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New York City - 2008 World Dance Championship TEREZA SEKAVOVÁ student from grade one.

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1 New York City World Dance Championship TEREZA SEKAVOVÁ student from grade one

2 On 10 th to 17 th June 2008 I took part in the World Dance Championship in New York City.

3 Our flight to New York City lasted nine hours non- stop and we arrived at the airport J.F. Kennedy early in the morning. The size of the airport and arrivals hall made me really impressed. I have never seen so many people of different nationalities and colors in one place.

4 Yellow Cabbies – New York taxis, big double-deck buses and luxurious limousines were passing us on the roads. On the sidewalks and intersections there were a lot of people in black who were probably rushing to work. Going by bus we were transported from the airport to the hotel in the city center and I fully realized I was in N.Y.C.

5 Skyscrapers were so high that I could not see the roofs from the bus, even when I leaned out of the window

6 There was incredible number of large color ads everywhere.

7 When I got off the air-conditioned bus on the sidewalk in front of the hotel, I felt some special sweet smell of the city which accompanied me during my whole stay in New York. The hotel was not luxurious but its location in the downtown was a big advantage. Y M C A

8 In our free time we used subway which was located a short walk from the hotel for transporting ourselves to many sights and attractions of the city. New York City subway is the fastest means of transport in the city. Anyone who wants to use the subway must be reconciled with the ubiquitous dirt, piles of garbage and with heat and fug.

9 Our program was charged. Every day we had to wake up at six. After breakfast at Dunkin Dunuc where Homer Simpson was eating donuts we went to Central Park to warm up. Famous N.Y.C.personalities jogging in the morning are said to be occasionally seen there. But we didn't meet anyone like that.

10 From nine until the evening we participated in the competitions. Many dance groups from all over the world came to the world dance championship. It was interesting and instructive to watch their performances. The jury, after seeing all the contestants,had to consult the results. The last two days, we had a day off. So we made trips. We managed to see the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Brooklin Bridge, the Church St.Trinity and the famous street 5.Avenue.

11 The evening before our departure there was the awarding ceremony. We were the second best ones in our category!

12 I really wish to go back to New York City once more!

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