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Notre Dame Class Communications The Class of 1984 Loop Mark Rolfes 84.

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1 Notre Dame Class Communications The Class of 1984 Loop Mark Rolfes 84

2 Goals Keep classmates in touch with each other Increase attendance at Reunions Have fun

3 Raw Materials 1,900 – 2,000 fascinating classmates My Notre Dame Web Site – Source of email addresses – E-Mail web service – Web Pages, if desired

4 History of 1984 Class Loop Mindy Fey – mid-1990s – Created an email distribution list on her own email – People heard about it and got added on – About 100 addresses Jamie Kimmel Eifert (yes, aunt of Tyler) 1998 – Picked it up from Mindy – Moved to Yahoo distribution list – About 400 addresses 2003 – 2004 – No Loops – Lost some steam, Jamie did not have time – Mark Rolfes volunteers, but had a hard time getting a hold of Jamie and finding the email distribution list

5 History of 1984 Class Loop 2005 – Mark Rolfes - The Modern Loop is born – Coordinated with ND Alumni Association – Got them to supply us with the list of email addresses from Irish Online – Moved us up to 1,400 addresses About 2010 – My Notre Dame web site – Migrated from Yahoo distribution list to My ND – Main benefit: any changes to My ND alumni directory email addresses automatically are incorporated into our email list – Have the capability to maintain a supplemental list of addresses (spouses, friends of Class of 1984, etc.)

6 So What is The Loop? Part Newsletter Part Blog of the moderator Part Class Notes like you see in ND Magazine Part Discussion Group Part Advertising of ND and Class Events Football Ticket Exchange Funeral Notices

7 Our Biggest Success Our 25 Year Reunion in 2009 Most attendees of any Reunion in ND history – About 450 registered classmates Organized a great set of events – Friday night dinner with Fr. Hesburgh – Saturday dinner speaker – Astronaut Mike Good 84, who just landed from a shuttle mission 10 days prior to the Reunion Class of 1984 Tent outside our dorm – Live band, our own bar and food The Loop was the key to promoting the event – Advertising the great events – Letting everyone know who else was coming – Encouraging people to attend, all the way to the last day

8 Class of 1984 Loop While it is made up of email posts, the role of the moderator is to gather the emails, and organize it into more of a newsletter format. Instead of random emails going out to a large group, which people may start tuning out, the newsletter format makes it more readable Comparison to 1984 Facebook page – Random posts come in at any time – Not everyone is on Facebook

9 Sample Loop Notre Dame Mourns Loss Of Football Hero Harry Oliver Former placekicker - whose 51-yard, game- ending kick versus Michigan rates as possibly the top finish in Notre Dame history - passes away from cancer, at the age of 47

10 Memories of Harry My first week or so at ND in Grace Hall, I remember meeting this guy Harry. Good guy – regular guy. So the Michigan game comes up. I was able to get two tickets for my parents for the game. It is still the only ND game my mother has ever been to. 3 scores in the final 3 minutes of the game. I remember them lining up for the kick, and some guy in our section who had a radio calls out hes never kicked a field goal longer than 34 yards in any game in his life. A little less hope. The kick went up and had a chance – there was no way to tell from the student section in the opposite side of the field if it was good – we had to look at the crowd at that section of the end zone to know the answer. I remember we stormed the field and just went delirious. Finally, the crowd went back into the stands, and then the band came on the field and played a bunch of songs. I remember it was about 40 minutes after the game ended, when the band finally finished the Victory March and marched out – and the stadium was still completely full. To this day, I still wait for the band to finish playing after every game before leaving – and it always invokes that memory. So about 20 minutes later, I finally meet my parents at the Library reflecting pool, where we agreed to meet after the game. I asked my mom, So, Mom, how did you like the game? She said, Well, all the Notre Dame games are like this, arent they? Now, 2 days later – I go into the elevator, and three floors down, on gets Harry. Someone else in the elevator goes Nice kick, Harry. And I am stunned – That Harry is Harry Oliver??? And he remained the nicest, most down to earth guy you would ever want to meet. I think I last saw him about 10 years ago at Lees Ribs after a game. I dont think anyone else recognized him, and I dont think he ever wanted that, but he was very appreciative of being part of ND. In any event -- Fare well, Harry Oliver.

