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Sports & Entertainment Marketing II

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1 Sports & Entertainment Marketing II
1.14 Employ sales processes and techniques to enhance customer relationships and to increase the likelihood of making sales

2 Considerations in “Selling” a Venue
The sportscape is the physical surroundings of a venue that impact spectators’ desire to attend, stay at, and ultimately return to a venue and/or event. It’s important to sell the venue because it is part of their product

3 Factors that Impact the Sportscape of the Venue
Newness of the venue Aesthetics or beauty of the venue Seat comfort Ease of layout Cleanliness of venue Perceived crowding Adequate parking, access to public transportation Reasonably priced concessions

4 Incentives to Offer When “Selling” a Venue
Sponsor naming rights for venue Signage and exclusive advertising If you only have one entity affiliated with your sport/event organization. The benefit is called “exclusivity” Information booths/tents (a source of sales leads) Activity centers promoting the sponsor’s goods/services Exclusive sales rights of sponsor’s products or services OWNERSHP-this is when a company is given the opportunity to have a certain part of the event named after them. EXAMPLE-The 2014 NCAA Championship in Texas names the pre-game “Braums” Ice Cream Store

5 Procedures to Follow when “Selling” a Venue
Emphasize: Sportscape of the venue Match-up between event’s needs and venue’s assets Signage promoting sponsor Sponsor as sole advertiser Naming rights given to sponsor Uniqueness of venue Ability to match sponsor’s objective’s with venue layout Giveaways (e.g., special seating, event apparel, VIP lounge, etc.)

6 Who do companies sponsor sport/events
To create or maintain a certain image. The benefit to them is to display characteristics they want consumers to associate with their products or services. This is one way of enhancing their public relations

7 What is Value-in-kind Value-in-kind (VIK) is a type of sponsorship where the sponsor to a project may bring goods or service than cash contribution and that which is bought will be given monetary value as contribution.  Sponsors use this kind of sponsorship to save as they are able to source goods at the lesser price yet still give the product the value that was required.   EXAMPLE-The panther players receives free Nike gear as part of Nike’s payment of its sponsorship fee. The arrangement is know as value-in-kind

8 Example of VIK EXAMPLE-The panther players receives free Nike gear as part of Nike’s payment of its sponsorship fee. The arrangement is know as value-in-kind In-kind sponsorship is an option for organizations and individuals who want to support a good cause but don't necessarily have a lot of extra cash to contribute. In-kind sponsorships allow people to help in whatever way they are most able, by sharing the strengths, skills and resources that they do have.

9 Steps in a sponsorship presentation
One of the first steps in a sponsorship presentation is “creating awareness” Other steps would be: Research Potential Sponsors] Organize your presentation List your benefits Demonstrate expertise

10 The End! Any Questions?????

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