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Sec. 18.1 & Ch. 19 Test Review. Name this state! Alaska.

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1 Sec & Ch. 19 Test Review

2 Name this state! Alaska

3 What future American state was annexed by the US under shady terms during the 1890s? Hawaii

4 What 3 ISMS caused WWI? Nationalism Imperialism Militarism

5 Fill in the blank! Europes _____________ ___________ system was one of the factors that led to World War I. secret alliance

6 Who died in this car? Franz Ferdinand XX

7 Which list of historical events is in the correct chronological order? A.World War I starts; Franz Ferdinands assassination; Cubs last World Series victory B.Franz Ferdinands assassination; World War I starts; Cubs last World Series victory C.Cubs last World Series victory; Franz Ferdinands assassination; World War I starts The correct answer is C. World War I started 6 years after the Cubs last won the World Series.

8 Who wanted Americans to join the war ASAP? a.Mothers b.Immigrants c.Socialists d.Business leaders Correct answer: Some business leaders wanted America to join so they could make some $$$$$$.

9 What two events led to the USA declaring war on Germany? Zimmermann Note & sinking of the Lusitania

10 How many more NBA Championship rings does Kobe have than LeBron?

11 What did the Selective Service Act create? The draft

12 What is this an example of? Hint: its a vocab word! Propaganda

13 Name this state? Vermont

14 Name that weapon! Antiaircraft artillery

15 Which was NOT part of the Central Powers during WWI? A.Austria-Hungary B.Germany C.Ottoman Empire D.U.S.A. D

16 Name this vocab word. Clearly, it is not a trap house. Its the convoy system and it helped America win the war.

17 New Jersey Name this state!

18 Which Amendment granted women he right to vote and hold public office? 19th

19 Name that vocab word: Reparations

20 Study this diagram. What vocab term does it illustrate? The Great Migration!

21 What peacekeeping organization did Wilson propose? The League of Nations, not the JLA

22 Which Allied Power was upset by the Treaty of Versailles because it lost land? RUSSIA Dont cry, Baby LeBron. I have 2 NBA Championship rings. You can have 1 of mine.

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