11 Guest Essay Up Close and Personal with Mark Rolfes on how he is handling a 1-7 Football Season Thanks to split personalities, we sent Loop Correspondent Mark Rolfes to interview himself: LOOP (Mark): First, the most important question – do you remember me? MARK: I dont know who you are. LOOP: Thats OK – so the Irish are 1-7 now – how are you holding out? MARK: Well, this is my 6 th week at St. Judes for the Mentally Insane. The doctors say Im getting better. Im only in the fetal position for about 4 hours a day now. Group would be better if we didnt have 2 Michigan guys who are always whooping it up. I asked the Group Leader for help on it, but he went to USC, and he just laughs at me. LOOP: Wow – how about your wife? Is she able to help out during these tough times? MARK: My wife. I was able to continue my decades long streak of not being able to get a ND woman to date me, so I settled for a Michigan gal. She comes to visit, and is always singing Hail to the Victors with the 2 guys from Group. Do you call that helping? LOOP: Thats just terrible. I understand you have a daughter at ND now. Has she given you any solace? MARK: No. I have been trying to get her to try out for the football team all semester. I think she can help at any number of positions right now. But she refuses. A big disappointment there. LOOP: Has Charlie Weis been in touch in any way? MARK: Yes – he heard about my condition and called me right before the Michigan game. He felt so bad for me, he let me call the first play against Michigan. LOOP: Wasnt that when the center snapped it over the quarterbacks head for an 18 yard loss? MARK: You remember, too. That set my recovery back a couple of months, I think. LOOP: Lets change the subject – who do you like for President? MARK: Im leaning toward Fred Thompson. I think we need another actor in the White House. All Im waiting for is him to say Win One for the Gipper and Ill be totally on board. LOOP: So how does it look for you going forward? MARK: The doctors think I should be home in early January, right after the bowl games. Then this season will be over, and then I will once again have hope - - - January 2, 2009 BCS Championship Game - - - GO IRISH !!!!

12 Classmates at work at ND We have many classmates who work at ND. ND Magazine, Observer, ND online occasionally have articles on them. When news comes to light, someone will email in a link. For example… Congratulations to Cathy Pieronek on winning the Engineering Societys Outstanding Adviser Award – note that this is not a Notre Dame award, but rather the general nationwide Engineering Society award. A truly impressive accomplishment – way to go, Cathy! (Cathy is also a newlywed!) Fr. Paul Kollman 84 receives tenure in the Department of Theology and is named Director of the Center for Social Concerns. TO: ND CLUB LEADERS We are pleased to announce Elizabeth (Dolly) Duffy '84 is joining the Alumni Association as associate executive director, replacing Chris Bellairs. She also will serve as assistant vice president for University Relations. Dolly will oversee the day-to-day operations of the Alumni Association, including the alumni affinity groups, professional, academic, spiritual and service programs, communications, marketing, finance and technology. She will report to Chuck.

13 ND Controversies Vagina Monologues – Should ND be allowed to perform it on campus? This issue made national news. – Full text of Fr. Jenkins statement – Selected columns/letters from The Observer – Received comments from classmates pro and con Obama as Graduation Speaker – Generated more posts that any other topic

14 Other Issues of the day Occasionally, we will throw out a discussion topic. For example, What do you think of the death penalty? Classmates then have a chance to express themselves and share and hear opinions Warning – some classmates like it – some do NOT. They think The Loop should remain social. Solution – In the Email Headline: – Notre Dame Class of 1984 Loop – Political Topic – All posts related to the issue are combined into a special post, with a warning. – That post ONLY has comments on that issue. This way, non- interested classmates can just ignore/delete that Loop, knowing they will not miss out on any social issues.

15 Other Family News Funeral Notices – An unfortunate part of spreading class news – Does give classmates an opportunity to quickly learn news of our classmates passing away, and allow them to attend a funeral or send a card that they may otherwise not have been able to News on Kids – More of the news now is about what our kids are doing, rather than what we are doing – Kids getting into ND, etc.

