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Ladies and Gentlemen: Hello and thank you for the time you have given us. I assure you we will use this time wisely. Let me introduce your company to.

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3 Ladies and Gentlemen: Hello and thank you for the time you have given us. I assure you we will use this time wisely. Let me introduce your company to Stancill Motorsports, a 2 driver, multi-divisional NASCAR Race Team. Based in the heart of NASCAR country in North Carolina, Stancill Motorsports offers a unique opportunity to market your business. The owner of Stancill Motorsports is the highly respected Chris Stancill, a successful farmer in Eastern North Carolina. Chris is a man of high integrity, who is continually carving his path to unmatched farming and racing success. His reputation has been built by his never faltering credibility throughout many circuits in the motorsports industry. Stancill Motorsports is currently able to participate in levels of racing – ranging from local tracks to the legendary NASCAR Truck Series and Nationwide Series. We have the ability to employee numerous professional organizations - staffed with a full-time team of professional technicians and mechanics who work together to sustain a highly competitive racing operation – while finding the best match to meet YOUR marketing needs. Our team displays unwavering top notch sportsmanship and work ethics, and believes in the never-ending improvement of standards and quality. We hope you will find the following information useful in confirming how Motorsports Marketing will play a key role in reaching your companys goals. Thank you, Chris Stancill

4 THE STANCILL FAMILY The Stancill family has a long proud heritage of farming in Eastern NC. In addition to farming, our family has participated in the sport of racing for over a decade – winning countless races and championships in numerous different venues. Our children have always been required to work on our farm – while maintaining good grades in school and racing all over the United States. They have had the privilege of being raised in a loving home, with educated and caring parents. Through these requirements and exposure, both boys have grown into well spoken, polite young men, with a work ethic that is second to none. Im sure you are aware, racing is the fastest growing spectator sport in America. Fans are devoted, not just to the cars and drivers, but the companies that support them. With todays economic climate, the timing is perfect for your company to enter the sport of racing. NASCAR is devoting more TV exposure to new sponsors – as well as new drivers. There is great opportunity to get more bang for your buck than ever before. The options are almost unlimited – with packages available for one event, multiple events, or an entire season. The Stancill Family would embrace the opportunity to spread the word on your company!

5 Drivers: Ben and John Stancill

6 Bens racing talents have been in evidence since age 7- Five track championships by the age of 11 3 Time State Champion in Legend Cars 2006 Late Model Truck Champion & Rookie of the Year at Hickory Motor Speedway at age 17. 2007 Hooters Pro Cup Hard Charger Award at age 18. Ben has demonstrated commitment and professionalism in every endeavor. Ben is a student at Pitt Community College and works part time on the family farm. Ben is genuine and charismatic; of strong character and fiercely loyal; hard working and passionate --qualities that attract fans; and more importantly, customers. The DRIVER-- Ben Stancill

7 BEN STANCILL Date of birth: February 7, 1989 (Age 20) Hometown: Ayden, NC Student: Pitt Community College, Greenville NC Major Field of Study: Mechanical Engineering Favorite Motto: Whatever you are ….. Be a good one." Ben Stancill is the oldest son of Chris and Lori Stancill. Born into a farming and racing family, Ben has experienced hard physical farm work as well as the fun and exhilaration of racing. Ben began his racing career in go-karts in 1996 at the age of 7 and quickly captured several track championships. In 2001, at age 11, Ben earned the North Carolina State Points Championship in two divisions. Ben moved into INEX Legends cars in 2002 and became the North Carolina State Champion in his first season! Ben continued to race legends for several years, capturing several more state championships and finishing in the top 3 in National Points during those years. In 2005, Ben attended and graduated from the Skip Barber Racing School in Sebring Florida as well. During 2006, Ben moved into a Late Model Truck. Once again, he excelled in the series, capturing the Championship in his first year, as well as Rookie of the Year, and Most pole awards at legendary Hickory Motor Speedway. His team was also awarded Mechanics of the Year. Ben tested the waters of the Hooters Pro Cup Series in 2006. He competed in three Pro Cup races that year – capturing the outside pole position in his first race! In 2007, Ben focused his full attention on Hooters Pro Cup. He received the Hard Chargers Award for 2007 and proudly finished the season in the top 20 in points. During the 2008 season, Ben has competed in the Camping World East Series as his budget would allow. He finished an impressive 3 rd at his first race in the 2008 season. During the 2008 season, Ben raced in the ARCA/ReMax Series at Chicagoland as well as Talladega Superspeedway. 2008 also brought Ben the opportunity to race in the Craftsman Truck Series at Martinsville, VA. Ben was featured in the March 2009 Issue of NASCAR Illustrated. He is currently racing in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series with the legendary #63 team based out of St Louis.

