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Australian V8 Ute Racing. NATIONAL MARKETING OPPORTUNITY Australian V8 Ute Championship Presented by: ANDREW SCHULTZ Presented by: ANDREW SCHULTZ.

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1 Australian V8 Ute Racing

2 NATIONAL MARKETING OPPORTUNITY Australian V8 Ute Championship Presented by: ANDREW SCHULTZ Presented by: ANDREW SCHULTZ

3 The Aim: To build new business for your brand through a high profile Australian motor sport category that delivers: Brand Exposure through mass media, particularly television Promotional opportunities to stimulate retail floor traffic An opportunity to add personality to your brand Corporate Hospitality and V8 Ute hot laps Television and media placement on the SEVEN Network

4 THE DRIVER: Andrew the Sarge Schultz has stepped out of the toughest 1-make series into the toughest 2-make series in Australian motorsport, after cutting his teeth in HQ Holdens. The Sarge teamed up with Ryal Harris for the 10-years of Legends racing at the Clipsal 500 in 2010. The team lead the final race until a major incident saw it ended early. The Sarges gritty determination has seen him fast rise to a championship contender in the HQs, a result he plans to repeat in the V8 utes. With his competitive nature, the Sarge will be sure to create plenty of on-camera action, GIVING MAXIMUM EXPOSURE.

5 Why should MOTORSPORT be in your marketing mix? In Australia, motor racing is the 2 nd most watched sport on Television (*Official OZTAM TV Ratings) and the 3 rd most attended spectator sport The sport is growing fast in popularity – attendance levels at V8 Supercar events has doubled in the past 10 years Worldwide, motor racing is the 2 nd largest sport in television and spectator share The ute is available for cross-promotion and displays throughout the year. We will arrange a package to suit you. Anything from corporate ride days to boost your client relationships or reward your staff, to in-car cameras to maximize TV exposure. The ute, uniforms and the pit area will be emblazoned with your brand.

6 POSITIONING : V8 Utes own a defined niche and offer the benefits associated with the V8 Supercars at a fraction of the investment level. The V8 Ute category delivers the Ford v Holden rivalry that underpins Australian motorsport. The rural culture and urban appeal reflected in the series offers a deep pool of potential new customers. The V8 Ute Series is the highest profile support category – second only to V8 Supercars in crowd and rating appeal. TV RATINGS - TOTAL CUMULATIVE VIEWERS after 8 Rounds 6,350,066 viewers (based on average audience all people 18 plus – OZTAM figures in 5 capital city and regional markets, doesnt include FOX SPORTS, Cable, Satellite or International coverage)

7 NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL Medi a : All V8 Ute series rounds are televised on free-to-air TV in Australia and New Zealand. The V8 Ute television package also airs on Fox Sports nationally, Motors TV Europe, South America, South East Asia. SEVEN NETWORK 2010 - Coverage of the V8 Ute series will go to air nationally on the SEVEN Network with a minimum of over 9 hours committed. This will include 8 x one hour post produced programmes plus live races from Clipsal, Darwin, Bathurst, and Homebush. The replay timeslot is a stand alone V8 Utes branded programme Saturday afternoons on SEVEN Network. Live races are part of the V8 Supercar telecast. The TV programme will be produced by V8 Supercars Australia Television.

8 2010 CALENDAR: R1March 11 – 14Clipsal 500SA NCApril 16 – 18ITM Hamilton 400 NZL (nc) R2May 14 – 16Winton RacewayVIC R3June 18 – 20Sky City Triple CrownNT R4July 9 – 11Dunlop Townsville 400QLD R5Sept 10 – 12L & H 500 VIC R6Oct 7 – 10Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000NSW R7Oct 21 – 24Super GP(TBC)QLD R8Dec 3 – 5Sydney Telstra 500NSW - All V8 UTE Series rounds are on the V8 SUPERCAR Level One Race program. - nc denotes Non Championship

9 CROWD FIGURES: Over 1 million spectators watched the V8 Ute Racing action on track during the eight rounds of the 2009 Yokohama V8 Ute Series. Major street events such as the Clipsal 500, Gold Coast Indy, plus the new 2010 events such as Townsville and Homebush bring all the action of motor racing direct to the fan base. These events and iconic tracks such as Bathurst and traditional heartland tracks like Winton give the V8 Ute series a major profile and with crowd figures at V8 Supercar events doubling in the last 10 years, offers a serious marketing opportunity direct to an extremely loyal fan base.

10 The Ute Culture : V8 Ute racing has broad appeal to all key demographics and has a unique appeal to the grass roots motor racing fan as well as the established sports professional. The unique appeal of the Ute series gives the opportunity to explore key events such as the Deniliquin Ute Muster which attracts over 6000 Utes. The culture of the series ensures it has a much broader appeal than just the dedicated race fan and offers many other leverage opportunities not normally associated with a motor racing base. Together with the racing audience, this offers a powerful marketing opportunity that can be tapped effectively with the right promotional additives.

11 The PR Campaign A complete PR and marketing campaign supports the V8 Ute series. This includes regular media releases to all national motor sport publications and mainstream press outlets. Local media releases when applicable to specific racing events. An interactive website with an impressive national and international click through rate. On-track press conferences, driver appearances and promotional opportunities. Annual events and Networking opportunities. Promotional campaigns in store and within targeted publications Repucom Television Exposure measurements and ratings made available to commercial partners for brand evaluation and analysis

12 Lets Tick the Boxes for Your Brand: This V8 Ute package is totally integrated to deliver branding, product positioning and promotional leverage aimed at building business at the retail end. The V8 Utes 4 year agreement to appear as a key support category to the V8 Supercar series ensures long term continuity. Exposure to more than 1 million spectators on track Television exposure in excess of 6 million viewers based on previous ratings for the timeslot (not including Fox Sports, Cable or International coverage.) Free to air exposure on 2 free to air Networks, (Australia and NZ) and International exposure through Europe, Asia and South America Potential logo exposure value in excess of $1.5 million dollars at rate card value based on logo exposure independently measured. Your Logo Here

13 Contact Contact ANDREW SCHULTZ Phone:0402 456 524 I would love to hear from you to discuss ideas for promotional events and other opportunities for increasing awareness of your brand. Please contact me to arrange a proposal that is tailored for you and to discuss this fantastic opportunity in more depth.


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