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31 st FAI World Gliding Championship. Team Captain Briefing.

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1 31 st FAI World Gliding Championship

2 Team Captain Briefing

3 NOTES / ISSUES Telephone numbers check

4 NOTES / ISSUES Identification of the loggers !!!

5 NOTES / ISSUES Flight level in meters

6 NOTES / ISSUES Please check your downloaded files Turnpoints and airspace

7 NOTES / ISSUES Last day for scrutineering and problem repairs. (17:00) Registration ends at (15:00)

8 NOTES / ISSUES Please dont park your vehicles on the road and the other side of the RWY.

9 NOTES / ISSUES Please wear your badge.

10 NOTES / ISSUES Candidates for Safety committee.


12 TASK 2 nd July 2010 World Class – AAT 3:00:00 – 136.6km/322.7km Prievidza 079 Bojnice 044 Ladce 119 Turcek 135 Vratna 057 Hradiste Prievidza

13 Club Class – AAT 3:00:00 – 170.9km/426.4km Prievidza 075 Novaky 183 Kyslinky 161 Kubinska Hola 012 Selec 075 Novaky Prievidza TASK 2 nd July 2010

14 Standard Class – AAT 3:00:00 – 225.1km/489.4km Prievidza 087 Cigel 008 Valaske Klobouky 142 Lysec 132 Vitanova 171 Velky Choc 060 Skycov Prievidza TASK 2 nd July 2010

15 Permanently prohibited areas: LZP1Mochovce, LZR51Mochovce Prohibited areas for today: N/A Warning: DROP ZONE ATZ LZTN (Trencin Traffic FRQ:123,60 MHz);RALLY FLYING CHAMPIONSHIP (ATZ LZDB FRQ:123,50 MHz) Activated restricted areas for today: LZR24, TMAPoprad_S, TMAZilina_W, CTRZilina, TMA3KOSICE, TMA2BRATISLAVA,TMA3Bratislava, POLAND, HUNGARY AIRSPACE 2 nd July 2010

16 First launch: 11:30 LT Take off: RWY 220, "Procedure A" Frequency for take off: 123.475 MHz Regional QNH: 1016 hPa Left circling: 5 km from Prievidza Opening the start line: 30 minutes after the last takeoff. Frequency for start: 122.60 MHz FL converted to regional QNH: FL090: 2768m; FL095: 2920m Safety frequency: 122.60 MHz, 121,5 MHz Finish ring: 3 km, minimum altitude 310 m QNH Landing procedure: RWY 040, PROCEDURE "ARRIVALS 040" Finish line is closed: AT SUNSET - 20:52 LT After outlanding: SMS to +421 907 367 777 (NB. of TP, FILL THE FORM - CN & POSITION & COORDINATES), Upload the IGC files: TASK NOTES 2 nd July 2010

17 OPENING CEREMONY Saturday 3 rd July 2010 - Opening Ceremony NON FLYING DAY 9:00 - 15:00Program for the airfield visitors with sightseeing flights. 9:30Safety briefing for all pilots in big briefing room. 15:45Team formation and parade before Opening Ceremony starting alphabetically with Argentina. Please follow the majorette with your country name board. 16:00Start of the Opening Ceremony. Parade of the teams. (Please following the majorettes) Speeches of the city representatives. FAI anthem and flag rising. Dance of the Dynamics. Air show. 20:00Transfer of the teams to the castle in Bojnice (4 buses will be waiting on the road in the front of Aerospool company). 20:15 Welcome drink. Banquet in the castle reception room. Evening surprise. 22:00 - ??End of the banquet and transferring of teams back to the airport. On request we can arrange to move you to your accommodation before the evening ends.

18 NOTES / ISSUES Tonight concert of local music band.

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