8 Johns racing talents have been in evidence since age 7- Three track championships by the age of 10 6 Time State Champion in North Carolina and Virginia --3 Time WKA National Champion 2007 INEX National Champion, Points Champion, & winner at Las Vegas at age 14. 2008 Runner up PASS Late Model National Points at age 15. John has demonstrated commitment and professionalism in every endeavor. John is a full time student at DH Conley High School and works part time on the family farm. John is intelligent and well spoken; of strong character and fiercely loyal; hard working and passionate --qualities that attract fans; and more importantly, customers. The DRIVER-- John Stancill

9 JOHN STANCILL Date of birth: October 15, 1992 (Age 16) Hometown: Ayden, NC Full time Student: D H Conley High School, Greenville NC Favorite Motto: If youre going to do it --- do it right John was born on October 15, 1992; the youngest son of Chris and Lori Stancill. John began racing at dirt go-kart tracks at the age of 5. He suffered a critical head injury which interrupted his racing for more than 2 years. After a complete recovery, John captured several track championships and top finishes at the state level of competition in both dirt and asphalt. In 2004, John made history when he became the top junior driver at World Karting Associations Dirt Championship in Daytona, Fl. John won three of the four races he entered in Daytonas Kart week. He was featured in the May 2004 issue of Sports Illustrated for Kids. Johns go-kart was on display in Daytona USA until December 2005. During the 2006 season, John raced both the bandolero as well as the Pro-challenge car – finishing 3 rd in the National Points Series. John also competed in the Semi-Pro Legends Nationals in GA that year and proudly finished 4 th in the event – although he had only competed in 6 Legend Car races ever! 2007 Was a phenomenal year for John – beginning with the Winter Nationals Championship in February – followed by 28 wins during the 2007 INEX points season! John captured the Semi-pro National Championship as well as the National Win in Las Vegas! Johns determination, drive, and ability to overcome obstacles have contributed to his success both on and off the track. John is in 11 th grade at D. H. Conley High School. He continues to maintain an A/B average in honors courses while participating in other activities at school and a full racing schedule. John excels in math and science and is an invited member of the TIP Talent Identification Program through Duke University. John was chosen to participate in the Congressional Youth Leadership Council and traveled to Washington DC in November 2006 to represent North Carolina. John partnered with crew chief, Mark Huff, from Virginia for the 2008 season and competed in selected PASS super late model races. John finished 2 nd in the National Points. During 2009, John continues to race in the PASS series as well as selected UARA Late Model events.


11 A popular NASCAR national series since its debut in 1995, the high-profile NASCAR Camping World Truck Series features full-size, American-made trucks from four major manufacturers in tough, side-by-side racing. With 25 points events at 23 different tracks, the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series is a favorite among fans who like big, powerful, fast trucks. On television: 23 events on SPEED, and 2 events on FOX TV audience: The 2008 season was the most viewed season over the past 10 years, with an average of 884,00 viewers tuned in to per event Attendance: An average of 40,000+ fans attended each NASCAR Camping World Truck Series event in 2008 with multiple events attracting nearly 75,000 fans or more Marketing: 10-month racing season is one of the longest of all major U.S. sports, creating sustained marketing opportunities Brand building: Major brands rely on the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Series support:Strong backing by Series sponsor Camping World

12 Lead changes per race, on average Different race winners Different Bud Pole Award winners Number of races with victory under 1 second

13 NSCS, NNS, NCTS Tracks


15 TELEVISION PRINT RADIO MULTIMEDIA Through existing and new media partnerships, NASCAR fans have more access, while sponsors have more outlets to reach fans than ever before In 2009, FOX is broadcasting 2 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series events Joyce Julius & Associates have reported media values for air time that are 3x or more to that of the money the individual team sponsor invested.

16 #2 regular season sport on television #1 motorsports series on television Outperforms 75% of primetime TV and all late night comedy shows Excluding the NFL, NASCAR has more weekends as the #1 or #2 sport than any other sports property #2 motorsports series on television #3 regular season sport on cable television #1 motorsports series on ESPN2 #1 motorsports series on SPEED #3 motorsports series on cable television

17 The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series is the #4 motorsport on television DUE TO NASCARS AGREEMENT WITH NIELSEN MEDIA RESEARCH, DISTRIBUTION OF THIS OR ANY OTHER REPORT CONTAINING NIELSEN MEDIA RESEARCH INFORMATION IS PROHIBITED. AVERAGE NETWORK RATINGS: 2008 Most Recently Completed Regular Season Results reflect the following completed regular seasons: NSCS (2008), NNS (2008), IRL (2008), NCTS (2008), F1 (2008). Results reflect the following number of events: NSCS (23), NNS (4), IRL (7), NCTS (2), F1(4). Based on Live + Same Day data stream Source: Nielsen Media Research

