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Family Orientation May 30, 2012

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1 Family Orientation May 30, 2012

2 Welcome to the Mako Sharks
1. We're a competitive swim team serving Department of Defense, NATO, and other United States government related dependent children. 2. The team competes as part of the European Forces Swim League (EFSL) which encompasses 18 teams throughout Europe hosting dual, divisional, and championship level competitions. 3. Our primary purpose is to provide a positive competitive swimming experience mirroring programs available under the sanction of USA Swimming. 4. The team trains novice to senior level swimmers ages 6 to 18. Our goals are excellence in swimming, personal improvement, an emphasis on sportsmanship, and fun. “Touring Europe Pool By Pool”

3 Swim Team Board Presidents – Thomas and Stephanie Talley
Vice Presidents – Ralph and Lisa Borja Secretary – Chiara Murrell Treasurer – Kelly Pardew Statistician – Gene Piskator Mako Vicenza

4 European Forces Swim League
This is the site and the governing organization

5 Coaching Staff Megan Eadus– Head Coach Swam competitively for 12 years
Life Guard Swim lesson instructor

6 This is not CYSS or SKIES!!!
A Sport Like No Other! This is not CYSS or SKIES!!! When your child joins a swim team for the first time, it’s a steep learning experience for everyone involved- there are swimming terms, competition rules, swimming gear names and needs, and swim meet formats to learn. It can also be a very time consuming and expensive sport. Many of us learned the swim team processes and lingo the hard way. We strive to provide important information and answers to your questions throughout this briefing, in order to make the entire swim team experience easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved! Our ultimate hope is that the Mako Sharks Swim Team makes the same positive impact within your life and the lives of your swimmers, as it has made on ours!

7 Requirements The swim team is NOT swimming lessons.
Lignano, Italy Requirements The swim team is NOT swimming lessons. Eligible ages are 6-18 years old as of Dec 31st, 2012. Every Swimmer – Must be able to swim and kick 50 meters without stopping Be able to demonstrate knowledge of two competitive strokes (free style, back stroke, breast stroke, or butterfly) and pass a coaches assessment

8 COMPETITIVE SWIMMING The Strokes Freestyle – also known as the crawl
Backstroke – alternating motion of the arms with a flutter kick Breaststroke – simultaneous movement of the arms with a simultaneous frog kick Butterfly – simultaneous overhead stroke of the arms with a dolphin kick Individual Medley – all four strokes, in order: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle

9 COMPETITIVE SWIMMING The Course Starts, Turns and Finishes
Meters here but in US it’s yards Shortest events are 50m (down and back) Long Distance Events are for the Long Distance CHAMPS held in Antwerp, Belgium Starts, Turns and Finishes These are where many events are won or lost One false start disqualifies a swimmer Fast flip turns, quick AND LEGAL touch and goes are essential Finishes – just like a race, you have to finish STRONG! The most energy has to go in that final stretch

10 COMPETITIVE SWIMMING The Rules DQ’s = Disqualifications
Designed for fair and equal conditions NEVER ARGUE with an official Take concerns to a coach (possibly after a meet) When in doubt, trust that we all want the best for your swimmer Best way to learn is to become an official WE NEED YOU! DQ’s = Disqualifications

11 COMPETITIVE SWIMMING DQ’s Disqualifications
Freestyle – pulling on the line; not touching the wall on a turn Backstroke – pulling on the line, improper turn Breaststroke – illegal kick, improper stroke, head not breaking water during each stroke, improper hand touch at turn Butterfly – not simultaneous arm or leg movement, wrong style kick

12 Swimmer Expectations Four Core Values
Responsibility, Honesty, Respect, & Caring  Please read the swimmer responsibility sheet in the family handbook with your swimmer.  Good Sportsmanship at practice and meets 

13 Three Strike Rule Coaches use the Three Strike Rule at practice for swimmers who are horsing around or not paying attention Strike One – Verbal Warning Strike Two – Swimmer sits out of the pool for 5 mins or extra PT Strike Three – Swimmer sits out for the remainder of practice Mako Vicenza

14 Parent Expectations Ensure your child attends practices regularly.
Only swim team members and volunteers are allowed on the pool deck during swim practices and meets. Parents are responsible for ensuring the safe arrival, stay and departure of their swim team member no matter what the age of the child. The Coach’s will be focused on coaching. Other swim team volunteers and committee members will NOT always be present. Swim practice is your child’s time with the coach. Please wait until after practice to speak with the coach or schedule a convenient time to meet. Inform Swim Coach no later than Tuesday’s swim practice if your child will be unable to attend the weekend swim meet. Race schedules are submitted several days prior to the meet. As some races are relays, unplanned absences from meets can impact multiple children.

