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HPC in Angola? Vicente Lopes Antonio Carvalho

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1 HPC in Angola? Vicente Lopes Antonio Carvalho

2 Building of the rectory of the University Agostinho Neto
faculty of science, faculty of economics, faculty of engineering, faculty of social sciences, medical school, law school, higher institute of health

1 for ministry of telecommunications and information technologies

4 SAT-3/WASC fiber optic submarine cable provides connectivity to Europe and Asia
Angola Telecom is one of twelve companies participating in the West Africa Cable System (WACS) consortium, a submarine communications cable running along the west coast of Africa and on to Portugal and the United Kingdom Angola Cables is an operator of fiber optic telecommunication systems formed in 2009 by the major Angolan telecommunication companies, Angola Telecom (51%), Unitel (31%), MSTelcom (9%), Movicel (6%), and Mundo Startel (3%. Angola Cables signed an agreement to participate in the construction of the South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) of about 6000 km length linking Fortaleza in Brazil with the Angolan capital Luanda. This cable is planned to be operational from the 2014 world football championship in Brazil

5 The Angolan government has formalized a project to produce, launch and operate an Angolan satellite dubbed "Angosat" AngoSat, Angola's first communication satellite, built by Rosoboronexport, is scheduled to launch in 2015. The project also includes the creation of human resources and relevant infrastructures.

6 priority in diversification of Angolan economy
After almoste 30 years of conflict that ended in 2002, political stability and peace set the ground for an economic boom fueled by increased oil production. There is excessive dependency on oil what represents 95 percent of all exports priority in the diversification of the Angolan economy is mainly agriculture and diamond mining

7 SAC - Angolan Computer Society is a technical-scientific society, nonprofit geared to corporate computing professionals from generic areas of computing critical mass all over the country, scholars, teachers, students, and was created on April 26, Its main objective is to stimulate teaching activities; encourage research; implement and develop the general areas of computing in Angola and disseminate them, to support and assist if requested him, the policies of the Executive in the scope of matters affecting activities related to computing, promoting joint articulation of policy development, research and training of human resources.

8 which has a close cooperation with three ministries:
ministry of higher education, ministry of science and technology ministry of telecommunications and information technologies

9 HPC in Angola? YES ! everything here exposed, we think that with agriculture and diamonds, HPC can have legs to walk.

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