18 Nearly 1.1 million fans watch NASCAR programming on ESPN and SPEED each week – 3 times as many as in years past Nearly 7 million fans access each month, in an addition to the 1 million fans accessing the NASCAR section on More than 60,000 fans on average per event watch live NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race streams on Tens of thousands of fans listen to SIRIUS NASCAR Radio daily Sprint, ESPN, SPEED, and FOX have all launched internet and wireless NASCAR applications for fans

19 18

20 Kenly, NC Hickory, NC Dillon, SC Cordele, GA Radford, VA Raleigh, NC Greenville, SC Rougemont, NC Braselton, GA Asheboro, NC Newport, TN South Boston, VA (14 races) Primarily in the South Eastern US Greenville, SC Newton, IA South Boston, VA Watkins Glen, NY Loudon, NH Thompson, CT Nashville, TN Lime Rock, CT Mansfield, OH Dover, DE Stafford Springs, CT (14 races) Primarily in the Eastern US Daytona Beach, FL Salem, IN Newton, IA Kansas City, KS Rockingham, NC Sparta, KY Toledo, OH Long Pond, PA Brooklyn, MI Marne, MI Springfield, IL DuQuoin, IL Joliet, IL Millville, NJ Talladega, AL Nelles Corner, Ontario (21 races)

21 Developmental Series Racing is growing in ways never before imagined. Now, races are being televised nationwide and the competition level has risen to an all time high. These Series allow drivers, sponsors and fans to experience the thrill of professional auto racing the way it was intended to be; up close and personal. Highly professional and competitive, these Racing Series offer exciting entertainment for the Everyman; its affordable for every man, woman and youngster. For about the price of a movie, popcorn and soft drink, fans are treated to the real roots of racing. Its what racing started out to be and is meant to be. Its a place where the drivers still make a difference. Youll rarely hear the drivers, crew chiefs and broadcasters use the words aero-push and down force. Instead youll hear door-to-door and bumper-to-bumper. And its why these Series attracts real race fans. These are fans that can tell you about the first race they attended; they can tell you the type of car, number and sponsor of every one of their favorite drivers. The only real sports are auto racing, bullfighting and mountain climbing. The rest are mere games. --Ernest Hemingway


23 Fans are part of a community with shared values and a passion for racing They are among the most passionate fans in all of sports They are by far the most brand loyal and sponsor supportive Source: ESPN Sports Poll 2007 (18+) and Scarborough USA+ 2007 / *Ipsos Insight, NASCAR Research 2007 NASCAR fans are 3X as likely to try and purchase NASCAR sponsors products and services.* NASCAR Fan Base Demographics: Gender neutral 60% male/40% female One-third 18-34 (100 index) One-half 18-44 (102 index) One-half $50,000+ (100 index) Two out of five w/kids under 18 (103 index) One in five fans is a minority (9.0% Hispanic / 8.2% African-American)


25 Source: Ipsos Insight, 2008 NASCAR driver use the products they endorse. 78% Nationwide Series team sponsors are just as important as Cup Series Sponsors 87% NASCAR drivers could not run their cars without sponsors support. 88% NASCAR sponsorship is the best buy in marketing. The combination of awareness, favorability and effectiveness is unparalleled in the sports world or anywhere else. Larry DeGaris, Former Director of the Center for Sports Sponsorship, JMU % of NASCAR Avid Fans Who Agree I support NASCAR sponsors more than sponsors of other sports. 61%

26 Whose fans do you think are the most aware of league sponsors ? Whose fans do you think are the most loyal to league sponsors? NASCAR65% NFL 13% MLB 6% NBA 4% MLS 3% PGA Tour 3% NHL 2% Source: Turnkey Sports Poll (among sports executives), November 2007 NASCAR Fans Are The Most Sponsor Loyal Fans in All of Sports! NASCAR 60% NFL 20% MLB 8% MLS 4% NBA 4% PGA Tour 2% NHL 1%



29 Advertising and promotions Special paint schemes Show cars Victory lane Licensing opportunities Business-to-business Local in-market programs Driver appearances Driver endorsements At-track marketing Product and service promotions Track signage Promotional displays Sampling and activation Hospitality programs STANCILL Motorsports and NASCAR give your company the following competitive advantages:

30 Endless Exposure-As our team sponsor, your brand automatically integrates into television, radio, web, print, video games, licensed products and other high-profile media outlets. Target Markets-Finding the right team partnership will help you reach a specific demographic group, while still having the benefit of reaching the entire brand loyal NASCAR audience. Brand recognition second to none-NASCAR team sponsorships are directly incorporated into the action. Brands are synonymous with our team. When the fans cheer for our team, they cheer for your brand also.

