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Wauwatosa Blazers Lacrosse Spring Registration Meeting.

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1 Wauwatosa Blazers Lacrosse Spring Registration Meeting

2 Agenda Classic 8 Wauwatosa Blazers Tryouts Practices Games Player Expectations Parent Expectations Schedules Registration

3 Classic 8 Classic 8 Conference governs high school boys and girls lacrosse for the Milwaukee area. Lacrosse is still a Club Sport but aligns with all WIAA rules and by-laws. There is a league commissioner in charge of all conference game schedules. There are 2 Divisions at the Varsity level – Red and Black There are 2 JV Divisions – JV1 and JV2. Objective is to have a seamless transition when lacrosse is recognized as a WIAA sport.

4 Classic 8 Black Division – Wauwatosa – Heritage Christian – USM – Kenosha – Ozaukee – St Johns – Mukwonago – Arrowhead Red JV Only Teams: Watertown, West Bend Red Division – Marquette – Brookfield – Kettle Moraine – Franklin – Lakeshore – Waukesha – Catholic Memorial – Arrowhead

5 Wauwatosa Blazers Lacrosse 2014: 1 JV & 1 Varsity Team Tosa East & Tosa West High Schools Wisconsin Lacrosse Federation (WLF) – 40 Teams US Lacrosse Youth Program

6 Blazer Program Develop fundamentally sound lacrosse players. Improve every time we take the field – practice and games. Consistent program structure – Youth through High School. Optimize Program Development – Overall quality of the program – Have a clearly defined team & program focus Optimize Team Development – Shared understanding of purpose, goals, and objectives – Commitment to teams purpose – Understand the difference between the task versus the process Optimize Individual Development – Productive instruction – More one-on-one coaching – More skills work during practice – Quality experience

7 Varsity 2014 Coaches – Head Coach: Dave Diehl – Assistant Coaches: Phil Riggi, John Stahl, Brian Godshaw Captains: – Kyle Mabie, Zach Hoffland Highest level of skill, knowledge, athletic ability, team dynamic is the focus 20 to 25 players All seniors are on Varsity

8 JV 2014 Coaches – Head Coach: Craig Vermeulen – Assistant Coaches: Dan McHugh, Joe Humer, Rob Jones Fundamental to intermediate level of skill, knowledge, athletic ability, team dynamic is the focus 20 to 25 players

9 Offseason Open Gyms – Saturday: 12:00 – 1:30 at Tosa West (typically) Tosa West Conditioning – Monday: 7:00 – 8:30 Tosa East Conditioning – Monday: 4:15 – 5:30 – Wednesday: 2:15 – 3:30 – Friday: 3:15 – 4:30

10 Tryouts/Placement Week of March 17 th – Player Skill & Fundamentals – LAX IQ – Ability to learn – Effort – Conditioning – Speed/Strength Evaluation – How are you as a teammate? Divide teams based on what is best for both the player and the program No Cuts

11 Practices Mon-Fri 5:00 – 7:00 at Tosa West Varsity & JV at same time Weather – Rain or shine! – Times will only change for storms / unusable field 7:00 – 9:00 in Tosa West gym Spring Break – Optional No practice Memorial Day

12 Games Varsity & JV in Tosa West stadium – Hart Park: Varsity on 4/5 and 5/1 Varsity & JV Doubleheaders Bus to away games Weather Field Conditions

13 Player Expectations Respect coaches, teammates, opponents, referees and the game of lacrosse Come to practices/games fully equipped – Have all equipment, including team helmet and team provided pinnies and shorts Practice & Game Eligibility (WIAA) – Academics – Attendance – Physical Exams – Code of Conduct – Summer Teams - WAIVER Attire at school: Shirts and ties and/or uniforms on game days (Coaches decision)

14 Player Expectations (cont.) BE COMMITED Work hard every day. Maintain personal integrity on and off the field. Attendance – Excused vs. Unexcused Absences – On time means dressed and ready to go If youre early youre on time, if youre on time youre late – Players arrive at games one hour before game time – Carpooling Communication

