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The athlete Name: Danilo Nacarato AKA Dani Age: 15 years old Nationality: Luso-Brazilian Favourite Sport: KiteSurf since April 2004 Favourite spots: Esposende.

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1 The athlete Name: Danilo Nacarato AKA Dani Age: 15 years old Nationality: Luso-Brazilian Favourite Sport: KiteSurf since April 2004 Favourite spots: Esposende (Portugal) and Cauípe (Brazil) Hobbies: Graffiti, Skate, Skim, Music (drum), Beat box, Travel… Immediate Goals: Become national kitesurf champion (Junior and Senior), race in KPWT (Kiteboard Professional World Tour). Future Goals: Become one of the Top 10 in the world.

2 THE JOURNEY Used to the competitions since young, beginning in football and finally in kitesurfing, Dani is already known in Portugal, and in the rest of the world, as an icon on this sport. 2004 –With 11 years old, get his first classes of kitesurf in the first Portuguese kitesurf school in Oporto, X-Klam. Ever since, his qualities were improving what earned him his first equipment sponsor (kite, harness and board) by X-Klam.

3 THE JOURNEY 2005 – With 12 years old, participates in the KBT (Kiteboarding Tour) National Championship of Kitesurf and gets the 3rd place in the race placed in Comporta Beach. Also participates on a great event in Esposende known as Esposende Kitesurf Open in the Speed Race and Hang Time category. 2006 – With 13 years old he continues on participating in events and National competition getting 5th and 2nd on the speed race and hang time competition.

4 THE JOURNEY 2007 –With 14 years old he seduces new brands and sponsors, NEWKITECONCEPT and Brisas e Ventanias were some of the brands who promoted him and increased his visibility. Participates in the first Juniors Kite Camp which had media cover (Tv, Internet) Participation on the National Championship KBT (Kiteboard Tour) OVERALL: VICE JÚNIORS CHAMPION 3º SÉNIORS RANKING 3ºEKO (Esposende Kitesurf Open): 2º place Slide & Kickers 2ºKSF (Kite Summer Festival): 3º Place Speed Cross

5 THE JOURNEY Was invited to Flushing In with the Windcatchers, a project that wants to encourage kitesurf and some athletes from all Portugal, divulgating their images on Tv and other kind of media. Dani was with this project in Viana do Castelo, Vieira do Minho (Cable Park), Esposende and Alvor. During 2007, he was also invited to test and help to develop, next with other riders, the kite prototypes of the recent brand NEWKITECONCEPT, a Portuguese and Brazilian project of manufacturing kites in Brazil. They pay him a trip to Brazil in order to promote the brand and himself.

6 THE JOURNEY 2008 – With 15 years, several brands want Danilo Nacarato to represent them, taking advantage of his style and image to promote and increase their visibility. International and national brands such as ABoards (Látvia), JFontainhas Store, Kitesurf school (Portugal), SlingShot Kites, Mystic Clothes and Harnesses, Okean Shoes and PokoPano beachwear, are some of the supports who help him to do what he does best, with quality and comfort. This year, he was invited to appear in several Tv programs about radical sports through kitesurf. He also appears on Tv as a character in a daily Tv show broadcasted on MVMTV channel, and again in Tv on the JuniorKiteCamp II

7 THE JOURNEY Results KiteBoardTour 08: Viana do Castelo: 3º place Freestyle and 5º place RacePro. Faro Championship cancelled Nova Vaga: 1º place Freestyle and 4º place RacePro. Esposende Championship cancelled Kite Masters - PKRA (Professional Kiteboarding Riders Association) in Portimão: Race: 16º Freestyle: 3º Place In my first International experience I've had the privilege to race against the best riders of the world Danilo Nacarato

8 THE JOURNEY KBT08 (kiteboard tour) OVERALL: VICE CHAMPION of Seniors Not allowed to participate in the Juniors League in order letting rookie riders have the possibility to play part in the podium.

9 MEDIA IMPACT Danilo Nacarato is use to take part in the media world. He shows his performance and nice moves in outdoors and other kind of press. Brands love his style and image to be part of their campaigns.

10 WORLD PRESS Kiteworld Magazine - # 34 - Aug/Sept 2008 Aboards Kiteboarding Publicity Rider: Danilo Nacarato Photo: Guilherme Nacarato (Guillys) Kiteworld Magazine - # 34 - Aug/Sept 2008 Motor Drive – INTERMEDIATE School of manoeuvres Magazine signature about moves. Rider: Danilo Nacarato Photo: Guilherme Nacarato (Guillys)

11 WORLD PRESS Jornal de Noticias repport Photo: Rui Silva

12 KITESURF AND IT MARKET Sector: People between14-50 years old Globally: Sportive, active, disciplined, adventured and sociable. This is a group of people who loves water sports and radicals. Generally they are concerned about body and health. They are well informed and normally know all about the latest fashion tendencies and like to be aware about the new moves and styles as well about brands and equipment. Kitesurf, is not known as an expensive sport, is normally compared with a snow trip or like in other sports that requires some initial investment on equipment that normally last for a few years. Style: Healthy, Surfer.