15 Parent Expectations (Cont.)
No-shows for meets will be scratched from all events 30 minutes prior to meet start time. (If unexpectedly running late for a home meet, call the coach). Arrive for swim meets 1 hour before start time. This allows the coach time to warm up the team, etc. Parents will need to ensure their child is in the marshalling area at the appropriate time for each race. You will be notified of which races your child will be participating in. Each race will be identified by number. Numbers will be called throughout the meet, indicating the racers should proceed to the marshalling area. Check and the website regularly. (Swim Team communications will be posted on the website.)

16 Practice Rules No parents on deck during practice Equipment list
Goggles and swim cap Water bottle Fins Mesh bag Dry land clothes (when appropriate) Swimmers must be on deck and ready to swim at start of practice

17 Diet & Healthy Ideas Pre-meet and Pre-practice should be carb heavy
Drink plenty of fluids! Preferably water and stay away from the sodas! Heavy eating during the meet should be avoided Healthy eating is a lifestyle and takes a long time to change, baby bites are still a step in the right direction

18 Caserma Ederle Indoor Post Pool 28 August-End of Season
Practice Schedule Villagio Outdoor Pool 10 July – 23 August Tuesday Swim Thursday All Grades Caserma Ederle Indoor Post Pool 28 August-End of Season Monday Dry Land Tuesday Swim Wednesday Thursday All Grades TBD

19 Common Health Issues Ears – swimmers ear
Eyes – goggles prevent most problems Hair – wet before you get in, rinse with baking soda/water mix and CONDITIONER (preferably leave in) Bathing suits – don’t share, especially ladies Competitive suits should not be used for practice and they are MUCH TIGHTER than your normal suits

20 Meets Eindhoven, NL General
Swimmers may compete in all the regular meets if they desire to do so. While swimming is an individual event, except for the relays, teams do compete against each other. Divisionals are a Team Competition, whereas EFSL Championships is an individual competition. Swimmers are required to participate in 4 regular season meets in order to compete at the EFSL Individual Championships. We hope that 100% of swimmers will participate in the Southern Divisional meet! Home Meets – 4 November 2 December We have only 2 home meets at our facility this year, one early in the season and one at the end of the season. All families who are attending home meets are required to volunteer to help make the meet a success. We will be looking for parent volunteers to fill a variety of roles during these meets.

21 Meets (Cont.) Away Meets
We have been invited to 8 away meets this year, which will take swimmers to five different countries (Italy, Germany, Spain, England, Belgium, and the Netherlands). Southern Divisionals will be in Rota, Spain. EFSL Long Distance CHAMPS will be in held in Antwerp, Belgium. EFSL CHAMPS will be in held in Eindhoven, Netherlands    

22 Meet Schedule 18 Aug – Aviano, Italy (First Fun meet EFSL meet for the Mako Sharks) 29 Sep- Lakenheath, England 8-9 Oct – Sigonella, Sicily 28 Oct – Berlin, Germany 3 Nov – Aviano, Italy 4 Nov – Vicenza, Italy (Our 1st Home Meet) 11 Nov – Naples, Italy Nov – Long Distance CHAMPS Antwerp, Belgium 1 Dec – Aviano, Italy (Pentathlon) 2 Dec – Vicenza, Italy 13 Jan 2013 – Naples, Italy 19 Jan 2013 – Ramstein, Germany Jan 2013 – Divisionals Rota, Spain Feb ESFL CHAMPS Eindhoven, NL

23 Check in – read the “Meet Announcement”
Look for the Mako sitting area (bring something to mark your spot) MARK YOUR STUFF – Sharpies and highlighters are essential Bring Tylenol and or ear plugs Expect hot – the pool is kept warm so the swimmers won’t freeze when they get out, you will be sweating!

