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LeBron James By Devin Mollander. Bio Born LeBron Raymone James on Dec. 30 1984. Born to Gloria James when she was 16. His father is an ex-convict named.

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1 LeBron James By Devin Mollander

2 Bio Born LeBron Raymone James on Dec. 30 1984. Born to Gloria James when she was 16. His father is an ex-convict named Anthony McClelland.

3 High School LeBron played for St. Vincent-St. Mary of Akron, Ohio. Played under Keith Dambrot, a previous college coach, and helped lead the team to a Division III championship going 26-1. Started a group called the Fab 4, later changed to Fab 5.

4 Fab 5 The Fab 5 was a group of close friends who attended St. Vincent- St. Mary High School of Akron, Ohio. Members of the group were LeBron, Sian, Dru, Romeo, and Willy. These players helped lead to 3 state championships and a national title to St. Vincent- St. Mary High School.


6 Dru Joyce III Dru Joyce III started playing basketball before high school with his dad as his coach. Dru was 4 11 during high school. Wouldnt stop playing one on one basketball until he beat you, if you made fun of his height.

7 Sian Cotton Was never really good at basketball. Used basketball to help him on the football field. Was still considered one of the group because of his personality.

8 William McGee Acted a little more mature then the rest Was considered the best basketball player in Akron when he was younger.

9 Romeo Travis Wasnt an actual member of the group until junior year. Got into fights with some members before joining. Came from a troubled home.

10 Local Celebrity While in Akron LeBron became a local celebrity. Everyone knew him and called him Mr. Basketball. The fab five were the coolest kids at school. Fighting Irish games were even televised and were available on pay-per-view.

11 Pro Status OHSAA (Ohio High School Athletic Association) states a high school player who accepts extravagant gifts valued at more then 100 dollars is ineligible to play.

12 Investigation LeBron Jamess mother Gloria got a loan from a bank to get LeBron an H2 Hummer for his 18 th birthday. The bank took LeBrons success and nationwide exposure into consideration and accepted the loan.

13 Cont. The OHSAA investigated the gifts and discovered that LeBron accepted two throw back jerseys from a sports store to pose in pictures for advertisements. The jerseys were valued at more then 800 dollars.

14 Court The judge decided LeBron should be stripped of amateur status. And thereby ineligible to play in high school games. While unable the Fighting Irish forfeit one game and won the other.

15 Appeal LeBron appeal to court again and the judge only sentenced a two game suspension. The forfeit was the only loss for the season.

16 Division II Champion The Fighting Irish won the state championship and became the number one high school in the nation. At the end of his high school career LeBron had: 2,657 points, 892 rebounds and 523 assists.

17 Where Are They Now? With the end of their senior year the Fab Five divided, each going their separate ways.

18 Dru Dru played basketball in the European League for Germany. Recent reports states he will be playing for the New York Knicks.

19 Sian Sian went to college. He plays football and is training to be an engineer.

20 Willie Willie plays college basketball. He also volunteers to help teach basketball to little kids.

21 Romeo Romeo also plays for college and assists Willie when teaching kids.

22 LeBron … LeBron found close work in Cleveland… But now works in Miami…

23 Awards 2× NBA Most Valuable Player (2009–2010) NBA Rookie of the Year (2004) 7× NBA All-Star (2005–2011) NBA Scoring Champion (2008) 4× All-NBA First Team (2006, 2008–2010) 2× All-NBA Second Team (2005, 2007) 2× All-Defensive First Team (2009–2010) NBA All-Rookie First Team (2004) 2× NBA All-Star Game MVP (2006, 2008) Naismith Prep Player of the Year (2003)

24 Guide For Template GP- Games played GS - Games started MPG - Minutes per game FG% - Field-goal percentage 3P% - 3-point field-goal percentage FT% - Free-throw percentage RPG - Rebounds per game APG - Assists per game SPG - Steals per game BPG - Blocks per game PPG - Points per game Bold - Career high

25 Stats YearTeamGPGSMPGFG%3P%FT%RPGAPGSPGBPGPPG 2003– 04 Cavs79 39.5.417.290.7545. 2004– 05 Cavs80 42.4.472.351.7507. 2005– 06 Cavs79 42.5.480.335.7387. 2006– 07 Cavs78 40.9.476.319.6986. 2007– 08 Cavs757440.4.484.315.7127. 2008– 09 Cavs81 37.7.489.344.7807. 2009– 10 Cavs76 39.0.503.333.7677. 2010– 11 Heat79 38.8.510.330.7597. Career62762640.1.479.329.7597. All- Star 7730.9.511.326.7607.

26 Tattoos LeBron has a number of tattoos. He has, "Chosen 1," a name he received from the cover of Sports Illustrated while in high school. On his right leg vertically, "Witness." On his right arm, a lion with a crown and "Gloria" for his mother. On his upper left arm, the word "Beast" and "Hold my own." On his lower left arm, a rendition of the face of his first son, and the words, "Prince James" for his first son, and "Maximus Bryce" for his second son. On his lower right arm, "Akron", and "330" the telephone area code for Akron, Ohio, James' hometown. Additionally on his lower right forearm, the slogan, "No one can see through what I am except for the one that made me." On his chest, the words, "Gifted Child" and a large animal across his pectorals resembling a "lion-dragon".

27 Salary Season Team Salary 2003–04 Cleveland $4,018,920 2004–05 Cleveland $4,320,360 2005–06 Cleveland $4,621,800 2006–07 Cleveland $5,828,090 2007–08 Cleveland $13,041,250 2008–09 Cleveland $14,410,581 2009–10 Cleveland $15,779,912 2010–11 Miami $14,500,000 LeBron gets paid WAY to much in my opinion…

28 Weird LeBron became the first African American featured on the cover of Vogue.

29 Conclusion LeBron James is the single greatest basketball player EVER!!! His athletic ability combined with his best ever attitude makes him the best ever.

30 Sources The Film More Than A Game all/2003-02-04-lebron-appeal_x.htm gazine/MAG1024928/2/index.htm

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