15 Dave Diehl (Varsity) – – 262-361-2503 Craig Vermeulen (JV) – – 414-587-1877 Remember to check website and e-mail

16 Equipment Helmet Stick Mouth Guard Gloves Shoulder Pads Elbow Pads Cleats CUP!!! Practice Gear – Pinnie – Shorts !!!

17 Helmet Following Helmets are Acceptable – Cascade CPX-R – Cascade Pro 7 – Cascade R All black with CHROME facemask Club will provide decals


19 Parent Expectations Respect coaches, teammates, opponents, referees and the game of lacrosse. Set a good example in the stands Volunteer if possible Let the coaches coach Motivate your athlete Keep things fun

20 Volunteers Team Coordinator/Parent Games – Timer – Scorebook – Concessions – Film – Pictures – Announcer Team Dinners Charity Event Fundraising

21 Conflict Resolution Player to Player – Self resolution – Team captain guidance – Head or assistant coach guidance – Activities Director Player to Coach – Team captain guidance – Directly with the coach or alternate coach – Activities Director Parent to Coach – Directly with the coach or alternate coach – Activities Director

22 Varsity Schedule 03/28Fri6:00 PMBrookfield (Scrimmage)Hart Park 04/05Sat5:00 PMGreen Bay MetroHart Park 04/09Wed5:30 PM@ University School of MilwaukeeUniversity School of Milwaukee 04/24Thu5:30 PM@ KenoshaKenosha Tremper High School 04/26Sat4:00 PMCatholic MemorialWauwatosa West High School 04/29Tue7:00 PMSt Johns Military AcademyWauwatosa West High School 05/01Thu7:30 PM@ Heritage ChristianHart Park 05/03Sat12:00 PM@ AppletonAppleton 05/08Thu7:00 PMArrowhead RedWauwatosa West High School 05/10Sat12:00 PM@ DeForestDeForest 05/13Tue7:00 PMKettle MoraineWauwatosa West High School 05/15Thu5:30 PM@ OzaukeeLemke Field 05/22Thu7:00 PMMukwonagoWauwatosa West High School 05/29Thu7:30 PMWaukeshaWauwatosa West High School State Playoffs 06/03TueTBDFirst RoundTBD 06/05ThuTBDSecond RoundTBD 06/07SatTBDThird RoundTBD 06/11WedTBDSemi-FinalsTBD 06/14SatTBDChampionship GameTBD

23 JV Schedule 04/09Wed5:30 PM@ Watertown High SchoolWatertown High School 04/23Wed5:30 PM@ KenoshaIndian Trail Academy 04/26Sat2:00 PMCatholic MemorialWauwatosa West High School 04/29Tue5:00 PMMarquette BlueWauwatosa West High School 04/30Wed5:30 PM@ West BendTBD 05/03Sat12:00 PM@ AppletonAppleton 05/05Mon5:30 PMKenosha 2Wauwatosa West High School 05/08Thu5:00 PMArrowhead RedWauwatosa West High School 05/10Sat2:00 PM@ DeForestDeForest 05/13Tue5:00 PMKettle Moraine 1Wauwatosa West High School 05/14Wed5:30 PM@ OzaukeeLemke Field 05/22Thu5:00 PMKettle Moraine 2Wauwatosa West High School 05/29Thu5:30 PMWaukeshaWauwatosa West High School Classic 8 Playoffs 05/31Sat2:00 PMRound 1TBD 06/02Mon5:30 PMSemi-FinalsTBD 06/04Wed5:30 PMChampionship GameTBD

24 2 nd Annual Autism Awareness Event Saturday, April 26 th Youth and High School games Fundraiser – Concessions – Vendors – Activities Volunteers Athletes

25 Registration All are required before first day: – Dues: Paid via Sports Ngin – Registration Form – Athletic Eligibility Form – Concussion Information Form – Emergency Card – Physical

26 Dues $335 + $50 for Papa Murphys fundraiser Additional $25 if paid after February 14 th. US Lacrosse Membership included Club self-funded – Costs for both home and away games – Conference & League Fees

27 Fundraising Papa Murphys Spirit Wear Dinners Sponsorships/Donations – Tax Deductible – Website – Program

28 On-line Website: Facebook Twitter: @tosablazers

29 2014 Season Play Smart Play With Effort Play With Enthusiasm

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