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To provide holistic education to the wards of Police Employees & other civilians. School makes earnest efforts to make its students a blend of sincere,

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5 To provide holistic education to the wards of Police Employees & other civilians. School makes earnest efforts to make its students a blend of sincere, reliable, conscientious, dedicated and self-reliant personalities.

6 Building:- The school has a marvellous & hazard free building with well ventilated rooms. It has a well stacked Library and two play- grounds & a Basket-ball court. Rooms - 25 Labs:- Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography & Multimedia-cum–Computer Lab (with broadband facility). Transport:- 02 buses, 02 Tata Magics Generator:- 01


8 Morning Assembly Students say their morning prayer in unison & chant the holy Gayatri Mantra & the Shanti Path. Daily News, G.K. questions, speech by Teachers as well as Students. Occasional special lecture by the Principal and the Parents.

9 Fruit Break To make the students live a healthy life, they are prompted to bring some fruit, biscuits, roasted grams etc. and eat them during the ten minutes break given to them after the second period.

10 Workshop:- To make the teachers well-equipped, the school arranges work shop in its campus and also sends the teachers to join work shop organized by other reputed schools. Tele-conference:- Teachers are made to sit in front of the school television and join the Tele-conferences organized by DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi

11 Yoga is the modern cure of diseases and helps the students live a stress-free and cheerful life the Yoga teacher teaches the students various yogas and aasanas to the students early in the morning.

12 To make the environment of the school pure & holy the school performs the Havana activities on every Thursday and the birthday students & the teachers of the week and one class are made to sit in the Havana

13 Every day the English teacher delivers two English words to the students for themselves and two words for their parents. It not only enriches the vocabulary of the students but also create the English language atmosphere at their homes also.

14 The school arranges various Health Check-up Camps for the students in its campus so that they can live a diseases free life. For Example : Dental Check-up Camp, Eye Check-up Camp, General Health Check-up Camp, HB test Camp etc.

15 Environmental Pollution is the burning issue of the world and the biggest threat to the Earth. School plays a vital role on its part and every birthday celebrating student & teacher is made to plant a sapling in the school. When some higher authority visits the school, his visit is made memorable by getting a sapling planted by his hands.

16 To make the students and parents aware of all the activities to be commenced during the whole month, a monthly circular is given to every student. It helps the students and the parents to make their personal programme as per the school activities.

17 Time to time some holy person is called from Arya Samaj and other religious institution and is made to give a spiritual, moral & motivational lecture to the students. Similarly Traffic I/c Hisar City told the students various traffic rules.

18 Students are taken to Multimedia –cum- Computer Lab and various interesting programmes are shown to them. The students of Primary classes feel amused to see the stories on the big screen. Students of Senior classes are shown clips related to their curriculum.

19 The school has half troop of No. 1, Haryana Air Sqn. N.C.C. (Air-wing). The students participate at District Level and take part in Independence Day & Republic Day Parade. Rallies giving messages against Female Foeticide, Dowry System and Prevention of Natural Disasters were taken out by the NCC cadets of the school.

20 School is sports persons heaven. Its hockey & handball teams have won remarkable fame at National & International level. Girls hockey team has won two successive times CBSE National Hockey Championship(2010-11 & 2011-12) Monika, Manisha, Asha & Shweta were awarded as Best Players in Hockey and a sum of ` 6000 each was given away by CBSE, New Delhi. Sangeeta Yadav, the hockey sensation of the school was awarded by the Government of Haryana and a cash prize of Rs. 2,00,000 was given to her for her outstanding performance. 2010-11 2011-12

21 Jai Prakash, the handball prodigy of the school went to Cameroon (Africa) to participate in Junior Commonwealth Games and got the Player of Tournament Award. Taekwando players are no less than other sports in the school. The students participate in various competitions and have been brining applause for the school. Pankaj Rohilla & Rahul Sharma have emerged as Gold medalists in Junior & Sub Junior category respectively at 35 th National Championship.

22 Various Inter-house competitions are organised in the school and students are given full opportunities to show their talent. Our band troop, PT show, Folk dance, NCC parade are regular phenomenon at Republic Day & Independence Day celebrations.

23 Spell-check Competition, Science-Quiz, Computer & G.K. Quiz, Hindi Quiz, Speech Competition etc are organized in the school and students come forward to show their talent.

24 The school has shown its efficiency by holding various Universities, Boards, Banks etc examinations. The school Co-ordinated the CTET examination conducted by CBSE, New Delhi in Hisar District. Principals and Incharges of various reputed schools of the District Hisar praised the initiation of the school.

25 The school, in order to give timely and instant feedback to the parents, arranges regular Parents – Teacher- Interaction regularly. It helps the parents to know the current status of growth of their child. There is a provision of separate PTIs for Slow learners and Meritorious students.

26 To uplift the academically slow learners the school arranges extra classes for them after usual school hours. Near the final examinations for board classes these extra classes last upto 6:30 p.m. Groups comprising of intelligent, mediocre and slow learners are made and troubleshooting is done under the guidance of subject teacher.

27 Abacus child is able to calculate 10-15 times faster than the normal child. Abacus was founded 2000 years ago by Chinese people.


29 Separate Primary Wing:-The kids of Primary classes learns the things by recitation and their education is more on activities based. They disturb the Senior classes at a greater level. So, keeping in view this fact the school is planning to construct a separate Primary Wing for them. Smart Classes:- The education has become hi-tech and the use of various technologies viz. Computer, Internet, Interactive board, Projector etc. has become the need of the hours. So to make the teaching learning process more purposeful and fruitful the school has made proposal to make ten Smart Class Rooms.



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