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Connected Innovation at General Mills Mike Helser, Ph.D. Mike Antinone, Ph.D.

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1 Connected Innovation at General Mills Mike Helser, Ph.D. Mike Antinone, Ph.D.

2 General Mills Worlds 6th largest food companyWorlds 6th largest food company $15+ billion in FY09 net sales*$15+ billion in FY09 net sales* 30,000 employees30,000 employees Marketed in more than 100 countriesMarketed in more than 100 countries *Includes proportionate share of JV sales

3 1869186619211924192820011941190319901951 Delivering Innovation Since 1866 20082005

4 Championship Brands

5 Invention Model Connection Model The lab is my world The world is my lab Colleagues Suppliers Universities Other Industries Food Manufacturers Government Labs Internal Collaboration Collaboration with Trusted Partners Collaboration with New Partners

6 Open Innovation Model Technology Solution Product Technology 6 Solutions: Technologies Technical Expertise Ready-To-Go Products

7 Making Connections

8 How We Will Make Connections 8 Inviting Through NetworkingInviting Through GWIN

9 Inviting Contact through Networking 9

10 (Leverage iNNo360) Viral Campaigns

11 (Leverage iNNo360) Innovation Opportunity Brief

12 Inviting Contact through G-WIN

13 Sharing Your Novel or Unique Idea 13

14 Sharing Our Key Needs

15 Matching Talent with Needs 15 Contact Info Bio Key Words Academic Publications Patents

16 Joining the G·WIN Network! 16 www/ Enter the G·WIN web site and register Leave us your business card and attach the brief bio form

17 G·WIN Registration Page 17

18 Why Partner With Us 18 Bringing all the pieces together Leveraging Your Idea With Our Expertise Powerful Global Brands Marketing Brand Design Manufacturing and Distribution Scale Technical Assistance

19 Flexible Partnering Model Guiding Principles Nimble Transparent Mutually beneficial Build on-going relationship Partner Needs GMI Needs

20 Connecting with Suppliers

21 Connecting with Universities

22 Connecting with Companies

23 Connecting with New Geographies

24 24 Areas of Interest to General Mills Health Reduce Sodium, Sugar and Fat Deliver Targeted Health Benefits –Heart Health, Weight Management, Immunity, Cognition, Digestion Whole Grain & Fiber –New Claims based on Clinical Research –Improved functionality; Lower Cost Simplify Ingredient Labels –New natural alternatives

25 25 Areas of Interest to General Mills Sustainability Reduce Environmental Impact –Packaging, Waste, Water, Energy, Green House emissions Cost Reduction Technology to Enable Cost Savings –Ingredients, Formulation, Manufacturing, Packaging Product Innovation Ready to Go Products

26 Thank You (763) 764-4946 (GWIN)

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