry and buys one of everything.

14 Concessions are all about the Pizza and the Candy!

15 Yes, Ive had lunch. Why do you ask?

16 Happiness is a chess trophy! Happiness is a nap during a match...

17 These kids went to a concession stand, and a chess tournament broke out!

18 If I jump over all his pieces, hell have to King me!


20 IM Jonathan Schroer accepts a team trophy.


22 You have your trophy. Now get moving!

23 Team Phillips


25 North Carolina State Scholastic Championships March 5-6, 2005 Charlotte, NC

26 Lets put the pieces on their sides and see how that works!

27 So if all 4 of us are playing, whos move is it?

28 Searching for our hearts so we can do da pledge.

29 Adam strives to get his game face on.

30 sup, Dog?

31 A quick wave to adoring fans...

32 One of two formidable teams From East Chapel Hill High

33 How many Secret Service agents are watching?

34 Chief ScoreKeeper for CHCCS!

35 Remember: my two fingers are really a queen.

36 Im going to promote my pawn to a roast beef sandwich!

37 Siamese Twins, joined at the earphones.






43 Team East

44 Some of the Movers and Shakers

45 Fast-paced action - Its all a blur!



48 If I stand under this Chess Champ sign, people will think Im a champ!

49 Hiding out from all the Paparazzi...

50 Team Phillips

51 Team East

52 Championship Team East

53 Shoulder tap! Made you look!

54 The Mighty, Combined Teams From East



57 2005 SUPERNATIONALS III CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP April 8-10, 2005 Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center

58 Warm-up Games Played So Fast the Camera Doesnt Focus!

59 Wheres a 3-second time limit, with a 1-second delay?

60 There are many kinds of sharks...





65 Carters hat glows, to intimidate opponents...

66 What can I do to win?

67 Ah, yes...

68 Grand Central Station at Rush Hour


70 The good life...



73 Here we are on stage. So, wheres our trophy?

74 Got it!

75 A sensational Year of the Cat and Year of the Falcon! Look for the sequel...

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