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In this presentation we will show Polish people, who had and still have a great impact on the image of Poland.

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2 In this presentation we will show Polish people, who had and still have a great impact on the image of Poland.


4 The most recognized Pole in the world was born as Karol Józef Wojtyła in Wadowice. In 1978 he was elected the head of the Catholic Church, becoming the first non- Italian Pope after 445 years.

5 Lech Wałęsa is a Polish politician and trade unionist. Hes the co-founder and first chairman of the "Solidarity movement. In 1984 he received the Nobel Peace Prize and served as the president of Poland between 1990 and 1995.

6 In 1978 Mirosław Hermaszewski became the first (and to this day remains the only) Pole who flew into space. He was chosen from almost 500 Polish pilots to take part in the intercosmos space programme.


8 The first historical ruler of Poland who united the tribes from the Baltic Sea and the Carpathian Mountains.

9 The first crowned ruler of Poland. He was the son of the Duke of Poland Mieszko I and a Czech princess called Dobrawa.


11 Writer and Nobel Prize winner (1905) for his work Quo Vadis - a book translated into many languages and made into films several times. Sienkiewicz's works have been translated into 50 languages.

12 Poet, writer, translator, literary critic, and awarded with the Nobel Prize in literature in 1980

13 Poet and translator, one of the few women awarded the Nobel Prize in literature (1996)


15 Chopin is the greatest Polish composer and pianist and a leading representative of the Romantic period of music in the world.

16 He is considered the father of the Polish opera. His opera adaptations of folk tunes raised the spirit of the Polish nation at the time of the partitions of Poland.


18 He is one of the greatest astronomers in the history of mankind. He proved that the Earth and all other planets in our solar system revolve around the immovable Sun.

19 Her discovery of the radioactive element radium has made a big step in the development of atomic physics and cancer therapy. She gained the Nobel Prize twice (1903 and 1911).


21 The most famous Polish heavyweight boxer: At the top of his amateur career he scored 111 victories in Europe. As a professional boxer, he fought the best fighters in the world.

22 Małysz is a ski jumper and still the most popular Polish athlete. Hes a four-hill tournament winner and a gold medalist in ski flying in Harrahow. The winner of two World Cups made ski jumping almost a national sport..

23 Lewandowski is a Polish footballer who plays as a striker for Borussia Dortmund and the Polish national team. He was also a participant of the European Championship finals 2012.


25 Hes one of the most famous Polish film directors and an Academy Award winner. His most famous films are: Rosemary's Baby Chinatown Tess Pirates Bitter moon The Pianist The ninth gate Oliver Twist..... and many more.

26 Wajda was awarded the Oscar for his lifetime achievements in 2000. The father of modern Polish cinema is especially known for his magnificent screening of Polish literature. Hes placed at the forefront of the world's greatest directors.

27 has cooperated with Steven Spielberg since 1980s. He has already won two Oscars: for cinematography to "Schindler's List" in 1994 and to "Saving Private Ryandirected by Spielberg in 1999. We hope for the third Oscar for the movie "Lincoln.

28 Shes one of the most famous Polish actresses. She mainly performs in theatres, but also directs performances.


30 He is the most distinguished Polish painter of historical paintings of the nineteenth century.


32 Image Sourcesński&source=lnms&tb m=isch&sa=X&ei=2lqOUp- ch&sa=X&ei=D12OUr7kIYKihgeLtIHADw&sqi=2&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAQ& biw=1163&bih=629 ch&sa=X&ei=D12OUr7kIYKihgeLtIHADw&sqi=2&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAQ& biw=1163&bih=629#q=Andrzej+Wajda&tbm=isch ch&sa=X&ei=D12OUr7kIYKihgeLtIHADw&sqi=2&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAQ& biw=1163&bih=629#q=Andrzej+Wajda&tbm=isch

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