24 Bring water! Buy a heat sheet so you can follow along. Bring a book or magazine to read. Bring extra towels and dry clothes for your swimmer Bring small bills to buy stuff at the food booth set up by the hosting team - they don't appreciate everyone handing them a $20 bill

25 Bring your camera Must keep your young children under control and supervised. Bring something to amuse them or rent a sibling! Don't leave and think you will make it back for your swimmer's won't! Cheer on the team! Be ready for tears Be ready for DQs!

26 Meet Survival Tips Meet entry forms: Coaches will hand out meet forms usually 2 weeks or more before the scheduled meet. Check our website for additional information. Please let the coaches know whether or not your swimmer will be participating as soon as possible so they can submit registrations in a timely manner.  Arrival: Arrive on deck minutes before scheduled warm-ups. On deck means the pool area where the swimmers will be warming up before the meet. There is always a limited time for warm-ups so on time arrival is important. The coaches also take roll to see which swimmers can swim the relays. What to Bring: Team suit and cap, goggles, 2-3 towels, deck shoes, drinks, pen, highlighter. You will want to bring along your own lawn chair(s), reading material or other things to occupy yourself during the "down time" between your child’s events. Do not bring practice equipment (fins, paddles, etc.) but spare goggles and cap are a good idea.

27 Meet Survival Tips (Cont.)
Heat Sheets: When you arrive at the meet you will want to purchase a heat sheet. This form tells you what heat and lane your swimmer will be in and approximate time. Heat sheets usually run $3.00 or $5.00 for the entire meet.  Once you have your heat sheet, look up the event numbers and find your swimmer's name. Coaches will write the event number and heat number swimmers with a water-resistant pen. This will be an easy reference for them to keep track of their event and heat. Swimmers are always personally responsible for getting to their lane early for their heat. Swimmer/Parent Rest Areas: The Team will usually have a designated area for our swimmers to sit between events. Parents are responsible for their children at all times and should not allow them to leave the designated area.

28 Meet Survival Tips (Cont.)
Results and Posting: The swimmers are to ask the timers for their finish time and report to the coach before returning to the rest area. The results of the event your swimmer swims in will be posted in a designated area.  The awards are sent home with the coach and will be presented at the next practice day or as soon as possible. Team results will be posted on the website. Departure: Before leaving the meet, please make sure that your swimmer is not in any last relays. Sometimes these change at the very last minute. Always check with a coach before leaving for home. Ensure you don’t leave anything behind (i.e. goggles, swim caps, towels, or suits)

29 CHAMPS Qualifying Times

30 Communications The main method of communication is the website. We will attempt to keep this updated on a regular basis during the season. Website: Facebook: Vicenzamakosharks

31 Costs Swim Team Fees – Checks made to the Mako Sharks
$300 – per swimmer for the season (Jul-Feb) $75 – per family. This must be a separate check. Registration/volunteer fee. This fee is Fully Refundable after a parent gives 20 documented volunteer hours.

32 Volunteers This team is a success because of the efforts of volunteers. People may contribute in a wide variety of roles. Day to Day Monitoring locker rooms and deck before and after practice, etc. Meets Helping with an age group, timing in a lane, timing for a coach, videotaping for coaches, officiating, helping in marshalling area, working the concession booth, etc. Other Hotel reservations for away meets, dinner plans for after meets, Awards dinner, team photographer, ribbons, organizing special events or fundraisers, carpooling, etc.

33 Parent Volunteer Committee
This is a great way to be involved:  Help organize meets, with fundraising events, with awards dinner, other fun ways to keep the team going Aviano, Italy

34 What do your fees get you?
Trained coaches All splash fees (including CHAMPS) End of Season trophies Team swim cap (additional swim caps can be purchased for $10 a piece) Lignano, Italy

35 Partnerships Vicenza MWR Sports, Fitness and Aquatics provides pool facilities and convenient practice times at no cost to the team. The Vicenza Community Club (VCC) provides financial support to assist with hosting home meets and splash fees.

36 Team Apparel Helen Pompelia is the Apparel Coordinator

37 Join Today Questions? European Forces Swim League
This is the site and the governing organization Join Today

38 We look forward to a Fun and Successful Season!
Thank You! We look forward to a Fun and Successful Season!

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