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Ashley Genoese – Section 6 – ITMG 100 Video Gamers.

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1 Ashley Genoese – Section 6 – ITMG 100 Video Gamers

2 This is my brother: Nick



5 HTTP://WWW.NYTIMES.COM/VIDEO/SPORTS/100000002463420/AR E-VIDEO-GAMES-A-SPORT.HTML NY Times video by Sean Patrick Farrell A sport is something in which skill separates you from everyone else. Consider this: the US government recently allowed a foreign gamer to enter on the same VISA used for foreign professional athletes.

6 13,000 people filled these seats at the Staples Center over 8 million people logged on to watch online tickets sold out in 12 minutes

7 Facts from Medica: 696 video game-related injuries were reported over the 5-year period 53.3 % were sustained by males 46.7% by females Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs in the shoulder, wrist, or hand also called Video gamers thumb


9 Job NameAverage Annual Salary Game Designer$67,379 Programmer$85,000 Animator / Artist$71,354 Writer$81,000 Audio Engineer$66,000 Video Game Tester$50,000 Technical Support Specialist$73,000

10 chnology This link is a great place to learn about upcoming technology.

11 Forbes predicts that the video gaming industry will grow from $67 billion in 2012 to an incredible $82 billion industry in 2017 Companies like Disney, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are looking at creating more gaming consoles where there are plenty of job positions

12 You decide.

13 Farrell, Sean Patrick. "Are Video Games a Sport?." NY Times. (2013): n. page. Print.. < sport.html>. Gaudiosi, John. "New Reports Forecast Global Video Game Industry Will Reach $82 Billion By 2017." Forbes. (2013): n. page. Print.. < video-game-industry-will-reach-82-billion-by-2017/>. Scanlon, Jessi. "The Video Game Industry Outlook: $31.6 Billion and Growing." Business Week. (2013): n. page. Print.< video-game-industry-outlook-31-dot-6-billion-and-growingbusinessweek-business- news-stock-market-and-financial-advice>. "Should video gaming be considered a sport?." (2013): n. page. Print... Tassi, Paul. "League of Legends World Championship Shows The Highs And Hurdles Of eSports." Forbes. (2013): n. page. Print.. < championship-shows-the-highs-and-hurdles-of-esports/>. "Video Game Salary." Animation Arena. (2012): n. page. Print..

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