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Catarina Segersten Larsson. The county of Värmland is home to more than 273 000 people over an area of 17 586 square kilometers.

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1 Catarina Segersten Larsson

2 The county of Värmland is home to more than 273 000 people over an area of 17 586 square kilometers.

3 Värmland sits on water. There are 10 512 lakes here, including Lake Vänern in the south; this is the biggest inland lake in Western Europe.

4 The University of Karlstad with 10 000 students. 18 000 elks and 50 wolfs Three airports The worlds longest ski-tunnel Four art museums 1000 sports associations with 100 000 members And much more…

5 Since 1950 Rally Sweden, part of the World Rally Championship, takes place in Värmland. In 2012 Rally Sweden had around 200 000 visitors, alongside 45 million viewers from 195 countries. Värmlands inhabitants are not only interested in watching rally – famous Swedish rally co-driver Tina Thörner was born here.

6 Automotive Sweden is a non-profit organisation that started out as an ERDF- project. The aim is to encourage co-operation and to stimulate growth in the Swedish automotive industry. It provides neutral information to national and international representatives in business, politics and academia.

7 Volvo CE – Arvika Arvika is the global hub for Volvos production of wheel loaders. Covers the whole chain – from product development to assembly. Volvo CE in Arvika employs 1000 people, which makes it one of Värmlands largest employers. Volvo Buses – Säffle The factory in Säffle has produced auto bodies for Volvo Buses since the 1980s. Body work has been carried out in Säffle since 1913. Volvo Buses employed 330 persons. In 2013 the factory was closed and production moved to Poland.


9 Climate Arena is a unique industrial project of both National and European interest with focus on the automotive industry. The main goal is to build a world state-of the-art indoor arena in Sunne, Värmland, which offers prototype testing for the automotive industry in winter- and summer climate all year around, independent of season.

10 In early 2000 a group of people decided to build an indoor arena for skiing all year round in Torsby, Värmland. The Automotive industry courted the question of whether they could also get access to winter testing of vehicles in the same arena – the idea of Climate Arena was born…

11 Ten years have gone by and Climate Arena is now a project ready to be launched: 2003-2005 Market research among OEM:s and suppliers in Europe 2005-2007 Pilot study and a first draft of the arena 2007-2008 Discussions on the geographic location of the arena 2008-2009 Negotiations with Construction Company 2010 - Discussions with the automotive industry on the needs, demands and wishes of the arena 2012 - Finished study, financing phase and dialogue with the automotive industry on capacity

12 Climate Arena is suitable for all passenger cars, heavy vehicles and its suppliers. 7 km of track over 200 000 m² (equal to 10 IKEA stores). Varying climate zones such as different temperatures, highways, and surfaces.

13 New strategic way to work with product planning and R & D Winter and summer conditions all year round regardless of the season Varying climatic conditions by preference, from - 40c to +30 c Varying conditions and environments based on the needs and wishes Stable, smooth and safe conditions Repeatable conditions in the same environment Wide range of testing capabilities Accelerate product launches and shorten product lifecycles Accelerate the transition to more environmentally friendly vehicles Generate direct economic gains through faster and safer product launches Service Centre, offices, accommodation, conference, airport, hospital, recreation

14 Potential customers OEM AB Volvo BMW Scania Volvo Cars Renault Mercedes Volkswagen GM Europa PSA Fiat Hyundai/Kia Toyota Subcontractors Bosch Knorr Continental Bridgestone Valeo Haldex Michelin Semcon Etc.

15 Thank you for your attention!

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