13 SPONSOR REPPORT SPONSORING STRATEGIC PLAN This report pretends to offer a group of interesting conditions for both parts involved, offering an increase on brand´s visibility and notoriety through Danilo Nacarato image. On the other hand, by supporting Dani, brands have the right of using the rider as a marketing advantage.

14 ACTION FIELDS Danilo Nacarato, is used to travel km to do kitesurf with the best conditions. He is always in different spots and is known for the difficult and radical moves he performs. Everybody likes him for his style and character. Sponsors normally like Dani for his nice temper and global visibility because is always around north and south of the country as well as out of Portugal. Training Places: Portugal: Esposende, Viana do Castelo, Vieira do Minho (cable park), Porto, Matosinhos, Gaia, Aveiro, Faro, Alvor. Spain: Tarifa. Brazil: Fortaleza, Natal, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Bahia. National Competitions: Kiteboard Tour, Esposende Kite Open. International Competitions: PKRA, KPWT, Santa Cruz Ocean Spirit.

15 BRAND IMPACT All sponsors benefit of different kinds of possibilities on exposing their brands by sponsoring Dani. Dani through exposing his sponsors brands on his Lycra, Kite, Board, Harness and casual/daily wear, increases their visibility and communication in different action field. Media: Site, Magazines, Interviews, Marketing and Social events cover by media (Tv, net, press) Sportive (Media) Gear: Board Kite Lycra Harness Casual/daily wear

16 BRAND EXPERIENCE Danilo Nacarato, able to work in marketing strategies above and bellow the line, is capable of participating on TV, internet, radio and press events, as well as being part of an advertising campaign which his image can be associated to a brand. Danilo Nacarato is also concerned about social, educational and environmental causes, trying to be available when invited to go to an event whose related to this basis.

17 BRAND EXPERIENCE Danilo Nacarato, has been developing his sport with all unconditional support of his father, family and friends and some brands who helps him with the technical support. Thinking on bigger jumps, this sponsoring dossier propose a strategic plan between your brand and Danilo Nacarato We believe that strategically the status and marketing orientation of your brand adjusts perfectly to the athletic posture and lifestyle of Dani, for all that we suggest this offer:

18 PROPOSAL 2008/ 2009 The brand must promote Danilo Nacarato´s Image indoors every time is possible and convenient. Budget: 5.000 (five thousand euros) This budget includes: - Registration on the 2009 KPWT in Turkey, Italy, Morocco, Greece, Brazil and South Africa. Danilo is unable to participate during his classes schedule. - Trip, Accommodation, Food and other internal rides to the previous tours as well as the participation on the 2009 National Championship (Viana do Castelo, Algarve, Comporta/ Tróia, Guincho…).

19 PROPOSAL 2008/ 2009 - 2 Trips to record promo videos and training sessions of Danilo. This trips can be arranged to adapt brand's strategy and advertising, in order to that Danilo´s image can be part of the marketing communication. This budget can be negotiated if the brand involved has previous accords with travel agencies or Hotels which can decrease the prices or other kinds of discounts. This budget can be paid in parts as Danilo Nacarato´s needs and always protected by a contract who obliges the agreement to be paid in totally.

20 PROPOSAL 2008/ 2009 Danilo Nacarato will promote the brand in all means possible: in his gear, his clothes, in water and out of it. Brand's visibility will be exposed in kitesurf spots and places where Dani use to be. As previous explained all the National and International tours are tv, internet and radio broadcasted and divulgated (the brand will be communicated in this situations too). The press releases of which tour, can be delivered to the brand if requested. - Visibility in 2009 KPWT (Kiteboard Professional World Tour) - Visibility in the 2009 National Kitesurf Championschip Tour -Visibility in different kinds of national kitesurf events during all year (Esposende Kitesurf Open, Santa Cruz Ocean Spirit, Windcathers…)

21 PROPOSAL 2008 /2009 -The athlete will promote and divulgate the sponsor's brand in interviews, after competition's heats, TV shows or every time is convenient. -Divulgation of the brand and advertising in promo videos or marketing campaigns if requested. - Stickers in boards or other kind of inclusion of the logo brand is this gear.

22 PROMO VIDEO EXTRAS Contactos Danilo Nacarato 913798230

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