16 Fun Loops – Best Bookstore Team Names "You're not THAT special" (Not that great a name, until you know that the members of the team are all counselors in the Undergraduate Admissions Department) Amish Guard The Cereal Killers Game of Throws When the Games Not Exciting, Brent Musburger Talks About How Hot We Are Fifty Shades of Brey Irish We Were Athletic Our Games Last Longer than Rand Pauls Filibusters Ball Me Maybe Occupy Ball Street Were only at ND because Hogwarts Doesnt Accept the FASFA Fat Bottomed Squirrels Schindlers Assist Our Shots Drop Like the Facebook IPO Pope Benedicts Last Stand Nothing But Fishnets We Are Never Ever Getting Backboard Together

17 Fun Loops – ND Rankings by Princeton Review Best Campus Food: # 9 – Wheaton College is #1 – Virginia Tech and Washington U (St Louis) other notables ahead of us. Best Career / Job Placement - # 11 – Northeastern is #1 – also ahead of us is Wabash College in Crawfordsville, IN. – guess we all decided on the wrong Indiana college. Dont Inhale – colleges with lowest drug use - # 12 – Naval Academy is #1 – other service academies, Brigham Young, and Wheaton College all ahead of us. Everyone Plays Intramural Sports - #1 GO IRISH!!! #2 is Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington. Penn State, Wabash College (again), Florida, Clemson and Gonzaga are other notables in the top 10. Jock Schools - # 5 – Clemson, Florida, Wabash (youve got to be kidding me) and Penn State rank ahead of us.

18 Fun Loops – ND Rankings by Princeton Review More to do on Campus – I think this category reflects that you do more on campus, because there is so much LESS to do in the surrounding town. We are # 20. Tuskegee College is # 1 – also ahead of us: Albion College (MI), Wheaton College, Holy Cross and Duke. Most Beautiful Campus - # 7 – Ahead of us is # 1 Princeton, Sweet Briar College, Colgate, Wagner College in Staten Island, Mt. Holyoke and Scripps. At # 11 is Elon College, which last year was ahead of us in the College Football Computer Rankings. Strangely, Wabash College was not on the list. Students Pack the Stadium - # 3, behind Florida and Maryland. Penn St, Georgia, Clemson, Texas and Michigan also in the top 10. (Wabash at # 14 – how big is their football stadium, I wonder?) Most Religious Students - # 2 – BYU is # 1 – Wheaton College, U of Dallas and Catholic U also in the Top 20. Georgetown, BC and Wabash College are nowhere to be found on this list. Alternative Lifestyles Not An Alternative - # 1 – Last year we were # 2 behind Hampden Sydney, which dropped to # 3. Rounding out the Top 10 are Thomas Aquinas, Trinity, Wheaton, Grove City, College of the Ozarks, Baylor, Seton Hall, and BYU. Take that, Wabash.

19 Fun Loops – 1984 Trivia Let's start off the Loop with a class of 1984 trivia question - little known fact - what member of our graduating class won a collegiate national championship in the sport of basketball? Sophomore year, Mark Sommers went abroad to Ireland, joined the basketball team, and played in the Ireland equivalent of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. His team won, so Mark Sommers (Grace Hall) is the only person in our class to be a member of a College National Championship Basketball Team! From Mike Kitz: Mark, Great trivia question, but the answer is incorrect. Mark Sommers is not the only member of the class of 1984 to be a member of a college national championship basketball team. There were three other classmates on our team, Mike Cannon, Mike Brennan and myself, Mike Kitz. And while we were a good team in Ireland in 1982, we would not have made it past the third round in Bookstore Basketball. Still, it was great fun.