31 NASCAR brings a benefit that is completely unattainable through any other form of Marketing, Increased Employee Moral. Increases company morale by: Creating a sense of pride within employees Employees displaying positive support towards one another Creating a team like atmosphere among employees Decreases employee absentness Arriving to work motivated after an exciting weekend of racing Operational improvements: Improved workflow efficiency and quality Decreasing product/service delivery time Increased customer satisfaction ratings

32 Business to Business Find new business opportunities through other NASCAR sponsors. Build relationships with individual Track Owners. Track Side Promotions Endless opportunity to use the excitement of the Track s Sponsors Midway to approach your potential customers. Network with other track side promoters

33 Aflac Bank of America Best Western Camping World Canteen Vending Services Chevrolet (Impala) Cintas Coca-Cola Coors Light Craftsman Tools Daytona USA Diageo DIRECTV Dodge DuPont Duracell Featherlite Coach Featherlite Trailers Ford Trucks Freightliner Trucks Gillette Goodyear Kellogg's Mars Snackfood & Petfood US MTD Products (Cub Cadet) Nabisco (Kraft) Nationwide NicoDerm Office Depot Old Spice Prilosec OTC Safety-Kleen SIRIUS XM Radio Sprint Sunoco Tissot Toyota Tylenol Unilever UPS USG Visa

34 The following survey was conducted by Gfk Roper September 11 through October 10 of 2008, and asked adults (18 and older): What do you do during TV commercials? 52% - Talk to others without paying attention to the commercials 51% - Get up and do something else before the show comes back on 51% - Get up and do something else before the show comes back on 44% - Switch to another channel 44% - Switch to another channel 43% - Fast-forward through the commercials while using a DVR 43% - Fast-forward through the commercials while using a DVR 26% - Turn the sound down on the TV or mute it 26% - Turn the sound down on the TV or mute it Only 13% of respondents stated they Sit and watch the commercials

35 How do the findings in the last slide make you feel about television advertising? At a racing event, the commercials are the race cars. When a fan watches a race, either in person or on television, theyre NOT going to: talk to another person to avoid seeing the sponsors talk to another person to avoid seeing the sponsors get up and do something else get up and do something else switch to another channel switch to another channel fast-forward through the race fast-forward through the race turn the volume down or mute it turn the volume down or mute it For fans who attend a race event, even walking through the Manufacturers Midway is not considered commercials to be avoided. The Midway at a motorsports event is more like a carnival, where fans can buy merchandise, get autographs and have a good time… all the while being positively bombarded with marketing messages !

36 MRD gives your company an opportunity of partnering with a motorsports team that has proven longevity and integrity to make your transition into NASCAR one that will be a true success now and in the future. Why become a NASCAR team sponsor for TEAM MRD ? It is a proven and effective marketing platform. It is the ultimate form of brand integration. It is a strong return on investment. It is a symbol of success for employee moral. NASCAR sponsors have been a part of the sports heritage since the beginning. Sponsors see a positive impact from their involvement, whether it is in the first season or a long- term partnership.

37 Exclusive Primary Sponsor Camping World Truck Series The race truck, race team transporter, pit equipment and team uniforms are designed to your approved graphics with your company and/or your business partners brand name or brand trademarks reserved exclusively for the entire race season. The reserved areas would be the hood, upper rear quarter panels and rear TV panel. Included with this would be driver appearances at Corporate headquarters and driver hospitality visits with your company personnel at the track on the day of the race. All 25 races televised live on Speed Channel and Fox. Exclusive Primary Sponsor Nationwide Series The race car, race team transporter, pit equipment and team uniforms are designed to your approved graphics with your company and/or your business partners brand name or brand trademarks reserved exclusively for the entire race season. The reserved areas would be the hood, upper rear quarter panels and rear TV panel. Included with this would be driver appearances at Corporate headquarters and driver hospitality visits with your company personnel at the track on the day of the race. All 35 races are televised live on ESPN.




41 Kind Regards, Chris Stancill Cell: 252-227-2747 We appreciate you taking the time to learn how motorsports marketing will take your company to a new level. A level that is continually accomplishing your companys goals, with internal operations benefits that are unattainable through any other form of marketing. Stancill Motorsports strives to offer the best value in motorsports marketing and has many different options to fit your specific needs. We would like the opportunity to meet with your marketing representatives to further explain how we can work with you in creating the best plan to accomplish your goals using what NASCAR has to offer. We would be available to meet with your Marketing and Promotional Staff to discuss the best way of integrating your companys marketing philosophy into the Stancill Motorsports operation, using the phenomenon of NASCAR. We all look forward to a partnership that is filled with growth and integrity while holding the leading edge on both yours and our competition and would be honored with the opportunity to work with you in the delivery of your message to the millions of extremely brand loyal fans in the NASCAR nation. We hope you will take a minute to visit our Web sites @

42 Chris Stancill, President Stancill Motorsports Inc. (252) 746-9205 (252) 227-2747 (Mobile) (252) 746-8006 (fax) e-mail:,, Johns web site: Bens Web site:

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