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Beach Volleyball History Benefits Transitioning from Indoor Volleyball National/Regional events Q/A Presented by: Mark Nalevanko – vh1vball Junior Beach.

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1 Beach Volleyball History Benefits Transitioning from Indoor Volleyball National/Regional events Q/A Presented by: Mark Nalevanko – vh1vball Junior Beach Director – Kevin Wendelboe – Carolina Region/USAV President -

2 1920s – First played on the beaches of Santa Monica, California Players got tired of waiting on enough people to show up to play games so they adapted to playing a 2 person version of volleyball 1947 - First official two-man tournament held on Will Rogers State Beach in California 1960 – First time the Manhattan Beach Open is held. Longest running beach volleyball tournament to this day. History

3 1983 - First official players organization formed – Association of Volleyball Players (AVP) – hosting events across the country for next 25+ years History (Part 2) Early 1990s – FIVB forms international pro beach tour 1996 – Sport makes debut in Olympics. 2011 – USAV and National Volleyball League (NVL) begin hosting pro beach events as AVP restructures

4 Sport Expands to Juniors… 1994 – AAU hosts a junior beach volleyball tournament in California kicking off formation of AAU Beach program 2001 – First FIVB World Junior Beach Volleyball Championships 2005 – USA Beach Junior Tour inaugural season 2006 – vh1vball – outdoor volleyball organization based in Raleigh holds junior beach tournaments for the first time 2011 – Carolina Region/USAV starts a junior beach volleyball tour 2011 - Carolina Open stop added to the USA Beach Junior Tour History (Part 3)

5 First – Why play sand volleyball? – Quickly develop/improve all volleyball skills from being involved in EVERY play. – Beach game is suited for players that dont want to be specialists – You dont have to be tall to be successful (Example: Holly McPeak, one of the all-time greats was only 5 6 tall) – Improved conditioning from running in the sand – Improved quickness from covering more court area – Improved vertical from jumping in the sand – Kinder on the body – sand is a low impact surface conducive to repeatedly jumping/diving – Sport being added to NCAA program starting in 2012 Transition from Indoor Volleyball

6 First – Why play? – ITS FUN PLAYING OUTSIDE!!! Transition from Indoor Volleyball

7 Second – Whats the same? – Same principle skills of volleyball (serving, passing, setting, hitting) all apply to beach volleyball with ball control being crucial – Same rules (mostly) – Net Heights – Same September 1 age cutoffs used for junior divisions (based in 2 year increments instead of every year currently) 18U, 16U, 14U, 12U Girls and Boys Transition from Indoor Volleyball

8 Third – Whats different? – 2 players – No player rotation necessary, just Left Side/Right Side positions – Shorter/Simplified court About 3 feet shorter and 1.5 feet narrower on each side No front/back zones or center line under net Transition from Indoor Volleyball

9 Primary differences? – Dealing with outside elements (sand, sun, wind, rain) – Rules Tournament matches consist of best 2 out of 3. First 2 games to 21. Third game to 15 Switch sides on multiples of 7 (games to 21) or 5 (games to 15) Block counts as a contact No open hand dinks/tips at the net Sets over the net must be made directly forward or backward of where the player is facing (no shoots to the side allowed) No re-dos on the serve toss Hand setting generally tighter (players discouraged to attempt overhead sets on serve-receive) Net violations tighter too (cant touch the net while making any play on the ball) Transition from Indoor Volleyball

10 USA Beach Junior Tour – Website: – Schedule just released including a North Carolina event – Registration to open up around March 15th – Carolina Open – Raleigh/Cary – May 19-20, 2012 – Largest junior beach volleyball tournament in NC (close to 90 teams last year) – May 19 - Girls 18U, 16UBoys 18U – May 20 - Girls 14U, 12UBoys 14U – Top 3 finishers in each division receive: FREE ENTRY to National Championships in Milwaukee, WI – July 28/29 Chance to win a travel stipend valued at up to $500 (2 available) National/Regional Events 2012

11 Carolina Region Junior Beach Volleyball Tour – Website: – Over a dozen events planned (twice as many as last year) – More Sites Raleigh/Cary Charlotte Wilmington Claremont (between Statesville and Hickory) Wilson (about 30 minutes east of Raleigh) Emerald Isle – Tour Championships – Points awarded to players based on finishes with top-earners winning season-ending awards at tour championships post-tournament banquet – Cost usually between $10-20 per person National/Regional Events 2012

12 Collegiate Sand Volleyball Makes Debut in Spring 2012 as Emerging Sport – Website: – 15 schools already College of Charleston Florida State University of Alabama-Birmingham University of Southern California And others including several more in Southeast – 10 years to get at least 40 schools sponsoring the sport to make it an official championship NCAA sport – Dual format play (similar to tennis) with best of 5 matches played between teams – Inaugural championships in Gulf Shores, AL (April 27-29) NCAA Sand Volleyball

13 USA Beach Volleyball – Website: volleyball volleyball – Holds HP Beach camps (tryouts for national teams) across country (closest in AL, FL) USA Beach Junior Tour – Website: AAU Beach – Website : More Resources (National)

14 Carolina Region Jr Beach Tour – Website: – Facebook: vh1vball Juniors (Raleigh) – Website: – Maintains the regions facebook site plus a biweekly e-Newsletter dedicated to junior beach volleyball Blue Sky Volleyball (Cary) – Website: – Hosts both adult and junior beach volleyball events SportsLink (Charlotte) – Website: – Runs sports leagues of all kinds including adult and junior sand volleyball More Resources (North Carolina)

15 What are the requirements/fees to sign-up for a tournament? – All events on Carolina Region Jr Beach Tour require USAV membership – USAV memberships from club team participation are good throughout summer – 1 event ($5) or summer membership ($15) forms available at check-in if needed – Cost of registration per event will vary from $10-20 per person typically. Carolina Open is around $30 per person. Where do I sign-up for an event? – Most events will have a direct link from the Carolina Region Jr Beach Tour page ( to the hosts tournament site – If Carolina Region is hosting the event, then registration will be available directly on the aforementioned webpage Frequently Asked Questions

16 How do I find a teammate for an event? – Ask your indoor club teammates, school teammates, friends – Send an email to the tournament host about whether anyone else is looking for a teammate How to I get more formally introduced to the sport (coaching/training)? – There are Carolina Region sanctioned training sessions in Triangle area (Other areas may offer more opportunities soon) March 24 April 7, 21 - FULL May 5, 12 - FULL – Some people hold private instructions. Email Mark at to help get in touch with someone. Frequently Asked Questions

17 How are tournaments typically structured? – Teams are put into pools of 4-5 teams and play each team in their pool in round-robin fashion – Top 2 teams (4 team pools) or Top 3 teams (5 team pools) advance to a single-elimination playoff – If space/time permits, tournament director may offer a Consolation playoff bracket for lower-placed teams after round-robin competition ends – Finalists in each division receive awards (medals/trophies) Frequently Asked Questions

18 – Others Questions??? Thanks for your support!

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