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How do I start a Bass Club in My School? Simple guidelines to follow in forming a Bass Club in your school: 1. School district needs to identify interest.

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1 How do I start a Bass Club in My School? Simple guidelines to follow in forming a Bass Club in your school: 1. School district needs to identify interest in forming a MSHSAA recognized Bass Club within their district. This qualifies their students to fish Open Championships as a team while representing their respective schools. This also paves the way for future MSHSAA sanctioned events. 2. Identify a staff member in your school who would be willing to act as a coach/sponsor for your club. 3. High School Principal, Athletic Director, and Superintendent need to meet with coach/sponsor and prepare a proposal for club recognition and present it to the local school board for approval. Upon approval this links you with MSHSAA for future events. School district can set up a plan that could help offset expenses for upcoming events while lessening any burden financially for the district. 4. Coach/sponsor can begin planning club meetings. Should start with an informational meeting first for students and parents so expectations can be clear for both. Regularity of meetings can be at your clubs discretion. Probably should meet at least once a month to discuss upcoming events, guest seminars from local Pro's, casting, etc... 5. School Coach/sponsor should solicit help from local bass clubs and area Pro's. Most are more than willing to help. Use local newspapers, facebook, etc.. to advertise formation of the club and the need for local involvement. Brings the community together.

2 Proposal to Administrators Dear Administrator, Last Spring administrators across Missouri approved the formation of Bass Fishing as an emerging activity through MSHSAA. With your approval I would like to research the prospects of joining other schools in Missouri by bringing this opportunity to the __________ school district. With district budgets being tight throughout the state I realize that the prospects of district funding for such a club would not be available. With that being said I am offering my services for the formation of a club at no cost to our district. Our club will be self- sufficient and the responsibility of funding will be left to the club and its members. With the popularity of competitive College fishing as seen on ESPN, opportunities for college scholarships are now available for high school anglers. It is my hope that the __________ school district would join me in bringing this opportunity to the kids of our district. Thanks so much for your time and consideration. Sincerely yours,

3 Common Questions 1. Who provides the boats? 2. Who provides insurance? 3. Can kids win money and prizes? 4. Do the boaters have to pass a background check?

4 __________ High School __________ Fishing Team Your Sponsor: xxxx. Welcome to the __________ Fishing Team. We are an amateur program designed to introduce youth to the world of competitive tournament angling. Students participating in this club should understand that our goal is to develop a skill set that will be unrivaled by any other club in Missouri. Students who develop the finest skills will earn the right to represent our school at qualifying tournaments that one day could lead to a State Championship for __________ High School. This club will be dedicated to advanced angling techniques and strategies.

5 Requirements: 1.Must have a desire to compete at a high level. 2.Must attend club sponsored activities which include meetings and sponsored events. 3.Must have knowledge of seasonal strategies that allow you to be successful. 4.Must be willing to practice learned skills with friends and family while spending time on the water to perfect these skills. 5.Must be a team player and support your sponsor and others in this club. 6.Must be willing to volunteer time in community outreach programs. 7.Must attend qualifying events to earn your right to represent our school at state sanctioned events. 8.Students will be responsible for their own rods, reels, tackle etc. We do not have funding for those at this time as a fledgling club. We will help where we can. 9.Students will be required to purchase a team jersey that can be worn at school sanctioned events. These can include sponsor logos and your name.( Refer to the fees section of this document ) 10.You are a representing the __________ School District. You must abide by all policies outlined in the student handbook. Failure to do so will result in immediate removal from this club/team. 11.This is a MSHSAA sponsored club. All MSHSAA policies and requirements must be adhered too in order to be eligible to compete. 12.All students grades 9-12 would be eligible for membership in this club.

6 Club Meetings: 1.The __________ Fishing Team will meet once a month at 7 p.m. on Wednesday evenings in Room 101. 2.All members choosing to fish in qualifying tournaments are required to attend these meetings. 3.Meetings will include guest Pro seminars, lure manufacturing, casting practice, field trips, advanced map reading and instructional video. 4.All upcoming event planning will be discussed at these meetings. 5. Attendance is mandatory. 6.Breakdown strategy for upcoming events. Patterns and baits to be used and seasonal strategies surrounding the time of our event.

7 Fees: 1.We are a club so we function without district financial resources. 2.All fees for this club are the responsibility of the club and its members. 3. Members will be asked to participate in fund raising activities so we can get our club on the water. 4. Members choosing not to participate in fund raising activities may forfeit their club membership. 5.Dues include an annual fee of $40.00 per year. Club dues will be used to offset fuel expenses incurred by volunteers who offer their services to our club. These dues are subject to change in the future as we add events for members to fish. 6.All members are responsible for the purchase of their own team jersey voted on by the club. Individual sponsor logos can be added to these jerseys. These jerseys can be worn at all open events until MSHSAA takes complete control of upcoming events. At that time jerseys with only the school logo will be allowed under the policies outlined by MSHSAA. I_____________________________ understand all the by-laws and requirements outlined by the __________ Fishing Team. I also understand that violation of any of the by-laws can result in my immediate dismissal from this team. Parent or legal guardians signature:___________________________________________

8 September __________ Fishing Team October 2013 November SunMonTueThuFriSat 1 2 Bass Club Meeting to plan for Pumpkin Daze, pass out raffle tickets 3 4 5 Pumpkin Daze Club members work booths from 8:00-5:00, Raffle Prizes 12:00 6 7 8 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 9 Bass Club Fishing Night Boatrights Pond Meet at the High School at 5:00, all club members please plan on being there. Big Bass Prize. 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Guest Pro-Seminar 7:00 p.m. High School room 101, Club dues are due, Attendance mandatory 31 Notes: Develop a calendar of events

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