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2 CÉRIUMs triple mission: Bring together academics in international studies from the Université de Montréal Train a new generation of students Contribute to the international awareness of citizens and decision-makers from civil society, the public sector and the private sector

3 Over 150 researchers in 21 research units A strong presence : - Europe - North America - Peace and security -Immigration

4 A Strong European Presence An EU Centre of Excellence : A French and a German unit

5 Three chairs looking at the USA Politics and economics History Law

6 An International Network on Peacekeeping - Providing francophone expertise in key arenas (UN, Francophonie, French Africa); - A daily updated, freely accessible online encyclopedia on peace operations; - Focal point of discussions, publications, events in the francophone world Peace operations

7 Nobel Prize, Shirin Ebadi Former President of Brazil, Fernando Cardoso Former presidential candidates Howard Dean and Ralph Nader Former French presidential candidate, Ségolène Royal Former French Prime Minister, Alain Juppé Former French Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hubert Védrine Former Head of Policy for Tony Blair, Geoff Mulgan Former SG for the Council of Europe, Catherine Lalumière Former speechwriter for George W. Bush, David Frum Former François Mitterrand advisor, Régis Debray Green European MP and May 68 leader Daniel Cohn-Bendit CSIS director for Europe, Simon Serfaty Founder of Doctors without borders, Rony Brauman Canadian politicians foreign policy prononcements: Paul Martin, Stéphane Dion, Gilles Duceppe, Jack Layton, Michael Ignatieff Canadian Ambassadors to the UN (Allan Rock), London (Mel Cappe), NATO (Jean-Pierre Juneau) China (Joseph Caron) French sociologist, Dominique Wolton IRIS director, Pascal Boniface Peking correspondents, Eric Meyer and Pierre Haski Israeli Journalist Emmanuel Halperin, and many others… In four years: more than 350 guests

8 France AgroParisTech, CÉRI-Paris, U.Paris VII, U. de Savoie, U. de Rennes, U. de Paris VIII, U. Paris XII, Paris II, U. Paris X, Nanterre, EHESS Paris, U. de Lyon, Institut catholique de Paris, U. de Metz, American University of Paris, CNRS, IEP Rennes, U. Paris-Dauphine, INED, Paris, IRIS Paris, U. Jean Moulin, Lyon, EM Lyon, U. Paris I, CÉRI-Paris, INRS-Culture et Société, U. Lyon III, ESG-Paris, U. de Picardie Jules Verne, U. de Paris IV Paris-Sorbonne, U. de Clermont-Ferrand, U. Paris X-Nanterre, U. de Paris-Sud, ADIS-GRJM Europe Charles U., Collège dEurope (Bruges), Durham U., Edinburgh U., Egmont – the Royal Institute for International Relations EUI-Trento, European Trade Union Institute for Research, Education and Health and Safety, European U. Institut, Freie Universität Berlin, Fribourg, Humboldt U., IISS London, Institut kurde de Paris, Karl-Franzens-Universität, lU. Radboud de Nijmegen, Martin-Luther- U., Middlebury College, Oxford U., U. del Piemonte Orientale, PRIO, Queen Mary U, U. of London, Technische U. Berlin, Torino, U.C. Hastings, U. Bruxelles, U. de Genève, U. de Hagen, U. de Liverpool, U. de Lübeck, Allemagne, U. Maastricht, U. of Amsterdam, U. of Cologne, U. of Mainz, U. Sheffield, U. Torino, U. Zürich, U. de Barcelone, U. de Bretagne-Sud, U. de Genève, U. de Liège, Université de Louvain, U. libre de Bruxelles, U. of Helsinki, U. of Nottingham, U. of Oslo, U. of Southern Denmark, U. of the Basque Country The United States Boston College, Columbia U, Pittsburgh U., Brown U., U. de Miami, Washington U., U. of North Carolina, Denver U., U. of Chicago, Brandeis U, Rutgers U, Duke University, Yale U., U. of Utah, U. of Illinois, City U. of New-York, Northwestern U., U. de Delaware, U. South Carolina, Dartmouth College, Temple U., U. de Pennsylvanie, U. of Massachusetts, U. of Mary Washington, California State U. America U. de São Paulo, U. de La Havane, U. de Buenos Aires, U. Iberoamericana, U. Autónoma Metropolitana Asia Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Waseda U., Aichi Gakuin U. Middle East U. of Haifa Africa U. Mohamed V de Rabat Quebec and Canada Carleton U., Concordia U., Dalhousie U., HEC, Huron College, McGill, UBC, U., McMaster U., Polytechnique, Queens U., U. dAlberta, U. de Calgary, U. de Moncton, U. Laval, U of Newfoundland, U. of Saskatchewan, U. of Toronto, U. of Waterloo, U. Ottawa, U. Sherbrooke, UBC, UQAC, UQAM, York U. International Organizations ACDI, Commission de Coopération environnementale, Commission européenne, AUF, CISDL, UNESCO, CEPII, CISDL, ONU, OIF, OTAN, Enfants du Ningxia, Amnesty International, PNUE, Banque Mondiale, Commission africaine des droits de l'homme et des peuples, Reporter sans frontière Canada, ITU, Institut canadien des affaires internationales In 2007/08, 315 academic guests

9 A continuously updated website A million visitors per year

10 Over a hundred academic lectures online

11 First French International Studies Center on iTunes U Free access, video and audio, to CERIUM conferences through iTunes

12 An academic showcase for the researchers work

13 Applied research How US states respond to climate change Our researchers routinely inform policy-makers Peace opérations seminars for UN members Research for the India strategy of the Québec governement

14 High level events March 2007 March 2006 With HEC :

15 CÉRIUM strengthens and multiplies links with domestic and foreign universities, NGOs, and governments A Strong Networking Capacity

16 The international Generation A Master s in International Studies with 215 very talented students (rigorous selection) 40 graduates every year 70 Ph.D. and Post-doctoral students

17 CERIUM Summer Schools Intended for And attended by: -Diplomats -Graduates students -Members of NGOs -Journalists -Civil servants -Business managers -Citizens interested in international issues

18 Summer Schools 2008

19 In construction in 2008 Two new Research units A symposium on Citizenship in a Globalized World A major conference on the US elections

20 The team of the Cérium Raymond Chrétien, former ambassador to Paris, Washington and Mexico, chairs Cérium Board of Directors, which also includes: Rupert Duchesne, Marie-José Nadeau, Guy Crevier, Jacques Bougie, Jean-Louis Roy, Martine Tremblay the vice-rector Martha Crago, two deans, Joseph Hubert (FAS) and Anne-Marie Boisvert (Law) And the vice-rector for research Joseph Hubert The executive director is Jean-François Lisée. The executive team is supported by a Scientific Committee.

21 Corps du texteccc 2008

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