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Lakeville North Trap Team 2014 Spring Informational Meeting.

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1 Lakeville North Trap Team 2014 Spring Informational Meeting

2 Agenda Club Staff Trapshooting 101 Digital Media MSHSCTL Club Structure Club Fees Registration Fundraising Academic Eligibility Lettering Guidelines Team Conduct Zero Tolerance Safety DNR Firearm Safety Eye Dominance Equipment Clothing Season Schedule Digital Media Q&A

3 Club Staff Head Coach Brad Charchenko Assistant Coach Jerry Zell Team Manager Rick Crippen Treasurer Sharon Zell Safety Coordinator Jeff Kellington Digital Media Coordinator Jason Barron Apparel Coordinator Debora Ogden-Kellington Team Firearms Instructor Amanda Barron

4 Trapshooting 101 Trapshooting is a specific form of clay target shooting. Trapshooting is a game of movement, action and split-second timing. It requires the accuracy and skill to repeatedly aim, fire and break the 4 1/4 inch disc which are hurled through the air at a speed of 42 mph, simulating the flight path of a bird fleeing a hunter.

5 Trapshooting 101 Singles trapshooting The shooter stands 16 yards away from the center of the trap house and shoots at random targets that fly at various angles in front of the shooter Shooters are grouped into squads of five shooters There are five positions that each shooter shoots 5 single targets from, for a total of 25 shots or one round

6 Trapshooting 101

7 Digital Media

8 MSHSCTL Minnesota State High School Clay Target League The Minnesota State High School Clay Target League is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and the independent provider of shooting sports as an extra curricular coed activity to students in grades six through twelve who have their Firearms Safety Certification. Since 2010 Fastest growing high school sport – 900% growth!

9 MSHSCTL Numbers Year Athletes Schools Teams Gun Clubs Volunteers Tournament Athletes Targets/Shells ,0001,600,0003,000,000

10 MSHSCTL Numbers Year(s)2008 to Present Reported Injuries0 Gun Free School Violations0

11 LNHS 2013 Numbers Spring 2013Fall 2013Spring 2014 PROJECTED Grade 734 Grade 868 Grade 9189 Grade Grade Grade 1244 TOTAL Male Female13815

12 Club Structure The success of the club is solely based on volunteers. Without volunteers, NOT the club will NOT exist.

13 Club Structure League Coaches Schools Parents Gun Clubs Students

14 Club Structure CORE Team Head Coach Assistant Coach Team Manager Treasurer Safety Coordinator Communications Coordinator Equipment Coordinator Fundraising Coordinator

15 Club Structure Seasonal Volunteers Squad Coach Official Scorer State Tournament Coordinator Banquet Coordinator Clothing Assistant

16 Club Structure Weekly Volunteers Squad Puller Squad Scorer BBQ/Picnic Fundraising Assistants Shell Delivery Assistants State Tournament Assistants

17 Volunteer Sign Up

18 Club Fees $100 Range Fees $25 Minnesota State High School Clay Target League (MSHSCTL) $25 Team Fee $130 Shells (2 cases of shells, not Winchester) $30 LNHS Activity Fee Clothing –Team Jersey –Team Vest –Optional Team Hat State Tournament Extra Fees –Range Time –Shells

19 Registration Register with the team – On the Lakeville North Trap Team Website Register with Lakeville North High School – On the LNHS Activities Page chool/Activities/Activities/Registration_Payment Register with MSHSCTL – On the MSHSCTL 2014 Spring League

20 Fundraising Gertens flowers & plants 30% returned to shooter for flower/plant sales 15% returned to shooter for gift card sales Start Date – Saturday, March 1, 2014 End Date – Sunday, March 23, 2014 Pickup on Sunday, May 4, Havelock Way, Lakeville Payment due at pickup

21 Academic Eligibility All LNHS academic guidelines will be followed and strictly enforced.

22 Lettering Guidelines LevelLow Avg.High Avg. Varsity1925 Junior Varsity Novice014.99

23 Team Conduct SAFETY at ALL times! NO EXCEPTIONS! NO firearms on school property NO ammunition on school property Spent shells NO mobile devices on the range NO foul language or rude gestures Pay attention Listen Learn Ask questions

24 Team Conduct Have an open mind and be willing to adjust Be respectful of teammates Offer assistance to teammates Be mature Be responsible Have a positive attitude Challenge yourself Come prepared Have fun

25 ZERO Tolerance NO Alcohol NO Tobacco NO Illegal Drugs

26 Safety #1 priority of the club……SAFETY

27 DNR Firearm Safety MANDATORY Minnesota DNR Firearm Safety Certificate is MANDATORY 2 Step Process Online Course Field Day

28 Eye Dominance Test

29 Equipment Shotguns Gauge: 12 or 20 Action: Over/Under, Semi Auto, Pump Choke: Full, Modified, Improved Modified Club Guns Available

30 Equipment Shotshells Gauge 12 or 20 NO RELOADS Must use factory ammunition Lead Shot 3 dram or less 1200 FPS or less 1 oz. shot or less #7 ½ or #8 shot size

31 Equipment Required Eye Protection Ear Protection LNHS Team Jersey LNHS Team Shooting Vest Optional Team Hat Shell Holder/Pouch

32 Clothing Apparel is custom made There is no inventory on hand other than the baseball style hat and the winter hat All Ordering is done on-line via our website Last day to order is February 10, no further orders will be placed for spring after this time Orders typically take about 4-6 weeks to arrive

33 2014 Practice Schedule MANDATORY TEAM/SAFETY MEETING Sunday, March 16 from Noon to 2 PM: Horse and Hunt Club Practice #1 Sunday, March 23: Practice Week 1 - Horse and Hunt Club Practice #2 (OPTIONAL Practice – Spring Break Week) Sunday, March 30: Practice Week 2 - Horse and Hunt Club Practice #3 Sunday, April 6: Practice Week 3 - Horse and Hunt Club

34 2014 Season Schedule Weekly Competition Minnesota Horse & Hunt Club (MHHC) Shoot 50 targets at each weekly competition Squad Coaches are responsible for their squad Shoot the same time you are scheduled all season On time attendance is expected – arrive at least 15 minutes prior to shooting

35 2014 Tournaments Pre-state Tournament Tune-Up Minneapolis Gun Club, Prior Lake, MN Saturday, May Targets

36 2014 Tournaments MSHSCTL Championship Alexandria Shooting Park, Alexandria, MN The LARGEST youth trapshooting event in the WORLD!!! All athletes are eligible to participate True team scoring system 100 Targets Friday, June 6 – Class 1A Saturday, June 7 – Class 2A Sunday, June 8 – Class 3A Monday, June 9 – Class 4A

37 2014 Tournaments MSHSL State Tournament Minneapolis Gun Club, Prior Lake, MN FIRST state high school athletic association to sanction a trapshooting tournament!!! Individual Competition - Top 100 athletes and ties of regular season Team Competition - Top 5 athletes, plus 2 alternates 100 Targets Friday, June 13 – Practice Saturday, June 14 – Team Competition AM Saturday, June 14 – Individual Competition PM

38 2014 Spring Banquet Date: Wednesday, May 28, 2014 Time: 6 PM to 9 PM Location: Crystal Lake Golf Course Cost: TBD Join your teammates and family for a night of recognition and relaxation. Letters and Top Gun awards Door prizes and special drawings

39 Contacts Brad Charchenko (Cell) Rick Crippen (Cell) Jerry Zell (Cell)

40 Questions & Answers Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have.

41 Lakeville North Trap Team 2014 Spring Informational Meeting

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