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Code of Ethics Presentation for RESA

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1 Code of Ethics Presentation for RESA
Georgia Professional Standards Commission Code of Ethics Presentation for RESA Georgia Professional Standards Commission

2 Gary Walker

3 New and Improved Gary Walker

4 Old News Abandonment of Contracts Confidential Information
Remuneration of Funds

5 Routine News Testing is a huge issue
Inappropriate relationships with students is a great concern Honesty infractions are on the rise Mandated reporting is required

6 Georgia Not Only State With Questionable Test Scores

7 Nationwide Problem Over 196 of the largest 3,125 school systems in the United States has suspect test score improvement Odds of obtaining these reported results by chance alone is over 1000 to 1 In 33 of these school systems, the odds were worse than 1,000,000 to 1

8 Testing United States spends $760,000,000 a year on testing required by NCLB States are left to their own in monitoring the testing Most states do not have resources to conduct investigations of this magnitude One graduate student, in her dissertation, surveyed teachers in her state and found that 50% of teachers either had cheated or knew a colleague who had cheated

9 New We have moved! Twin Towers-West 200 Piedmont Avenue-Suite 1702
Three new commissioners began in September-Scott Justus (Hall County), Kami Luigs (GE), Sheryl Stalvey (Colquitt County). School Systems are aware of Code of Ethics-in the last 4 years only 5 school systems have not reported a violation

10 New (cont’d) Unsatisfactory Evaluation-required reporting and superintendent signs off on assurance form-due no later than June 15 of each year Technology Baiting, Sexting, and Access Task Force Initiative

11 New (cont’d) Clearance Certificates People holding a Clearance Certificate: 56,434 People who hold only a Clearance Certificate: 29 Are Charter schools in compliance with O.C.G.A ?

12 Professional Standards Commission and Clearance Certificates - Present
218 Approved Charter schools 92% of Georgia students attend the public schools of Georgia - 1,673,740 students Private Schools - 107,509 students Home School - 42,474 students

13 Gary Walker

14 Popular Wal-Mart Wines
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15 Information and Data

16 Status of APS Cases 185 educators were reported to the PSC
144 case summaries have been presented to the PSC for probable cause determination 41 cases are still under investigation 13 will go to Commission this month The PSC is waiting for the Fulton County DA to release their investigative files

17 Status of Dougherty County Cases
The PSC has received approximately 47 cases from the Governor’s Special Investigators The PSC voted to investigate the allegations at the September meeting. The staff is working to present the Dougherty Co. cases to the PSC in January and February

18 Probable Cause Results
Year Denied Revoked Voluntary Total Surrender FY FY FY FY FY FY FY FY FY FY FY FY

19 January, 2012-January, 2013 Legal compliance-48
Conduct with Students-52 Alcohol and Drugs-21 Honesty-62 Public Funds and Property-23 Remunerative Conduct-1 Confidential Information-0

20 Sanctions Abandonment of Contract-2 Required Reports-13
Professional Conduct-31 Testing-195 Total-448

21 Sanction Should a certificate be revoked, it is the responsibility of the Superintendent that the Educator not be allowed on a school campus or work with students for the duration of the sanction.

22 West Georgia RESA FY 2011 FY 2012 Carroll County-6 Carrollton City-0
Coweta County-5 Harris County-3 Heard County-0 Meriwether County-9 Troup County-8 Total-31 RESAs avg-61 Carroll County-3 Carrollton City-6 Coweta County-10 Harris County-2 Heard County-2 Meriwether County-2 Troup County-5 Total-30 RESAs avg-64

23 Regional Ethics Case Rates
RESA 2011 Cases 2011 # Certified Educators per Case 2012 Cases 2012 # Certified Educators per Case CSRA 34 178 35 173 Chatt-Flint 63 72 51 88 Coastal Plains 32 134 123 First District 71 146 50 207 Griffin 56 64 128 Heart of Georgia 9 204 Metro 426 120 505 101 Middle Georgia 55 103 47 North Georgia 23 255 21 279 Northeast Georgia 29 214 40 155 Northwest Georgia 44 203 190 Oconee 14 91 24 53 Okefenokee 12 184 Pioneer 15 377 270 Southwest Georgia 58 76 130 West Georgia 31 162 30 167 State Totals/Average 974 / 61 132 1025 / 64 129 Number of Certified Educators based on 2011 System Report Card, Georgia Department of Education

24 Gary Walker


26 Interesting Cases

27 Standard # 1-Legal Compliance
School system reported that an educator had been arrested for Forgery/Obtaining Dangerous Drugs by Fraud. Upon investigation, it was noted that the educator had been arrested 3 times during the last 9 months on similar charges and admitted to having an addiction.

28 Standard # 2-Conduct with Students
The Educator was arrested and charged with a criminal offense-cruelty to children. The charge was dismissed in exchange for the educator’s testimony against her spouse.

29 Standard #2-Conduct with Students
Two school system employees reported that the educator admitted to them that he engaged in sexual activity with a female student while he was her coach. System investigated Educator resigned

30 Conduct with Students The Educator began an inappropriate relationship with a student during the school year and continued after graduation Student moved in with Educator He said nothing physical happened until after graduation-student said otherwise. Eventually she moved out. Educator admitted to currently dating another student but said it was ok since he was no longer a teacher.

31 Standard # 3-Alcohol and Drugs
Educator was behaving in an unusual manner and smelled of alcohol. Teacher reported suspicion to principal Educator admitted to consuming approximately 6 beers between 5:00 a. m. and 7:00 a.m. He said he was drinking because it was just Field Day

32 Standard # 5-Public Funds and Property
Educator used school computer to access and store inappropriate material Students observed at least one inappropriate image Educator said he had an addiction to pornography.

33 Contact information Paul A. Shaw

34 Georgia Professional Standards Commission

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