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From virtual to reality Lucas Ordóñez 2010 Sponsor proposal.

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1 From virtual to reality Lucas Ordóñez 2010 Sponsor proposal

2 GT ACADEMY intro GT Academy is an international driving competition that captures the spirit and ethos of both Nissan and PlayStation® brands and unites the worlds of videogames and motorsport through the ultra-realistic competition. Running over nine months, GT Academy was contested by 25,000 entrants across 12 European Countries

3 The Competition Click here to watch the episodes The 20 fastest from each country competed in a national final with the fastest drivers making the international final - the GT Academy at Silverstone. 22 competitors battled it out in a series of physical, mental and driving challenges. These included getting behind the wheel of Nissan's GT-R for numerous driving events that culminated in Lucas Ordoñez (Spain) racing a Nissan 350z in the Dubai 24hr endurance race in January 2009 and racing professionally in the GT4 European Cup.

4 The winner Lucas Ordóñez, was an MBA student before winning the Gt Academy. He is now 24 became a professional driver and competed with Johnny Herbert (Former F1 GP winner) in the Dubai 24 hours. Following an intensive training schedule last year, where Lucas was coached by established professional drivers, and after the excellent performance at Dubai 24h, the worlds first virtual to real life racing driver Lucas Ordoñez competed in the 09 European GT4 Cup. He finished 2nd in drivers championship and Teams champions.

5 Media coverage GT ACADEMY was shownd on the most important TV channels around Europe. 4 episode show the whole competition from Playstation to Dubai 24h race. In the UK, Lucas is well-known by many fans thanks to Dave TV and many other media sources like The Daily Telegraph newspaper. In Spain, the repercussion is absolutely amazing, La sexta TV, Cuatro TV, El Pais, El mundo…they did excellent reports.

6 Media coverage

7 TOTAL ROI : 735.803 MEDIAAppearancesVALUE Online84284.346 Print24251.502 TV11117.606 Radio882.349 TOTAL127735.803 1Million+ web results on Google

8 The Championship The FIA GT4 European Cup is highly competitive in Europe. 13 car brands are involved in the 2010 season: Nissan, Porsche, Aston Martin, Maserati, BMW, Audi, etc. In each car are 2 drivers. Cars have around 400 bhp and equality is essential to this championship. 12 races at 6 prestigius tracks around Europe.

9 The Car Nissan 370Z Engine 400 Bhp Weight 1300 kg W/P RATIO (kg/hp) 3,37 Price 120.000

10 P9 IN C5 CLASS DUBAI 24H GT4 EUROPEAN CUP: Silverstone Round.1 6th Round.2 3rd AdriaRound.3 6th Round.4 Retired OscherslebenRound.5 2nd Round.6 2nd Spa FrancorchampsRound.7 11th Round.8 2nd ZolderRound.9 1st Round.10 *NC FINAL RESULT: GT4 EUROPEAN CUP VICE-CHAMPION & TEAMS CHAMPIONS 09 GT4 European cup results The result was a clear demonstration of PlayStation and Nissans belief that true racing talent could be unearthed from among PlayStations legion of Gran Turismo® game fans Click here to watch the final race!

11 Commercial Click on the pic Click here to watch the commercial In Nov 09 Lucas went to Los Angeles to film a commercial about the new SONY make.believe campaign. This commercial will appear worldwide and Lucas is one of the official representatives of make.believe campaign. The philosophy behind make.believe is simple: Believe that anything you can imagine, you can make real. This is the story of how Lucas Ordonez went from Gran Turismo player to real-life racer

12 Future coverage In each race, Boomerang films a report that covers the weekend. The first video of the Silverstone race had 10.000 viewers on You Tube in the first week. In Spain, Digital Plus is interested in Lucas career and they follow him and his progress. El Mundo is the best seller newspaper in Spain and they did a full race report of Lucas at the Dubai 24H. Motors TV shows full coverage of all FIA GT4 Cup races in thel UK and Europe. Thousands of websites follow his racing career and his progress. Lucas is now a pro driver, Playstation and Nissan are using his image for events and releases of new products. The worlds most popular motoring program TOP GEAR will also cover Lucas career and progress giving worldwide coverage.

13 2010 Personal sponsor proposal Your brand will be a personal Sponsor and your image will be on the overals of Lucas. The sponsor and Lucas will together decide where the logo will be placed. Depending on the contribution. Your logo and website link will be on Lucas official website. Lucas is the worlds first Virtual to Reality race driver. Thousands of media sites are following all the steps of Lucas. You will have a fantastic arena to display this product. Now Lucas has became a Star for Japan, USA and European gamers and Motorsport fans. As GT4 VICE-CHAMPION and first Virtual-Reality race driver all the media will follow his 2010 season with great interest.

14 Contact Lucas Ordóñez Email: comunicació M (Spain): +34 669 82 62 80 M (UK): +44 0757 5029 323 Website: Links: SONY.COM

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