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Wauwatosa Blazers Lacrosse Spring Registration Meeting

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1 Wauwatosa Blazers Lacrosse Spring Registration Meeting

2 Agenda Classic 8 Wauwatosa Blazers Tryouts Practices Games
Player Expectations Parent Expectations Schedules Registration

3 Classic 8 Classic 8 Conference governs high school boys and girls lacrosse for the Milwaukee area. Lacrosse is still a “Club Sport” but aligns with all WIAA rules and by-laws. There is a league commissioner in charge of all conference game schedules. There are 2 Divisions at the Varsity level Red and Black There are 2 JV Divisions – JV1 and JV2. Objective is to have a seamless transition when lacrosse is recognized as a WIAA sport.

4 Classic 8 Black Division Red Division Wauwatosa Marquette
Heritage Christian USM Kenosha Ozaukee St John’s Mukwonago Arrowhead Red JV Only Teams: Watertown, West Bend Red Division Marquette Brookfield Kettle Moraine Franklin Lakeshore Waukesha Catholic Memorial Arrowhead

5 Wauwatosa Blazers Lacrosse
2014: 1 JV & 1 Varsity Team Tosa East & Tosa West High Schools Wisconsin Lacrosse Federation (WLF) ≈ 40 Teams US Lacrosse Youth Program

6 Blazer Program Develop fundamentally sound lacrosse players.
Improve every time we take the field – practice and games. Consistent program structure – Youth through High School. Optimize Program Development Overall quality of the program Have a clearly defined team & program focus Optimize Team Development Shared understanding of purpose, goals, and objectives Commitment to team’s purpose Understand the difference between the task versus the process Optimize Individual Development Productive instruction More one-on-one coaching More skills work during practice Quality experience

7 Varsity 2014 Coaches Captains:
Head Coach: Dave Diehl Assistant Coaches: Phil Riggi, John Stahl, Brian Godshaw Captains: Kyle Mabie, Zach Hoffland Highest level of skill, knowledge, athletic ability, team dynamic is the focus 20 to 25 players All seniors are on Varsity

8 JV 2014 Coaches Head Coach: Craig Vermeulen Assistant Coaches: Dan McHugh, Joe Humer, Rob Jones Fundamental to intermediate level of skill, knowledge, athletic ability, team dynamic is the focus 20 to 25 players

9 Offseason Open Gyms Tosa West Conditioning Tosa East Conditioning
Saturday: 12:00 – 1:30 at Tosa West (typically) Tosa West Conditioning Monday: 7:00 – 8:30 Tosa East Conditioning Monday: 4:15 – 5:30 Wednesday: 2:15 – 3:30 Friday: 3:15 – 4:30

10 Tryouts/Placement Week of March 17th
Player Skill & Fundamentals LAX IQ Ability to learn Effort Conditioning Speed/Strength Evaluation How are you as a teammate? Divide teams based on what is best for both the player and the program No Cuts

11 Practices Mon-Fri 5:00 – 7:00 at Tosa West Varsity & JV at same time
Weather Rain or shine! Times will only change for storms / unusable field 7:00 – 9:00 in Tosa West gym Spring Break – Optional No practice Memorial Day

12 Games Varsity & JV in Tosa West stadium Varsity & JV Doubleheaders
Hart Park: Varsity on 4/5 and 5/1 Varsity & JV Doubleheaders Bus to away games Weather Field Conditions

13 Player Expectations Respect coaches, teammates, opponents, referees and the game of lacrosse Come to practices/games fully equipped Have all equipment, including team helmet and team provided pinnies and shorts Practice & Game Eligibility (WIAA) Academics Attendance Physical Exams Code of Conduct Summer Teams - WAIVER Attire at school: Shirts and ties and/or uniforms on game days (Coaches decision)

14 Player Expectations (cont.)
BE COMMITED Work hard every day. Maintain personal integrity on and off the field. Attendance Excused vs. Unexcused Absences On time means dressed and ready to go If you’re early you’re on time, if you’re on time you’re late Players arrive at games one hour before game time Carpooling Communication

15 Communication Dave Diehl (Varsity) Craig Vermeulen (JV)
Craig Vermeulen (JV) Remember to check website and

16 Equipment Helmet Stick Mouth Guard Gloves Shoulder Pads Elbow Pads
Cleats CUP!!! Practice Gear Pinnie Shorts !!!

17 Helmet Following Helmets are Acceptable All black with CHROME facemask
Cascade CPX-R Cascade Pro 7 Cascade R All black with CHROME facemask Club will provide decals


19 Parent Expectations Respect coaches, teammates, opponents, referees and the game of lacrosse. Set a good example in the stands Volunteer if possible Let the coaches coach Motivate your athlete Keep things fun

20 Volunteers Team Coordinator/Parent Games Team Dinners Charity Event
Timer Scorebook Concessions Film Pictures Announcer Team Dinners Charity Event Fundraising

21 Conflict Resolution Player to Player Player to Coach Parent to Coach
Self resolution Team captain guidance Head or assistant coach guidance Activities Director Player to Coach Directly with the coach or alternate coach Parent to Coach

22 Varsity Schedule 03/28 Fri 6:00 PM Brookfield (Scrimmage) Hart Park
04/05 Sat 5:00 PM Green Bay Metro 04/09 Wed 5:30 PM @ University School of Milwaukee University School of Milwaukee 04/24 Thu @ Kenosha Kenosha Tremper High School 04/26 4:00 PM Catholic Memorial Wauwatosa West High School 04/29 Tue 7:00 PM St John’s Military Academy 05/01 7:30 PM @ Heritage Christian 05/03 12:00 PM @ Appleton Appleton 05/08 Arrowhead Red 05/10 @ DeForest DeForest 05/13 Kettle Moraine 05/15 @ Ozaukee Lemke Field 05/22 Mukwonago 05/29 Waukesha State Playoffs 06/03 TBD First Round 06/05 Second Round 06/07 Third Round 06/11 Semi-Finals 06/14 Championship Game

23 JV Schedule 04/09 Wed 5:30 PM @ Watertown High School
04/23 @ Kenosha Indian Trail Academy 04/26 Sat 2:00 PM Catholic Memorial Wauwatosa West High School 04/29 Tue 5:00 PM Marquette Blue 04/30 @ West Bend TBD 05/03 12:00 PM @ Appleton Appleton 05/05 Mon Kenosha 2 05/08 Thu Arrowhead Red 05/10 @ DeForest DeForest 05/13 Kettle Moraine 1 05/14 @ Ozaukee Lemke Field 05/22 Kettle Moraine 2 05/29 Waukesha Classic 8 Playoffs 05/31 Round 1 06/02 Semi-Finals 06/04 Championship Game

24 2nd Annual Autism Awareness Event
Saturday, April 26th Youth and High School games Fundraiser Concessions Vendors Activities Volunteers Athletes

25 Registration All are required before first day:
Dues: Paid via Sports Ngin Registration Form Athletic Eligibility Form Concussion Information Form Emergency Card Physical

26 Dues $335 + $50 for Papa Murphy’s fundraiser
Additional $25 if paid after February 14th. US Lacrosse Membership included Club self-funded Costs for both home and away games Conference & League Fees

27 Fundraising Papa Murphy’s Spirit Wear Dinners
Sponsorships/Donations – Tax Deductible Website Program

28 On-line Website: Facebook

29 2014 Season Play Smart Play With Effort Play With Enthusiasm

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