20 Fun Loops – News Clips Tony Deceanne catches a home run bare handed at the White Sox Game Sad Domers – On TV at BCS Game in Miami –

21 Fun Loops – Unusual Activities Mark, Thanks for getting back to me and updating where life's taken you. The years keep on rolling for us, huh? Well, I leave tomorrow to begin winding my way to Antarctica with tons of gear. This is one of the most inaccessible places in the world and still unexplored in many parts, so things should get interesting. I appreciate all the prayers. You've indicated an interest in knowing more about this trip, so please find attached a summary of what we'll be doing on the climb. The mountain we'll climb is Mt. Vinson. It's one of the "7 Summits" and is the highest mountain in Antarctica at nearly 17,000 feet. Dave McAvoy We were able to follow Daves exploits via daily Internet audios

22 ND Classmates in the News NOTRE DAME 1984 ALUM MIKE GOOD WILL BE ON THE SPACE SHUTTLE First time contributer, long time reader. I was an aero engineering major and lived in Keenan Hall all four years. Favorite memory is playing hoops on the outdoor courts at Stepan Center. I'm still on active duty with the Air Force and am assigned to NASA at Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX. I'm currently assigned to the next Space Shuttle mission, STS-125, scheduled to launch on 8 October. To the class of '84, please keep our crew in your prayers as we blast off on our Hubble Space Telescope servicing mission. I am carrying a ND banner with me to space that I plan to return to the university after the mission. I look forward to visiting with everyone next May at our 25th reunion. While I'm in orbit, know that you will all have someone praying for you in high places. Thanks, Mike Good

23 ND Loop – Email from Outer Space Greetings, Earthlings (May 13, 2009) From Mike Good, aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis: Mark and ND 84, Greetings from space. A transducer is not a big deal, but to us it looked like the left engine was sick and trying to quit. It was a relief when Houston told us the real story. So far, so good. What a beautiful view – Ive seen the whole world many times already including a pass right over the launch pad today and the deserts of Africa. Sunrises are spectacular, but impressively quick. Were traveling at 5 miles per second over the ground. May God bless you all and hope to see you in June. Mike Good

24 Second Message from The Shuttle Mark, ND Loop, and Class of 84, Wow – awesome support! I am overwhelmed by the encouragement from my classmates and humbled by all the attention. Were just bringing the guys in from EVA 5. Lots of good work done so that Hubble can continue to be productive. I hope its greatest discoveries and most beautiful pictures are still to come. It is truly inspiring to many around the world – everyone from astrophysicists to school teachers and students. Well say goodbye to Hubble tomorrow and look forward to a safe landing on Friday. Hope to see you all in June for our 25 th Reunion! Praying for all of you from above – you look beautiful from here. Mike Good

25 Reunion 2009 – Our 25th Great Events Great Speakers – Fr. Hesburgh – Dave Gaus 84 – Our classmate runs a network of rural hospitals in Ecuador and won the Dooley Award – Mike Good 84 – Gave a slide show of his trip on the Shuttle Atlantis – Dolly Duffy 84, Scott Malpass 84 Get Your Own Tent – We had our own tent by our assigned dorm – Live band made up of our classmates – Our own food and beverages – Made it seem like our own event, instead of a large mix of everyone – Definitely the way to go Advertising – The Loop got the word out – Energized our classmates organizing the events #1 All Time Largest Number of Classmates at any ND Reunion in History!

26 How to Start Your Own Class Loop According to Dolly Duffy, other classes have tried starting something similar to The 1984 Loop, but it has not taken off for other classes like it has for ours. Step 1 – Contact the Alumni Association Step 2 – Have them help you get your email list from My Notre Dame, so you have a lot of classmates on your distribution list

27 How to Start Your Own Class Loop Step 3 – Start Sending out Loops – Start with our standard list of questions for classmates to answer Step 4 – Pick the right moderator – Outgoing, extroverted – ND Rah-Rah - Gets back to ND a lot – Good sense of humor – get creative Step 5 – Dont get discouraged – Sometimes it is like writing a newspaper column – people ARE reading it and enjoying it – but it is hard to tell sometimes that this is the case – Be persistent, dont put pressure on yourself Step 6 – Always be looking for info on your classmates – ND web sites – Classmates in the News

28 In Conclusion What time is it? Was I able to fill up a whole hour??? The Loop has been a great way to keep classmates in touch Keeps us laughing, keeps us crying Promotes our Reunions, mini-reunions, football game meetups Keeps us connected to each other and to ND Every class would benefit from starting a Loop

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